杨柳絮 willow and poplar catkins


As the week begins, the capital's downtown and southern parts will see willow and poplar catkins wafting through the air, and the city's northeastern areas will start to face the problem a bit later, between Wednesday and Saturday, according to the forecast.


Waft这个词可以用作动词或名词,表示“漂浮、飘荡”或“一股、一阵”等意思,比如:a breeze wafted through the door(一阵清风穿门而过),a waft of fragrance(一股幽香)。

按照专家的预测,今年杨柳飞絮第一次高发期将出现在4月10日至15日,主要影响五环内城区,主要飞絮树种为毛白杨(Chinese white poplar);第二次高发期4月下旬至5月上旬,区域为城区和平原区,主要飞絮树种为欧美杨(Euramerican poplar)、青杨(Cathay poplar)、垂柳(drooping willow)及旱柳(dryland willow);第三次高发期5月中旬,主要区域为山区,对城区无明显影响。



杨柳树(willow and poplar)属于雌雄异株,飞絮来自杨柳树的雌株("female" willow and poplar trees)。春季雌花序授粉(pollination)后生成一个个小蒴果,发育成熟的小蒴果逐渐裂开,白色絮状的绒毛(fuzzy tufts)便携带着种子随风飞舞,借风力传播种子,繁衍后代,形成了“杨柳飞絮”(willow and poplar catkins),是植物正常的生理现象。

飞絮漫天飞舞,看上去很美,却是很大的过敏源(source of allergy)。由于飞毛飞絮质地轻,随风飘舞时会带起地上的脏物、灰尘,从而影响空气质量。同时,飞絮很容易成为病菌携带者和传播者(bacteria carrier and communicator),导致眼鼻喉等产生炎症和皮肤过敏等。另外,飞絮还是易燃物(flammable),一旦遇到火源,很可能引发火灾事故。

The Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau encourages people to wear masks, sunglasses or shawls to protect themselves during the catkins period.

People who exercise outdoors should do so in the mornings or evenings, or after rain, when there will be fewer catkins, the bureau said.


人类减贫的中国实践 Poverty Alleviation: China's Experience and Contribution

China's State Council Information Office issued a white paper titled "Poverty Alleviation: China's Experience and Contribution" on April 6. The white paper was issued to record the course of the Chinese people's great fight in eliminating extreme poverty, introduce China's approach, and share its experience and actions in poverty alleviation.


过度包装 excessive packaging

The State Post Bureau launches a yearlong campaign this month to crack down on excessive packaging and promote more environmentally friendly package wrapping.


Packaging作为“包装”来讲有两层意思,一层是客观上的“包装”,即“把物品装在盒子里或包裹起来”,比如,gift packaging(礼物包装);另一层意思的“包装”指“某人或某物公开展示的方式(以使其更具吸引力)”,比如,the packaging of ideas, the execution of them, and the media coverage surrounding them, this is public relations(理念的包装、执行以及媒体的相关报道,这些就是公关)。


Logistics companies must draw up packaging standards and train couriers to wrap packages accordingly to reduce waste and avoid over-packaging.

Companies can choose green packaging materials from an approved list and establish a standard way to wrap parcels.

The guideline also requires companies to deliver parcels appropriately, banning behavior such as tossing and stamping on parcels.

Companies are also being encouraged to use recyclable multiuse boxes to transport and deliver items.



The country handled 83 billion parcels last year, a year-on-year increase of 30.8 percent, and is expected to handle 95 billion this year.

The growth of the parcel delivery business has made people's lives easier and more convenient, but it has also produced more packaging waste, posing challenges for environmental protection.

胶带(tape)、缓冲气泡袋(cushions)以及塑料袋(plastic bags)等包装材料的主要成分是聚氯乙烯(polyvinyl chloride),这些材料使用过后一般都被送往垃圾掩埋场(landfills),需要数百年才能降解,如果对这些材料进行燃烧处理,则会产生污染物(pollutants)。

去年,国家邮政局发展研究中心发布的《中国邮政快递业绿色发展报告(2019-2020年)》重申,到2025年年底,全国范围邮政快递网点禁止使用不可降解的塑料包装袋、塑料胶带和一次性塑料编织袋(cease the use of non-degradable plastic packaging, plastic tape, and single-use plastic woven bags)。


未成年人学校保护 protect minors at schools


The draft guideline designed to protect minors from sexual harassment, assault and bullying at primary and secondary schools and has asked schools to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to such incidents.


Bully这个词作名词讲的时候就是指“恶霸,仗势欺人者”,比如:I fell victim to the office bully.(我成了办公室恶霸的欺凌对象),所以,实施校园欺凌的人就叫school bully。这个词也可以直接用作动词,表示“欺凌”,比如:Our survey indicates that one in four children is bullied at school(我们调查发现,四分之一的孩子在学校遭受过欺凌),bully someone into doing something就是“强迫某人做某事”;而bullying这个动名词形式则表示“欺凌行为”。


Teachers should immediately intervene and stop students from bullying others via physical or verbal assaults, giving insulting nicknames, damaging others' property, isolating classmates and spreading rumors, the guideline said.

They should report instances of bullying to school authorities, who should launch an investigation and punish culprits if allegations are verified.

Schools should not conceal serious bullying incidents and should report them to local police and education authorities.

They should conduct rigorous background checks and annual reviews of faculty, volunteers and social workers to determine whether they are fit to work with minors. Education authorities should work with other departments to improve a black list of those banned from being teachers and make the list more accessible.


Schools are prohibited from organizing students to participate in emergency rescue, disaster relief, or commercial activities.

Schools should not release test scores or rankings of students, nor should they publicize results of admission to higher-level schools.

Schools pertaining to compulsory education should not deprive students of their right to education by means of long-term suspension or dissuasion, and should not expel students in any way.


这里的deprive someone of something是一个常用的固定搭配短语,表示“剥夺某人的...”,被剥夺的东西可以是某种权益,也可以是接触或使用某物的机会,甚至还可以是睡眠、吃饭等基本权益,比如:The change in her status deprived her of access to classified information(她的地位变化使她丧失了接触机密信息的条件)。这个固定搭配经常以被动的形式出现,即someone is deprived of something,比如:The children are being deprived of a good education.(孩子们失去了获得良好教育的机会。)如果我们说someone is deprived of sleep,意思是说有外界因素使其无法睡觉,并不是他们自己不想睡。美剧中经常出现的一种疲劳审讯方式就是sleep deprivation(睡眠剥夺)。

Schools should make routine schedules for students in a scientific and reasonable way to ensure tangible opportunity and time for students to participate in recreational activities and physical exercises.

Schools should establish a monitoring system for the physical fitness of students. If any indications of malnourishment, myopia and obesity or unfavorable habits that may lead to decline in physical fitness are detected, schools should step in and offer help in time.


全球上映 global release



"Hi, Mom," the maiden directorial project of Chinese comedian and actress Jia Ling, is scheduled to hit international theaters on Thursday. The tear-jerker film will be released in North America, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Britain, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia and several other countries and regions, according to Ruyi Films, one of the producers.


Maiden这个词来源于maid,本意指“未婚女子”,用作形容词时多表示“初次的、首次的”,比如:a ship's maiden voyage(船只首航),the maiden flight of a spacecraft(飞机首飞)等。

影片在影院全面放映一般叫theatrical release或者general release,用动词形式表达就可以用hit theaters/cinemas,但是有些影片在正式全面上映之前会选择部分城市的部分影院进行“点映”(preview),为的是营造口碑,推动票房销售。

The film has raked in nearly 5.4 billion yuan as of early Tuesday afternoon.


Rake本意指“耙子,耙状工具”等可以用来把地面上的树叶等轻轻拢到一起的工具,用作动词的时候就表示“拢到一起”这个动作,比如:rake leaves into a pile(把叶子拢成一堆)。Rake in是一个常用的固定搭配,表示“迅速、大量获得”,除了上文中出现的rake in+金额以外,也可以说rake in a fortune(暴富)。

It surpassed the 2017 superhero film "Wonder Woman" from Patty Jenkins and became the world's top-grossing film ever from a solo female director, according to the China Movie Data Information Network.

The film overtook the 2019 animated fantasy "Ne Zha" to become the second highest-grossing film ever screened in China on March 6. The 2017 action-adventure film Wolf Warrior 2 is currently topping the all-time box office chart covering all films ever screened in China with a total revenue of 5.693 billion yuan, according to data compiled by the China Movie Data Information Network.


疫苗接种 vaccination


China has accelerated COVID-19 vaccine rollouts among priority populations, as well as in key regions and cities, said the National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng, demanding resolute rectification of compulsory COVID-19 vaccination in some places.


Compulsory这个词我们最常见的是compulsory education(义务教育),即“国家法律规定必须接受的教育”,所以,compulsory一般都包含“强制的、必须的”等意思,比如:the government made masks compulsory for people to wear in most public indoor settings(政府要求在大多数室内公共场所必须戴口罩), compulsory traffic accident liability insurance(交通事故强制责任险/交强险)。

More than 164.47 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China as of Saturday, the National Health Commission said.




China encourages voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations, and works to ensure all people eligible for vaccination have access to it.

Some provinces and regions have taken effective measures on the basis of their own situations and have accumulated experiences during the process, but there are also some places making vaccinations rigidly uniform and allowing for no flexibility.


所谓的“一刀切”指的是不针对具体情况,只用某种固定方式处理。上述英文报道中用了uniform这个词来表达“一刀切”。Uniform用作名词是“制服”,比如,school uniform(校服),military uniform(军装)等,都是统一制式的服装,uniform用作形容词的时候表示“the same; not changing or different in any way”(相同的,没有任何差别的),比如:The office walls and furniture are a uniform grey(办公室的墙和家具都是统一的灰色),Small businesses are demanding that they receive uniform treatment from the banks(小型企业要求银行对他们一视同仁)。

"Although not a common issue, it does reflect that the organization and management of the vaccination process in some regions is not delicate or accurate," Wu said.

In response to such behavior, he said the commission will provide regions with stronger guidance on vaccine distribution.

We'll also guide people to reasonably consider adverse reactions from vaccinations and improve their confidence in domestically manufactured vaccines.

People aged above 18, as active participants in social activities, are the majority of vaccine receivers.

Vaccinations not only protect themselves, but also their family members, especially children and the elderly.



China still faces risks of an epidemic rebound due to imported cases, said Wu Zunyou. He cited the example of Ruili city in southwest China's Yunnan province, where new cluster infections were reported in late March.

Wu warned against relaxing self-imposed prevention in spring.

He urged people to strictly follow prevention measures, including wearing masks in public, handwashing, social distancing, and regular ventilation.


约谈 regulatory talk


“约谈(regulatory talk)”作为行政执法措施(administrative law enforcement),是承担经济社会有关领域监督管理职责的行政执法机关(supervisory and administrative organs),针对出现的问题,在事先约定的时间、地点与作为当事人的公民、法人或者其他组织进行沟通交流,以警示、告诫(warning or admonishment)等方式,督促其遵纪守法(urge law-abidingness),引导当事人采取自愿的作为或者不作为,尽量避免违法问题发生或者扩大,维护公共利益(safeguard public interest)。


After the previous talks with regulators in December last year, Ant Group has set up a special task force to map a rectification plan under the guidance of the financial authorities and to actively carry out the rectification work.



The authorities ordered the company to disconnect its payment app Alipay from sister credit products like Huabei and Jiebei in order to offer customers more payment choices.


The company should break the monopoly of information, and guarantee the security of personal and State information.


Ant Group as a whole will apply to become a financial holding company, and all its institutions engaged in financial businesses will be included in the financial holding company and be regulated.


The company should strictly implement the requirements of prudent regulation, improve corporate governance, and rectify non-compliant lending, insurance, wealth management and other financial activities, and curb high leverage and risk contagion.


The company should manage liquidity risks of important fund products and actively reduce the balance of its money market fund Yu'EBao.

金融管理部门将一如既往地坚持“两个毫不动摇”(毫不动摇巩固和发展公有制经济,毫不动摇鼓励、支持、引导非公有制经济发展,work unswervingly to both consolidate and develop the public sector and encourage, support, and guide the development of the non-public sector),营造公平竞争市场环境(level the playing field for market entities),继续支持民营资本依法开展金融科技活动,依法保护产权,弘扬企业家精神(promote entrepreneurship),激发民营资本的市场活力和科技创新能力。

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