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>CPR part of school curriculum
China has asked all public schools to teach students first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation as part of children's health education to address the public's lack of knowledge and competence to step in during a first aid emergency, according to a joint statement by the Ministry of Education and Red Cross Society of China on Monday.
There are as many as 550,000 sudden cardiac deaths in China every year, meaning one person dies per minute due to cardiac arrest, according to the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases.
About 60 percent of these deaths occur outside hospitals and the survival rate of a patient who received CPR outside a hospital is less than 4.5 percent in China, compared with about 47.5 percent in developed countries.
The public in China is severely lacking in knowledge of first aid and the number of people who have received first aid training stands at a mere 1 percent.
In the city of Beijing, the rate is slightly higher at 4 percent.


An empty court and bench is shown following the scheduled start time in Game Five of the Eastern Conference First Round between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic during the 2020 NBA Playoffs at AdventHealth Arena at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on Aug 26, 2020 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. [Photo/Agencies]

>NBA postpones playoff games
The Milwaukee Bucks staged an unprecedented boycott of the NBA playoffs on Wednesday, forcing the league to postpone three games following outrage over the latest shooting of an unarmed black man by US police.
The postponements marked a dramatic escalation in the NBA's fight for racial equality, which has swept through the league in the months since the killing of African-American George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis in May.
A wave of anger rippled across the NBA after Sunday's shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man, in the Bucks' home state on Sunday.
Blake was shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha as he attempted to get into a car containing his three children.
Reports surfaced that some other NBA teams, including the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors, were having serious discussions about joining the boycott.


A car moves through a flooded street on Aug 26, 2020. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

>Typhoon hits Northeast China
China's national observatory renewed a red alert, the highest warning level, for Typhoon Bavi on Thursday.
The typhoon, the eighth of this year, made landfall in coastal areas in North Pyongan province in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Thursday morning, with a maximum wind force of 35 meters per second near its eye.
It will move through China's northeastern provinces, bringing gales and torrential rain to the areas, the National Meteorological Center said.
On Wednesday, Liaoning province started to evacuate ship crews and has suspended all ferry, railway and highway services that may be affected by the typhoon.
Dalian International Airport canceled 32 flights due to weather risks.
Interprovincial passenger ship services along the Bohai Strait between Shandong and Liaoning were suspended on Wednesday afternoon.
In Changchun, the provincial capital of Jilin province, the education authority said schools could adjust their schooling arrangements or stop classes according to the changes in weather.


Yanjin Shop snacks are displayed at a supermarket in Beijing. [Photo/China Daily]

>Snack makers report robust sales
Major snack retailers in China have seen burgeoning sales growth in the first half of this year, as more people stayed at home longer and enjoyed more snacks since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the first six months, Hunan-based snack maker Yanjin Shop Food Co Ltd recorded sales revenue of 945 million yuan, jumping up by 47.53 percent year-on-year.
Other major snack and food makers also have done well.
During the period, Anhui province-based Qiaqia Food Co Ltd, one of the largest Chinese producers of roasted seeds and nuts, gained a net profit of 295 million yuan, up 33.97 percent year-on-year.
During the first six months, Chongqing-based Youyou Food Co, the country's main distributor of pickled chicken feet, realized a net profit of 129 million yuan, up 37.74 percent on a yearly basis, their latest earnings reports said.
More people have also taken up baking as a hobby while spending more time at home, and this has driven the consumption of yeast for baking cakes and pastries.
During the first six months, Angel Yeast Co Ltd, a Shanghai-listed major yeast maker in the country, achieved sales revenue of 4.34 billion yuan, up 16.91 percent year-on-year.

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