POP CULTURE: Taylor Swift's Legs & Climate Change

A major piece of the Antarctic ice sheet recently melted and fell into the sea.
The planet is in profound trouble.
Environmental organizations keep trying to get us to notice.
A few people care a lot,
令人感到奇怪和羞愧的是 大多数人显然更关心其他微不足道的事情
but strangely and shamefully most people are much more concerned with other, lesser things.
全球平均每周有接近一百万篇关于霉霉(Taylor Swift)的文章
In an average week worldwide, there are nearly a million articles about Taylor Swift,
and many of them are focused on her legs.
对比之下 仅有约三万篇文章是关于南极冰盖的
And there are just 30,000 articles about those Antarctic ice sheets.
霉霉的腿很可爱 可爱得甚至难以用语言描述
Swift’s legs are lovely in ways that seem to defy description
在某种程度上它们看上去十分平凡 却又十分完美
somehow they look ordinary yet perfect
they are long yet not freakish.
长到令人难以置信 并且看起来不受拘束
They seem unbound by their implausible length,
both utterly firm and yet yielding and soft.
People who take global warming seriously tend to get apoplectic at this point.
他们的关注点才是正确的 而霉霉的腿和地球命运比起来
They are not wrong while the lightful Taylor Swift’s legs are of zero significance
in comparison with the fate of the planet.
Nobody should profit from rising temperatures, seas, flooding
human suffering, poverty caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
女主持:你觉得你的猫们(Olivia和Meredith)知道你是Taylor Swift吗?
–Do you think the cats know that you are Taylor Swift?
嗯…当Meredith…你知道 她是我的第一只猫…她有点…
There was a point when Meredith-ur…she was the first cat I got- she got…
我在Instagram上发了她的照片和其他一些东西 她的确是一只非常漂亮的猫咪
I posted pictures of her on Instagram and stuff. She was really a beautiful kitten.
so she became named like “the year and top celebrity pet”. I think
我想在某种程度上她知晓这一切 因为自那以后她就变得不一样了
on some level she knew because she changed after that.
但在一个民主国家里 因为我们被歌手的美腿吸引就去生气指责 效果会适得其反
But getting angry at our fascination with the thighs of singer is counter-productive in a democracy.
我们不可能因为感到罪恶 就集体被迫去产生更多的责任感
We cannot be collectively dragged into being more responsible through guilt,
原因很简单 那些事情不是我们需要关注的
and for a very simple reason: we don’t have to pay attention.
If those who care about the Arctic melt are gonna get angry, bitter and stern,
they’ll just be ignored.
We’re putting carbon dioxide in the air at a prodigious rate
地球正在变暖 你通过观察中子和消融的冰就可以发现这一点
and the world is getting warmer and you can know this by looking in the neutrons
在不经意间 我们正在创造
in the ice we are inducing a sixth
mass extinction event, kind of by accident.
问题在于 我们必须采取行动来应对冰盖融化的危机
The problem is, we really do need to do something about that ice.
要开始解决这个问题 我们要放开想象 天马行空
But starting point has to be indulgence toward the way our minds work.
We are interested in Taylor Swift’s legs,
不是因为我们很猥琐 而是我们的大脑就是以如此无益的方式构造的
not because we are evil but because our minds are wired up in unhelpful ways.
If people are gonna be interested on mass and defrosting poles,
我们需要认识到自己的脆弱 并且变得严肃起来
we need to take our fragilities on board and therefore get serious, very serious
认真地尝试写重要的新闻 不只是要体现其重要性
about trying to make important news, not just important,
也要能吸引人 要像霉霉的美腿一样引人注目
but also beguiling, almost as tempting to hear about as Taylor’s legs.
The urge to nag is very understandable.
问题是 这不会一直有效 只会对一小部分人起作用
The problem is, it’s never effective. It will work for a small number of people but
对大多数人来说 我们只会感到新闻索然无趣
for most of us it’s just offputting.
我们被告知自己很蠢又没心的时候 条件反射地会厌恶那人
We instinctively resent being told we are stupid and heartless.
当我们感到厌倦的时候 我们已经尽了最大的努力
When we are just harassed, we already do our best to be decent people.
There are so many serious things we need collective persuading about.
To date high-minded people have largely attempted to motivate people by guilt.
以后 他们应学会吸引我们变得善良
They need in future to learn to charm us into goodness.