[置顶]Coach Shane《Daily Easy English Expression》学习笔记

001 How are you doing?(How ya' doin)

用法:how的读音接近ha',are省略,you有三种读音,you,yah,yuh;doing的ing也有三种读音ing, ən和in。
A: How are you doing?
B: Great! How are you doing?
A: Not too bad, thanks!
B: Take it easy~

002 What do you do for a living?

解释:你做什么工作?日常问候语=what is your job?=how do you make money?=Do you have a job?=Where do you work?=How do you earn money?。
A: What do you do for a living?
B: I'm a teacher.
A: Oh, really? What do you teach?
B: I'm a math teacher at Carson College.

003 I'm into sports!

解释:对...感兴趣。be into sth=be interested in sth。
用法:后接something,类似用法有 get into sth。
A: I can't believe you're watching that.
B: The Golf Channel? I'm into golf.
A: Since when?
B: Since college. I used to play every day!

004 My knee went out.

解释:not working properly,有点问题。
用法:发音时went out省略t,变成wen out。在美语中有三个强音 s, n, l,遇到三个弱音d, t, th时,经常省略掉弱音,比如went out。
A: You wanna play some basketball this weekend?
B: I'd love to, but my knee went out.
A: Ouch! How did that happen?
B: When I was playing soccer~

005 What's up this weekend?

用法:问对应的人...时候要做什么,what are you doing。可以取消what''s中的t,也有人写成wassup.
A: What's up this weekend?
B: I'm gonna go hiking.
A: Where at?
B: Park Canyon. You wanna go?

006 I'm gonna kick back

解释:kick back 休息,放松=relax
用法:I'm gonna=I'm going to, 发音接近 ahm mənuh.
A: You wanna go do something?
B: No~ I'm gonna kick back.
A: You're so lazy!
B: Hey! I had a long week.

007 I slept in.

解释:sleep in = to sleep late in the morning without alarm clock,睡了个懒觉
A: You look refreshed.
B: Yes! I slept in. I woke up at 10!
A: I wish I could. I've got kids~
B: That's why I'll never marry!

008 I overslept.

A: Where have you been?
B: I'm sorry, boss. I overslept!
A: Again?!!
B: I'm sorry. It won't happen again~

009 I'm gonna stock up on water.

解释:gonna stock up on=going to buy a lot. 置办,囤积,大量购入
用法:I'm gonna stock up on beer, bread, frozen veggie.后加名词,特别是将来会用到的。
A: What are you getting at the store?
B: I'm gonna stock up on water.
A: What about cookies?
B: Those, too!

010 I'm counting on you.

解释:I'm counting on you. =I'm relying on you.=I'm trusting in you. =I'm believing you.指望,依赖,相信某人会做某事。
用法:说快发音去掉t,类似 am cauning on you.
A: Will you help me move this Sunday?
B: Sure!
A: I'm counting on you~~
B: Don't worry! I'll be there~

011 I had a long week.

解释:a long week=a difficult/tiring week.漫长的一周,难熬的一周,反义词是 a good week, a easy week, a nice week, a stress-free week。
用法:说快发音去掉h,类似 I ad a long week,其中long更接近lawng.
A: You look stressed.
B: Well, I had a long week.
A: Already? What happened?
B: Just work. I have a new project that's taking forever.

012 TGIF!(Thank god, it's Friday!).

解释:TGIF!=Thank God, it's Friday! 经常用在难熬的一周终于结束了之后。
用法:God有的人写作god,FNL=Friday night life.
A: Ugh! Thank god, it's Friday!
B: No kidding! You going out tonight?
A: No way! I've got FNL~
B: Have fun~

013 That's pure nonsense.

解释:That's pure nonsense=That's not true=That's a rumor.无稽之谈,胡说八道。
A: You're sitting too close to the TV.
B: I'm comfortable.
A: Your eyesight is going to get bad.
B: That's pure nonsense!

014 Did you get out ~ing?

解释:Did you get out shopping?=Did you go (out) shopping? 你外出去做某事了吗?
用法:英语国家的人喜欢使用两个词的动词,out是强调在外面。可以用作 did you get out ving=did you go ving?=did you get out to do sth?但是经常用ing格式,没有did you get ving的用法。
A: Did you get out hunting this weekend?
B: Yesterday morning.
A: Did you get anyting?
B: Nothing but really cold feet!

015 (to) do away with (something).

解释:to do away with sth=to get rid of sth,去掉、除去、消灭。
A: I need to do away with my knuckle cracking.
B: It's a hard habit to break.
A: I know. It's almost impossible.
B: Want me to help?

016 (to) do sth up.

解释:to make it very exciting,完美完成。
用法:经常用作 do it up,it一般指事件events,party、celebration,up的位置可以调换 to do up sth。
A: Are you gonna do it up for your mom's birthday?
B: No, we're just gonna have a nice dinner at home.
A: No party?
B: She said she didn't want one.

017 (to) do up (sth).

用法:to do up 后加名词。
A: Is it cold outside,mom?
B: Yes. Be sure to do up your jacket.
A: Okay. Where's my hat?
B: It's in your pocket.

018 (to) do it over.

解释:一般接介词over表示 再一次,所以意思是 do it again,再做一次。
用法:do it over=do it again,美语发音t接近d,接近 flipped sound弹音。
A: How do you like my picture, daddy?
B: What is it?
A: It's a picture of a bear.
B: Oh...um... you shold do it over.

021 Check back in a jiffy

解释:东西还没有准备好,等一下回来取。check back,再联系,in a jiffy=quickly,马上,不一会儿。
用法:另有一个用法 I'll be with you in a jiffy,In a jiffy, it will be my birthday。
A: Hi, are my copies done?
B: Not yet. Check back in a jiffy.
A: All right, I'll go get a latte and come back.
B: They'll be done for you.

022 Pick your poison

A: Ooh, these all look good!
B: Pick your poison.
A: Hmm... I'll have the peanut butter cookie.
B: Good! I want the triple chocolate!

023 Those poor children

用法:用于怜悯,poor还有另一个意思 贫穷。
A: Those poor children. Why do wars mostly affect poor people?
B: I hate wars.
A: We need to tell our leaders "No more war".
B: We have to

024 ~ is pathetic

解释:pathetic有很多种意思,比如可怜的,可悲的,这里采用 inadequate(不可胜任的),inept(无能的)。
A: How do you spell "raisin"? With an "i" or an "e"?
B: An "i".
A: What about "streusel"? Two "s"s?
B: No. One. Your spelling is pathetic!

025 What purpose does it serve

解释:what is it used for,他是用做什么的?what is its function
A: Why are you taking vitamin C all day long?
B: These are really good when you're sick.
A: What purpose do they serve?
B: They help strengthen your immune system.

026 I couldn't help it

解释:I couldn't help it.= I couldn't control myself. = I couldn't stop it. 我没有办法;我没办法;我忍不住
用法:couldn't 读快的时候可以省略t的音,再快可以省略d的音,接近c'n
A: Why did you laugh in class?
B: I couldn't help it.
A: What was so funny?
B: The way he said "Uranus".

027 to look away

A: Don't look away from me when I'm talking to you.
B: Yes, dad.
A: Did you take the cookies or not?
B: I was hungry!

028 don't push it

解释:在这里it 指运气。别越界哈;不要咄咄逼人;别操之过急。You are pushing it,你过界了,你过分了。
A: Can you make me spaghetti?
B:  I'm a little tired, but why not?
A: Thank you. Can you make garlic bread, too?
B: Uh... Okay.
A: And do the dishes?
B: You're pushing it.

029 Are you done yet?

解释:Are you done yet? = Are you finished yet? 你完事了没;你们做完了吗
用法:读快接近 ar yuh....
A: Are you done yet?
B: Almost.
A: Hurry up! I'lll wait in the car.
B: Hey, you got any toilet paper out there? Hello? Anyone? HELP!!

030  Knock on wood.

解释:祈求好运,吉人天相, 谢天谢地,asking for luck。
A: You broke your arm again?
B: Yeah. This is my third time.
A: I've never broken my arm. Knock on wood!
B: It's no big deal~

031 Count me out/in.

解释:不要算我/算我一个,to exclude sb/to include sb。
A: Did you hear? The boss is looking for volunteers.
B: For what?
A: To help wash his car.
B: Count me out. I'd rather get fired.
A: He can count me in! I love the boss.

032 To rain on your parade.

解释:parade游行,to do sth terrible to your plan。
A: What's that? A present?
B: Diamond earring. They're for Sue!
A: Wow! Uh...I don't want to rain on your parade, but Sue just got engaged.
B: What? Engaged? She's gonna get married? What???

033 I'm broke!

解释:没钱了,I have no money。
A: Let's go eat lunch.
B: 'Kay. Burgers?
A: Nah, I want something healthy.
B: Healthy? Healthy means expensive. I can't. I'm broke.

034 To sell SOMEONE out.

解释:出卖,to betray sb。
A: I can't believe you sold me out to mom.
B: You're always selling me out.
A: Okay, let's make a truce.
B: Okay. From now on, we lie for each other to mom.
A: Good.
C: I heard that~

035 It will all come down to

解释:to come down to sth/me/you/the final exam/God, It=the result, all=completely,取决于,降至;归结起来;变为;归结为。
A: In order to win the tournament, he must make this putt.
B: It will all come down to this putt.
A: It all comes down to this shot...
B: It all comes down to his concentration...
A: NO! He missed! He's a loser!

036 I beg to differ.

解释:I'm sorry but I disagree with you, I don't think so,。
用法:这个用法很礼貌,强调意见不一致,意思比Maybe,however,I think 强。
A: Don't these uggs look good on me?
B: I beg to differ.
A: What?
B: You look like a gay cowboy. Uggs are for women.

037 Luck Lock and Look

解释:Luck, Lock, Look的发音区别。
A: Where're you going?
B: To the library. I want to look for a book.
A: Good luck. They locked up already.
B: It's that late?

038 Don't sweat it!

解释:Don't worry about it. Don't be too stressed out.
A: I need you to finish this report, okay?
B: By when?
A: .By next Tuesday.
B: That gives me only Thursday, Friday and Money to work on it.
A: Don't sweat it! You can come in on the weekend.

039 Go all out~

解释:to go all out=to do one hundred and ten perent of your energy/passion,全力以赴,不惜一切代价。
用法:to go all out
A: Look at all the bags!
B: Christmas shopping! I went all out this year~
A: Did you get one for me?
B: No. You said you didn't believe in Santa.

040 ~ already

用法:Where are you already? You should be done already.
A: Where is my fried chicken already? I ordered 30 minutes ago.
B: Here's your order, sir.
A: I thought you forgot about me.
B: With your beautiful voice? How could I?

041 Come down with

解释:I think I'm coming down with something. => I think I'm getting sick
用法:coming down with +疾病。I think I'm coming down with a cold/the flue/a virus/a headache/a stomachache.
A: You don't look too good.
B: I feel terrible.
A: Are you coming down with a cold?
B: I think so. I'd better buy lots of vitamin C.

042 Go down

解释:to go down=>down 有三种解释 1. the south(上北下南左西右东)。2. 空间的上和下,down the hill/elevator。3. 郊区,urban area, downtown,the hall。
A: Are you going down to the store today?
B: I went down yesterday.
A: Please? I need some more beer!
B: Go get it yourself.

043 Steal my thunder

解释:to steal someone's thunder,thunder=>big day, big moment,抢了某人的风头。
A: Aren't you inviting Amanda to eht wedding?
B: No way. She always tries to steal my thunder.
A: How? Because she always tries to be the queen?
B: That's right. That's MY day and I'm not gonna let ANYONE steal my thunder.

044 a pain in the neck

解释:讨厌鬼,烦心事(英国英语亦用a pain in the arse, a pain in the backside等,美国英语亦用a pain in the ass, a pain in the butt等,但多数人认为具冒犯意味)
用法:to be a pain in the neck(in the读快接近in nuh),也可简化为 a pain。
A: Oh, this traffic is such a pain in the neck.
B: Well, it's Friday night. It's always bad.
A: Next time, let's take the subway or bus.
B: Oh, but standing on the bus is such a pain in the neck, too!

045 to come in on

用法:to come in on 后加具体星期几Monday等, 周末周中Weekend、Weekdays、数字日期(the 10th of May),预约日期的时候可以使用。
A: Can you come in on a weekend?
B: No. I can only go in on weekdays.
A: Can you come in of Friday?
B: No, I'm Muslim. That's my weekend. Sunday?

046 to turn in

解释:1. 睡觉=go to bed。2. 举报。3.提交。
用法:1. When did you turn in last night? 2. Turn in the weapons to the police. 3. Turn in the proposal to the boss.
A: Did you turn in the assignment?
B: Yes! Now I'm free~
A: So, what are you gonna do?
B: I'm gonna turn in early tonight. I'm tired~~

047 to lack something

解释:to be missing something,to be short of sth,缺少的,不足的
用法:laking something
A: Any advice? How do I get more YouTube viewers?
B: Well. you are lacking something.
A: What? Energy?
B: Hair. You might want to get a toupee.

048 I'm down.

用法:I am down.=>I'm down.
A: You wanna go watch the basketbal game tonight?
B: You paying?
A: No need~Free tickets!
B: Cool! I'm down!

049 to kick it up a notch.

解释:to kick up=> to increase,增加;a notch=>a space, a hole,a little 一档。
A: It's pretty cool in here.
B: The thermostas's at 24.
A: Can we kick it up a notch?
B: Okay. Ooh! That's my favorite song!
A: Me, too! Let's kick that up a notch, too!

050 happy holidays.

解释:holidays, 和习俗有关,日历中标红的节日;vacation ,学校、工作假期;weekend 周末。
A:What are you up to on the holiday?
B: Just staying at home. I start my vacation next week.
A: Why so late?
B: Holiday traffic! It's too much!

051 a stocking stuffer

解释:Christmas stocking=>圣诞袜子,to stuff sth=to put to jam sth 填充某物。
A: Did you get any presents?
B: Yes! I got a digital camera and some trainers. Oh, some lip balm as a stocking stuffer.
A: You still have a Christmas stocking?
B: Sure! Why not?!

052 to keep me on my toes

解释:to keep someone on someone's toes=> to force them to concentrate, to make them be alert,使...保持警惕(俚语)。来源于圣经,Pupil瞳孔 在眼中,pupil解释为苹果 或者小人little person。
A: Your spelling is wrong.
B: Where?
A: Here. You wrote "prractise", but it should be practice.
B: Oh! Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

053 Keep it down!

A: Come on! Keep it down.
B: What! This song is SO cool~
A: It's stupid. And the singer is HORRIBLE!
B: That singer is my hero. And the song is so deep~

054 The apple of one's eye~

解释:to be the apple of one's eye=>to be the most important thing to that person。Shane is the apple of my mother's eye.=>My mother cherishes me. 掌上明珠,可以用在物,但更常用于人。
A: Andrey really brightens up when he sees his girls.
B: They're the apple of his eys.
A: They look so cute!
B: Fortunately, they resemble his mother!

055 Picky

解释:soomeone is being picky, too meticulous, to perfect。吹毛求疵的,挑剔的。
A: What can I get you?
B: A hamburger.
A: Anything else?
B: Well, please cook it medium rare. Toast the buns and butter the bottom bun. I'd like twice as much ketchup as mustard. Three dill pickle. No cheese. A thin tomato and one strip of bacon. Am I being too picky?
A: No, not at all, sir~

056 to turn out.

解释:the result of sth,结果是......。
A: How was the interview?
B: It turns out they weren't hiring a clerk.
A: Oh, no. That's too bad.
B: They were hiring a manager. And I got it!
A: Wow! Everything turned out great!

057 Auld Lang Syne.

解释:Auld(Old) Lang(Long) Syne(Ago), Auld Lang Syne => Old times past.
用法:Auld Lang Syne是一首非常出名的诗歌,原文是古苏格兰方言,直译做英文是"old long since"或"days gone by",大意为“逝去已久的日子”。Auld Lang Syne是十八世纪苏格兰诗人罗伯特布恩斯(Robert Burns)根据当地民歌记录下的。这首诗后来被谱了乐曲,除了英文外,这首歌亦被多国谱上当地语言,在中国各地普遍称为《友谊地久天长》。可以用作跨年时候一起歌唱的歌曲,for the good old memories。友谊地久天长。
A: Here.
B: What's this?
A: The words to Auld Lang Syne. We'll be singing it at midnight.
B: Oh! Thank you.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld land syne!
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld land syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, for auld land syne.

058 starting is half the battle

A: I'm gonna learn English this year.
B: Great. How?
A: I'm not sure. Any ideas?
B: Youtube! There are SO many great teachers. Start with one you like. Starting is half the battle, you know~

059 I'm sticking to my guns.

解释:~ sticking to sb's guns => guns means opinion/method/way,坚守立场。
用法:Shane is sticking to his guns. Obama stuck to his guns. My sister always sticks to her guns.
A: Doing YouTube videos everyday is tough, isn't is?
B: It is. It take a LOT of time.
A: You should take a break.
B: Not yet. I'm steaking to my guns. I told my students that I would produce a new video every day. I'm gonna do that.

060 taking forever.

解释:Sth is taking forever .=> It's taking a long time。费时。
A: You done yet?
B: Almost.
A: Come on! You're takine forever!
B: Just a minute. Okay~ Come on in~
A: Ugh!!!

061 pushover.

解释: [俚语]易于征服或控制的人;[俚语]容易打败的对手;容易做的事情。
用法:sb is a pushover,=>sb who is easily influenced.
A: Boss, can I go home early tonight?
B: No. I need everyone here until we finish.
A: Mr. Havencroft~ Could I leave early? I want to buy a dress.
B: Oh, Miss Tisdale. Of course you can. Buy a pretty dress, okay?
A: Havencroft's such a pushover when it comes to women~

062 on the edge.

用法:on the edge,读得快的时候接近on ne edge. I feel like I'm on the edge.=>on the edge of disaster/collapse/death/the world.也可以用在积极的意思上,比如on the edge of successs,不过更多的是有消极的意味。
A: What's wrong with you?
B: I'm on the edge, man. I'm gonna lose it.
A: Why? What happened?
B: Everthing. My job. My girl. My future. I feel like I'm gonna explode.

063 cushy.

用法:describe sb's job=>I wish I have a cushy job.
A: You don't work Mondays?
B: I work. I just work from home.
A: Wow! Your job's cushy!
B: I know! We do have lots of nice things.

064 hone.

解释:本意 用磨刀石磨,加强改进。
用法:to hone=>to sharpen, to hone your skills/talents/abilities
A: Go ahead. How will you start your speech?
B: Well, okay: "Yo, what's up, ladies and gentlemen?"
A: Yo? What's up? I think you need to hone your communication skills.
B: Oh, how about..."Check this out, ladies and gentlemen~"
A: Come on! This is your grandmother's 70th birthday party speech!

065 Don't chew with your mouth open!

用法:强音s, n, l可以去除掉d, t, th。
A: What are you eating?
B: Brownies.
A: Gross! Don't chew with your mouth open!
B: Then don't ask me questions when I'm eating.

066 to put up with sth

用法:I can't put up with his smoking/her complaining.
A: I can't put up with this anymore~
B: What? What's bothering you?
A: The noise! The damn construction!
B: They'll be there all weeek! You'll have to put up with it~

067 get the nod

用法:get的t和the的t合并,一般后面可以加from, he got the nod from his boss. nod 表示肯定、允许。
A: I wanna start real English classes online.
B: And charge money?
A: Yes, but not a lot.
B: You might wanna get the nod from your students firt.
A: Good idea^^

068 nuke it

解释:来源于 nuclear,用微波炉叮。
用法:可以读作nuk it或者njuk it。nuke it => put it in the microwave, reheat sth in the microwave.
A: You shold heat that sandwich up before you eat it.
B: I'll nuke it.
A: No! That's bad. Just put it in the oven for 10 minutes.
B: But I wanna eat now~~

069 hoopla

A: So?
B: Well, after all the hoopla, frankly, I'm quite disappointed.
A: There was a LOT of hoopla.
B: But the food is nothing!
A: I totally agree~~

070 to straighten out

用法:to straighten sth out, to straighten out sb => to resolve, to take care of sth
A: Professor Dick was so rude to me.
B: He probably didn't know you were a teacher.
A: I'm really mad.
B: I'll go talk to him and straighten this out. Don't worry.
A: I won't be happy unless he apologizes.

071 a brouhaha

用法:a big fight between many people.
A: Did you stay'til the end of the game?
B: No. I left at halftime.
A: You're lucky. A huge brouhaha broke out.
B: Were you okay?
A: I barely escaped.

072 My hat's off to you

用法:Congraduation/I'm happy for you/I'm proud of you
A: My English is getting better, Shane^^
B: That's great. Have you been doing DD?
A: I was 100% correct on the last Daily Dictation!
B: My hat's off to you^^

073 on call

用法:(to be) on call
A: Hey, Parmy, let's have lunch.
B: I can't. I'm on call.
A: The boss again?
B: Yep. As soon as he calls, I gotta go~~

074 and whatnot

用法:this and that.
A: What'd you get at the store?
B: I got some chips, and cheese dip, and candy bars and whatnot.
A: Ooh^^ Can I have a candy bar?
B: No! They're for the party~ You'll have to wait.

075 tinker around.

用法:to tinker around with,没有做什么大的修改,就动动这,动动那。
A: What are you gonna do today?
B: I might tinker around with my blog.
A: Is there a problem?
B: Well, I want it to look nicer~

076 kowtow

解释:叩头, vi,n.
用法:[kaotao], to bow,to kowtow to sb=> to be too nice to sb,来源于中文。
A: You look stressed.
B: I have to go out with my boss tonight. He drinks~
A: Don't kowtow to him when it comes to drinking. Be polite but strong.
B: But what if I lose my job?

077 Tweak it!

用法:to tweak sth=>to change sth a little bit to make it better
A: What are you doing?
B: Tweaking my resume.
A: It looks fine~
B: Hmm...what about this font instead?
A: Ooh~That does look better!

078 when it comes to ~

用法:when it comes to sth, it => regarding
A: When it comes to pizza, pepperoni is my favorite.
B: When it comes to soda, Coke is it!
A: How about I buy you a pizza and a Coke?
B: When it comes to friends, you're the best!

079 to take it with a grain of salt

用法:Take it/that with a grain of salt, it=> a promise/threat/insult
A: The president said he wouldn't increase my taxes.
B: You have to take those promises with a grain of salt.
A: I voted for him because of that promise.
B: That's too bad~

080 I changed my mind.

A: Let's go. I'm ready to watch Les Miserables~
B: I changed my mind.
A: What?
B: I want to stay home.
A: NO! We always do what YOU want to do. This time we're doing what I want to do. GET READY. NOW!

081 9 out of 10 times

用法:times=> occurrences/attemps/situation,90% of the time,常用在体育领域。
A: How do you like my stew?
B: Hmm... Well, it's different~
A: You don't like it.
B: No! Nine out of ten times I love your food, but sometimes...
A: You hate it. You hate ME!

082 goof off

用法:to goof off => to play/have a good time with your friend(supposed to be study) 去玩,而没有去做别人认为更重要的事,比如学习。
A: Dad, can I go study at the library?
B: No.
A: Why not? All the other kids are there.
B: I Know. And all you do is goof off. If you want to study, stay home and study.

083 My dogs are barking!

用法:my dogs are barking! my feet are tired/sore。在英语中dogs的意思是feet
A: Let's take a rest.
B: You tired?
A: My dogs are barking!
B: You need to get new shopping shoes^^

084 to get carried away

用法:to get carried away => to become carried away => to be thinking about sth too much
A: What's wrong?
B: I have a bump. It might be cancer. It might be deadly. I could die! I should go to the doctor. I'm dying!
A: I thingk you're getting carried away~~
A: It's a pimple.

085 my diet

用法:my diet is what you usually eat,
A: I need to change my diet.
B: What's wrong?
A: My diet consists of too much sugar and not enough good things.
B: You wanna be a vegetarian?!

086 veggies

A: Want some?
B: What you got? Veggie sticks?
A: Yeah! Veggies are good for you.
B: No thanks. The only veggie sticks I like are French fries.

087 ad hoc

解释:Ad hoc是拉丁文常用短语中的一个短语。这个短语的意思是“特设的、特定目的的(地)、即席的、临时的、将就的、专案的”。这个短语通常用来形容一些特殊的、不能用于其它方面的的,为一个特定的问题、任务而专门设定的解决方案。这个词汇须与a priori区分。这个短语通常用来形容的东西包括一些为一个特别问题而设立的国家级或者国际性的组织、组委会以及合约等。在其他方面,譬如特殊环境下所组建的军队单位、手工制作的服装、临时搭建的网络协议或者是满足特殊条件的方程序等也可使用这个短语来进行形容。Ad hoc 同时也包含有负面的评价,表明所形容的事物是一个权宜之计、不周密的计划或者是一个即兴举办的活动。
用法:an ad hoc meeting, ad hoc=>for this,一般指临时紧急的会议/商讨。
A: Where are you going?
B: Town Hall. The city formed an ad hoc committee to discuss night club safety.
A: That was such a tragedy in Brazil.
B: That's right, and it should never happen again.

088 pig out

A: Where were you?
B: I was pigging out at the Pizza Palace.
A: You always go there.
B: Their pies are SO good!

089 Coke is it!

用法:可口可乐的广告语,Coke is the best soft drink。Sth is it=>Sth is the best
A: What's the best soft drink out there?
B: I think Fanta is the best!
C: No way. Coke is it!
D: What?! 7-Up is it!

090 What the heck is wrong with you

用法:what the heck is wrong with you?=>what is your problem? what the hell/in the world/on earth/the fuck is wrong with you?
A: What the heck is wrong with you?
B: I'm doing yoga.
A: You look like a pretzel.
B: This will help me live longer^^

091 in heat

用法:in heat 一般用于雌性动物身上=>wants to have a baby,但用在人类身上的时候一般用于男性。
A: What is that sound?
B: My cat's in heat.
A: What?
B: She wants to have kittens. She's calling for a mate~

092 For shits and giggles

用法:for shits and giggles=>for fun and games/for the heck of it=>just for fun, 用它来解释为什么做它
A: Why the hell did you throw that snowball at me?
B: For shits and giggles~
A: It hurt.
B: Sorry~
A: You're dead.
B: Ahh!!!

093 put some elbow into it

用法:use some extra power, elbow=>手肘
A: I can't push this snow.
B: Put some elbow into it.
A: See! Look what you made me do. I broke the shovel.
B: You are going to have to pay for that~

094 Go away!

用法:Go away!=>Get out of here!
A: You got a minute?
B: Uh, sure. What's up?
A: I'm hungry. Make me something to eat~
B: Go away.

095 sump'n

用法:something=>sump'n, nothing=>nut'n, getting=>get'n
A: You want sump'n from McDonald's?(something)
B: Nut'n.(nothing)
A: I'm get'n an apple pie.(getting)
B: I said I don't want nothing!(anything)

096 pouting

用法:Yeah, well, that's because I stopped pouting,我从沮丧中走了出来。生气、愤怒、消极等的表情。
A: Are you pouting?
B: No...
A: You're pouting. Just because I won't eat with you.
B: You never do anything with me.
A: Okay, I'll eat with you.
B: Go away!

097 Get the gist

解释:得到要点,基本了解。Get the point.
用法:to basicly understand sth/get a basic idea, but not know what is happening, not an expert.
A: Did you understand DD216?
B: Not everything, but I got the gist of it.
A: It was about eating sweet & sour chicken in the bathroom, right?
B: No! It was about two kids who didn't clean the bathroom properly!

098 a sneezing fit

用法:*** fit, a hiccup/hiccough fit(打嗝),a coughing fit,加fit形容控制不了的。
A: Who's having a sneezing fit?
B: Jimmy.
A: He's always sick.
B: By the way, that's his keyboard you're using.

099 get the hang of ~

用法:to get the hang of =>to get used to it.
A: How's your backswing going?
B: I just can't get the hang of it.
A: Youre form looks good.
B: I'll keep practicing~

100 to die for

用法:to die for=>excellent,其他的解释有 渴望、迫切想要。
A: Is that carrot cake?
B: It was!
A: Where'd you get that?
B: Monkey's Bakery. This stuff is to die for!

101 (to) make ends meet.

用法:Expenses(outgoing money) >Incoming(incoming money) =>I cannot make ends meet. 我不能令两端相等。
A: I think I'll need a part-time job.
B: You already work!
A: But I can't make ends meet.
B: Why don't you try cutting out things like cable TV?

102 ordering take-out

用法:take-out=>food that can take out from the restaurant
A: I'm ordering take-out!
B: From where?
A: Monkey Burgers.
B: Get me a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake.

103 I'm rather upset~

用法:(to be) rather upset/angry... rather指表面看上去有点..,但实际上应该是非常...
A: I just found out I was adopted.
B: You must be shocked~
A: Well, I'm rather upset.
B: I would be, too.

104 I'm perplexed.

用法:(to be) perplexed... =>very confused.
A: You look perplexed.
B: Yeah... was that a man or a woman?
A: Oh, you mean Pat?
B: Yeah~
A: I'm note sure, either, actually!

105 Keep it PG!

用法:Keep it PG!=>Keep it clean! 来源于电影分级制度 G-General, PG-Parental Guidance, R-Restricted, X-Explicit.
A: Don't look over there.
B: Why? What's going on?
A: Two people are kissing. GROSS!
B: Oh~ Keep it PG!

106 a typo

用法:a typo=>a typing mistake
A: "Thanks you"? You made a typo.
B: Oh, thanks! Do you see any others?
A: Um...nope. Looks good.
B: Click~Sent! Thank you for your help.

107 sooner or later

用法:sooner or later=>eventually
A: Do you see my lighter?
B: You haven't quit smoking yet?
A: I will. Sooner or later.
B: Yeah. Sooner or later it'll kill you.

108 Go figure!

用法:go figure=>who could guess
A: You've lived in Korea for over 20 years?
B: Yeah! Go figure~
A: Are you gonna stay forever?
B: I'm not sure!
The banks are LOSING billions of dollars but the bankers are still getting HUGE bonuses...go figure.
When I exercise at the gym, I get tired RIGHT away. But, when I go shopping, I can go ALL day!! Go figure.
My son is TOO full to eat his carrots. BUT he has room enough to eat CAKE... Go figure.

109 Is A considered B

用法:Is A considered B=>Is a tomato considered a fruit?
A: Is a McDonald's Salad considered healthy?
B: It's a salad!
A: But it's from McDonald's.
B: My guess is it's healthy.

110 In my book

用法:in my book=>in my opinion
A: Katy Perry is SUCH a good singer.
B: In my book, she's not a singer AT ALL.
A: Then who's a good singer?
B: Hmm... Freddie Mercury was a good singer.

111 Who are you? Einstein?

用法:用Who are you?/What are you?后面加一个名人。1. 你的一个博学的朋友让你生气,你回那一句Who are you? Einstein? 在这里是负面的意思。2. 另一个用法则是正面的意思,表示惊叹!
A: How can I fall in love?
B: Well, you need to stimulate your brain.
A: What?
B: You need an increase in dopamine and norepinephrine which will make you feel "love.
A: Who are you? Einstein?

112 Beats me

用法:不能用在正式的场合。Means I don't know
A: Is Pluto still condisered a planet?
B: Beats me.
A: Well, in my book it is.
B: Who are you? Carl Sagan?

113 (to) bite the dust

用法:to bite the dust=to die/broke/doesn't work anymore, 不单单是用在人身上,也可以用在物身上。但是不用用这个短语来表示“你的父亲去世了”或者其他你非常尊敬的人。
A: Where is your friend?
B: What?
A: Your MP3 player! You're always listening to it~
B: I dropped it, and it bite the dust~~

114 Bite me!

用法:Bite me=> go to hell, leave me alone, forget about it
A: Are you sick?
B: Bite me~
A: What? You look pale...
B: Ugh! I just found out my girlfriend is seeing someone else!

115 No ifs, ands or buts!

用法:No ifs, ands or buts!=Don't make any excuses
A: I want that report on my desk by 5.
B: 5? It's 4 o'clock now.
A: No ifs, ands or buts. 5.
B: Alright.

116 Damned if do_damned if I don't!

A: Are you going to the company dinner?
B: If I go, my wife will be mad. If I don't go, the boss will be mad~
A: You're damned if you do, damned if you don't!
B: Damn it...

117 hard to beat~

用法:hard to beat=>hard to defeat=>sth is the best
A: Who do you think will win the match?
B: Between Spain and the US?
A: Yeah.
B: Spain will be hard to beat!

118 out of the blue

用法:out of the blue=>out of the clear blue sky=>suddenly sth appears,out of发音接近outta。
A: You're all wet.
B: I know! Out of the blut it started to rain~
A: It rained?
B: Yes! It totally surprised everyone~

119 low-key

用法:low-key=>to be low-key,一般用来形容颜色,冷色调,可以用来形容人,低调。
A: My favorite actor is Tom Hanks.
B: Why's that?
A: He's great on-screen and low-key off-screen.
B: You're right! He's never in the news like Lady Gaga!

120 What do you say we..

用法:What do you say we..=>Let's do sth../How about doing sth?
A: I'm bored.
B: What do you say we watch a movie?
A: Sure! What do you wanna see?
B: How about... Titanic?

121 another nail in the coffin

用法:another nail in the coffin=the final nail in the coffin, coffin是棺材的意思,a bad future of sb's health/sth。不好的趋势。
A: The iPhone 4 power cable doesn't work on the iPhone 5.
B: That's stupid.
A: This is another nail in their coffin.
B: They're not doing well since Steve Jobs dies...

122 high-profile

用法:high-profile, low-key的反义词。
A: We need to grow our classes.
B: Yes. We need to be more high-profile.
A: Any ideas on how we do that?
B: Buy everyone who joins a free car?

123 It spoke to me~

用法:It spoke to me~=> the song spoke to me/ influenced me
A: This painting is SO ugly. Why did you buy it?
B: It spoke to me.
A: What did it say?
B: No! Look at it. It shows the meaning of life...

124 Grow up!

用法:Grow up!=>Be c(don't act like a child)
A: Are you playing a video game?
B: No. It's a simulation game.
A: Grow up!
B: Look at you! Wearing "Hello Kitty" pajamas.

125 He's mature for his age.

用法:mature 可以分为身体上的成熟和精神上的成熟。
A: Is your daughter reading Shakespeare?
B: Yeah! She loves that stuff!
A: Isn't she like...8 years old?
B: Yeah! She's mature for her age!

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