每日新闻播报(April 21)

A message from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is displayed on a screen in Piccadilly Circus, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, London, Britain, April 8, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Queen cancels birthday plans

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will not celebrate her 94th birthday in any special way and has asked that there be no gun salutes to mark the occasion because it would not be appropriate while the country battles a coronavirus outbreak.

Ceremonial gun salutes, in which blank rounds are fired from various locations across London, are typically used by the royal family to mark special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

The Queen's birthday is on April 21. It will be the first time in her 68-year reign the gun salutes in London's Hyde Park and Tower will be silent.

Britain is in its fourth week of a national lockdown, with businesses forced to close and citizens ordered to stay at home.

Britain is at or near the peak of an outbreak in which more than 14,000 people have already died.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers speak with a man, as two RCMP vehicles travel on Portapique Beach Road, after the police finished their search for Gabriel Wortman, who they describe as a shooter of multiple victims, in Portapique, Nova Scotia, Canada April 19, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Gunman kills at least 16

A gunman shot and killed at least 16 people - including a policewoman - during a 12-hour rampage in Canada, the worst mass shooting the country has seen in 30 years.

The gunman was identified as Gabriel Wortman, 51.

His shooting rampage began late Saturday night in Portapique, about 130 kilometers north of Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, confirmed The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The suspect has been subsequently shot dead by police at a petrol station.

He is said to have been wearing a police uniform and driving a vehicle made to look like a police cruiser during the horrific incident.



>People can get married remotely

New York residents will be able to remotely obtain a wedding license, so they won't break coronavirus social distancing protocols.

Melissa DeRosa, secretary to the governor, announced the executive order during Gov Andrew Cuomo's daily press briefing on Saturday.

After a reporter asked if the state was taking any action to help marriage bureaus, Cuomo looked to his secretary and asked if the state had any plans.

"We are today signing an executive order allowing people to get their marriage licenses remotely and also allowing clerks to perform ceremonies over video," DeRosa said.

Cuomo laughed in response to the announcement, before quipping: "Video marriage ceremonies. There is now no excuse when the question comes up for marriage."

Prior to Cuomo's announcement, many marriage bureaus were closed or unable to issue licenses in the state.


A staffer from Beijing's Chaoyang district checks information with a passenger arriving at Beijing West Railway Station on April 8, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Testing intensifies in Beijing

Beijing has intensified nucleic acid testing to cover all groups at high risk of contracting or transmitting the novel coronavirus.

It has identified eight groups that must take nucleic acid tests, including confirmed COVID-19 cases and their close contacts, visitors to fever clinics, patients planning to be hospitalized and inbound travelers from overseas, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission said on Sunday.

Last Wednesday, Beijing released the names of the first batch of 46 institutions that can provide nucleic acid testing service for individuals and groups to meet the growing need for the test.


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