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An Airbus A380-800 aircraft of Singapore Airlines takes off from Zurich airport, Switzerland October 16, 2019. [Photo/REUTERS]

>SIA to launch 'flights to nowhere'

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is looking to launch no-destination flights that will depart from and land in Changi Airport next month, in a bid to give its ailing business a lift.

Sources told The Straits Times that the national carrier is working toward launching this option for domestic passengers - dubbed "flights to nowhere" - by end of October.

They said SIA also plans to explore a partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board to allow interested passengers to partially pay for such flights with tourism credits that will be given out by the government.

Each flight is expected to take about three hours.

A survey of 308 people found that 75% were willing to pay for flights to nowhere.


Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

>Greece supplies gigantic masks

Greece's plan to supply schools nationwide with free face masks has failed spectacularly after the delivered ones turned out to be too large for both children and adults due to wrong measurements.

Greek officials admitted the failure on Tuesday, after the first batch of masks was delivered to schools.

Deputy health minister Vassilis Kontozamanis tried to explain the failure as a "misunderstanding" between the government and the contractor, stating the measurements were given for "pre-stitched" fabric.

The masks, intended for children under 10, measured 10 by 18 centimeters and those for older school children, a ginormous 12 by 22 centimeters.

Greek social media has been flooded with absurd imagery of the gigantic masks schoolchildren brought home.

In most cases, the face masks supposed to cover mouth and nose worked as full-face masks instead, and puncturing holes in them was the only way to see.


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>Movements betray who you are

The accents that creep into the way we speak can reveal a lot about where we are from, but there are also subtle clues visible in our faces and the way we move.

If you've seen the film "Inglourious Basterds", you will know that German and British people indicate the number three with their fingers in different ways.

Germans raise their thumb and first two fingers; Britons pin the little finger with their thumb and raise the rest.

Most never realize that this difference exists until they see the alternative, which, to them, looks strange.

The presence of these subtle cues might help to explain the bias that can creep into our thinking about people from different backgrounds.



>Efforts in depression prevention

China's health authority on Friday unveiled an action plan for depression prevention and treatment, particularly among vulnerable groups, including adolescents, pregnant women, seniors and those with high-stress jobs.

The action plan required secondary schools and universities to launch mandatory mental health courses in a bid to spread depression prevention knowledge among young people, according to the National Health Commission.

Such knowledge and screenings for mental health issues should be included in prenatal and postpartum care programs, the action plan said, asking family members to help pregnant women take care of their mental health.

It also urged mental health care facilities to provide guidance to primary-level medical centers and family doctors on depression prevention among the elderly.

The action plan set a target, whereby depression prevention knowledge will have been popularized among 80% of the general population and 85% of students by 2022.

The commission also urged measures to attain a 50% rise in the proportion of depression patients getting professional medical help by 2022.

An epidemiological survey in 2019 showed that around 16.6% of Chinese people suffered from mental health disorders of some kind.


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