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The Palace Museum in Beijing. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Happiest tourist attractions

The China Tourist Attractions Association and a research institution under the OCT Group, a leading theme park developer and operator in the country, jointly released a happiness index for tourist attractions on Monday.

The Palace Museum in Beijing ranked first among the top 100 happiest tourist attractions in 2019, followed by the Shanghai Disney Resort and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

The index was compiled based on online comments of tourists who had visited the 1,181 tourist attractions sampled in the research, with their abstract emotions, feelings and experiences transformed into visualized and measurable data, according to the OCT institution.

The index aims to help tourism practitioners better track consumer preferences and adjust their business strategies, while it also offers references for tourists to choose travel destinations, the institution said.


Two telescopes at the site of the Saishiteng mountain observatory. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Powerful survey telescope

Chinese scientists are building the most powerful wide-field survey telescope of its class in the northern hemisphere in Qinghai province. Construction of the telescope is due to be completed by 2022 and it will begin surveying the night sky around 2023.

Scientists hope its panoramic views will lead to new astronomical discoveries, such as finding faint celestial bodies or studying how the structure of galaxies changes over time.

It can also be used to monitor space debris to ensure the safety of spacecraft during future explorations.

The instrument is called the Wide Field Survey Telescope, or WFST, and has an estimated cost of 200 million yuan. It boasts an optical telescope with a diameter of 2.5 meters and a 750-million-pixel, 1.5 metric ton camera, making it the most capable wide-field survey telescope of its class north of the equator.


US President Donald Trump addresses the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House in Washington, US, April 22, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Trump suspends immigration

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he will be issuing a temporary suspension of immigration into the US and the measure will be in effect for 60 days and then be re-evaluated.

Trump said his administration will be examining additional immigration-related measures "to protect American workers."

He said the order would "only apply to individuals seeking a permanent residency - in other words, those receiving green cards." "It will not apply to those entering on a temporary basis," he added.

"This pause on new immigration will also help to conserve vital medical resources for American citizens," Trump said at the daily coronavirus news briefing.

He added that his move would help Americans who have lost their jobs during the ongoing shutdown.

"By pausing immigration, it will help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs as America reopens," Trump said.


Small bottles labeled with "Vaccine" stickers stand near a medical syringe in front of displayed "Coronavirus COVID-19" words on April 10, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Joint effort for vaccine

Two of the world's biggest vaccine companies have joined forces in an "unprecedented" collaboration to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi, which combined have the largest vaccine manufacturing capability in the world, are working together on a high-tech vaccine they say could be in human trials within months.

The pairing is significant because, if successful, the two companies have the capacity to manufacture the hundreds of millions of doses that are likely to be required worldwide.

Paul Hudson, the chief executive of Sanofi, said: "As the world faces this unprecedented global health crisis, it is clear that no one company can go it alone. That is why Sanofi is continuing to complement its expertise and resources with our peers, such as GSK, with the goal to create and supply sufficient quantities of vaccines that will help stop this virus."


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