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Candidates to take the national college entrance examination, or gaokao, walk into a test site at a high school in Beijing on July 7, 2020. Students should have their temperature checked before entering test sites and wear masks throughout the exams. [Photo/China Daily]

>Gaokao held amid epidemic control
A total of 10.71 million students will take China's national college entrance exam for 2020, also known as the gaokao, starting on Tuesday.
This is the largest organized collective activity nationwide since the COVID-19 outbreak, though it has been postponed one month due to the coronavirus.
Authorities have put in place rigorous COVID-19 prevention and control measures for this year's exam.
Students should have their temperature checked before entering test sites, and some should wear masks throughout the exams.
There are at least three isolated test rooms at each test site available for candidates who exhibit symptoms of fever and cough during the exam.
The gaokao, which generally lasts two days, is a make-or-break event for millions of students, because the highly competitive and intensive test will largely determine their futures.


>China unveils 9 new professions
China's human resources authority has given official recognition of nine new professions to keep pace with economic and social development, according to a statement on its website.
The new professions, mostly in the public health sector and emerging industries, include blockchain technicians, online marketers, information security testers, online learning consultants and community health assistants, among others, according to a statement jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments.
Five new types of work, such as livestreaming salesperson, have also been released, while three types of work related to public health services have been upgraded into professions.

Inbound passenger fills out an epidemiological investigation form at customs in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong province. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Overseas flight suspended
China's aviation regulator ordered on Monday a one-week suspension of a US-Bangla Airlines flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Guangzhou, in an effort to prevent imported COVID-19 cases, the first "circuit-breaker" directive toward an overseas carrier.
A total of five passengers on the June 28 flight from Bangladesh's capital to the provincial capital of Guangdong tested positive for the novel coronavirus, meeting the conditions for a "circuit breaker" suspension of the flight route, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a statement.
On June 14, the administration issued its first "circuit-breaker" directive and demanded a four-week suspension of a China Southern Airlines flight, also from Dhaka to Guangzhou, as 17 passengers tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

My Fan Seats is working with college and professional sports programs to create cardboard cutout programs. [Photo/CNBC]

>Fans made of cardboard
When Major League Baseball kicks off its abridged season this month, its fan base is going to look dramatically different — and they won't be nearly as loud.
That's because teams like the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and a handful of others will be filling their stands with cardboard cutouts of fans.
The trend, which we first saw in European soccer leagues, has now made its way to the US.
The A's announced the start of the "Coliseum Cutouts" program, which allows fans to put their image on an 18 x 30 cardboard cutout and get a chance to see their cutout appear on television.
In 24 hours, the A's said they have already sold 1,000 "season tickets" for the cardboard cutouts.
The price of cutouts varies by team, but in Oakland, prices start at $49 and go up to $129, depending on location in the stands.
The A's said the cutouts will remain in the ballpark for the 2020 regular season and fans will have the option to take home their cutout as a souvenir when the season ends.

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