英汉互译词条(8月24日-8月25日) 鹰爸 eagle dad 营业额 turnover/volume of […]


鹰爸 eagle dad
营业额 turnover/volume of business
隐形眼镜 contact lenses
隐性收入 invisible income
瘾君子 heavy smoker/drug addict
印花税 stamp duty/tax
隐性失业 recessive unemployment
隐性就业 unregistered employment

引渡 extradite/extradition
隐患 hidden danger
隐形战斗机 stealth aircraft
因果报应 karma
音像制品 audio-visual product
音乐疗法 musical therapy
姻缘 predestined fate of marriage
因公殉职 perish in the line of duty

蚁族 ant tribe
义务教育 compulsory education
义演 charity performance
以市场为导向的 market-oriented
义务兵役制 compulsory military service/conscripttion
以理服人 convince through reason and persuasion ​​​​

一切向钱看 money-oriented
一揽子计划 one-package plan
医疗纠纷 medical dispute
宜居城市 livable city
遗传密码 genetic code
移动支付 mobile payment
以房养老养老机制 house-for-pension scheme
以点带面 use an example to guide the others ​​​​

一次性消费 one-off consumption
一带一路 the Belt and Road
一级市场 primary market
一国两制 one country, two systems
一个萝卜一个坑 One seed fills one hole./There is nobody to spare.
一本万利 big profit with small capital/high-yield investment ​​​​

摇钱树 cash cow
页岩气 shale gas
一次性餐具 disposable dishware
药品加成 medicine markups
野生动植物 wild fauna and flora
夜市 night fair/evening market
液晶显示屏 LCD=liquid crystal display
药品不良反应 ADR=adverse drug reaction

验房师 house inspector
验关 customs inspection
赝品/冒牌货 shoddy substitute
阳刚男生 macho boy
阳光产业 sunshine industry
遥感卫星 remote-sensing satellite
养老金入市 invest money from pension funds into the country‘s capital markets

研讨会 symposium/seminar
压倒性的一击 knockout blow
压轴戏 the grand final
亚健康 sub-health
亚文化 subculture
亚非会议 the Asian-African Conference
压岁钱 money a child gets as a Lunar New Year gift/Lunar New Year gifts of money

休闲业 leisure industry
虚拟市场 virtual market
炫富 flaunt wealth
学费 tuition fees
性早熟 abnormal sexual development/sexual prematurity
选举权和被选举权 the right to vote and the right to be elected ​​​​

性价比 cost performance
信贷银行 credit bank
信息时代 information era
信息经济 information economy
信用紧缩 credit crunch
信用扩张 credit expansion
信用评价 credit rating
行政问责制度 executive accountability system

新宠 new favorite
新能源汽车 new-energy car
新兴产业 infant industry
新兴市场 emerging market
新秀 rising star/up-coming star
心理咨询 psychological counseling
心理战 psychological warfare
心照不宣 give tacit consent/tacit underdtanding

小品 witty skit
小卖部 grocery store
孝道 filial piety
笑柄 a laughing stock
泄洪 release flood waters
小道消息 hearsay/grapevine
校园招聘会 on-campus job fair
小微企业 small and micro business

相亲 blind date
享乐的 hedonistic
像热锅上的蚂蚁 antsy
消费税 consumption tax
消费信贷 consumer credit
乡土文学 folk/rustic literature
小产权房 house with limited property rights
消费者购买力 consumer purchasing power

学分 credit
血汗工厂 sweatshop
学科带头人 academic leader
学前教育 preschool education
学生处 students‘ affairs division
学历造假 fabricate academic credentials
学而优则仕 the Confucian doctrine of a good scholar going on to pursue a political career ​​​​

血库 blood bank
循环赛 round robin
训练营 boot camp
循序渐进 progress step by step
寻根文学 root-seeking literature
巡回大使 roving ambassador
巡航导弹 cruise missile
徇私枉法 bend the law for personal gain ​​​​

险胜 narrow victory
现房 completed apartment
现货价格 spot price
现货市场 spot market
现款提货 cash-and-carry
现场工作人员 field personnel
现身说法 give advice by using one‘s own experience

细菌战 germ warfare
下海 venture into business
下落 whereabouts
先发制人战略 preemptive attack
闲置资产 vacant property
闲置土地 land left idle/idle land
贤内助 capable and complementary wife
先入为主。The first impressions are important.

夕阳产业 sunset industry
希望工程 Project Hope
希腊退出欧元区 Grexit
习奥会 Xi-Obama summit
洗钱 money laundering
喜忧参半 mixed feelings
系统风险 systemic risk
息事宁人 patch up a quarrel to have peace

武器禁运 arms embargo
物联网 Internet of Things
物业税 property tax
物质奖励 material incentive
诱导性品牌 derivative trademark/copycat
物业管理 estate/property management
武侠小说 story of roving knights/martial arts novel ​​​​

五道杠 five-stroke armband
无息贷款 interest-free loan
无效进球 disallowed ball
无薪假 unpaid leave
无形资产 intangible asset
无性繁殖 asexual reproduction
无烟工业 smokeless industry
无为而治 govern/government by no-interference ​​​​

乌龙球 own goal
无氟冰箱 freon-free refrigerator
无核区 nuclear-free zone
无土栽培 soil-less cultivation
卧铺客车 overnight bus/sleeper bus
无偿献血 blood donation without payment
无风不起浪。There are no waves without wind./There‘s no smoke without fire.

文科 liberal arts
文化冲击 culture shock
文化逆差 cultural deficit
文化渗透 cultural infiltration
问责制 accountability system
慰安妇 comfort woman/woman forced to serve aa prostitutes for the Japanese servicemen during World War 2 ​​​​

伪君子 hypocrite
伪科学 pseudo-science
尾气净化器 exhaust purifier
卫冕冠军 defending champion
卫星城 satellite town
卫星导航 satellite navigation
未偿贷款 outstanding loans
文化创意产业 cultural and creative industry

网民 netizen/cyber citizen
网络侵权 Internet infringement
网络推手 Internet marketer
网络围攻 online rioting
旺季 busy season/height of the season
网上订票系统 online booking system
违章建筑 unapproved construction
微博实名制 real-name weibo service

外债 foreign debt
玩不转 be beyond one‘s ability
晚婚晚育 late marriage and late childbirth
万维网 WWW=World Wide Web
网虫 Internet geek
网恋 cyber romance
网络恶作剧 web/online hoax
网络漂流瓶 virtual floating bottle ​​​​

外挂 tag-on service
外汇储备 foreign-exchange reserve
外交庇护 diplomatic asylum
外快/意外之财 windfall
外滩 the Bund
外逃资本 flight of capital
外向型经济 outward-oriented economy
外国人居住证 residence permit for foreigners



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