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>Sky-high mascot fees

Some English football clubs are charging as much as £700 for children to enjoy the experiencing of being a mascot for games, according to an investigative report on the Daily Telegraph.

West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Norwich and Aston Villa all advertise rates up to £500 and beyond for their biggest matches despite complaints from supporters.

Julian Knight, the new chairman of parliament's powerful Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, is now pressuring elite clubs to slash charges to help deprived families.

Being a mascot, he said, is becoming "the preserve of the well off, completely against the working class roots of the game".


Photo by Karol D from Pexels

>Honk more, wait more

There is a truth universally acknowledged by drivers in India: Honk your horn loud enough and the traffic lights will surely change to green.

But, fed up of impatient drivers inflicting a deafening roar every time they are forced to stop, police in Mumbai have come up with a new system to punish those who cannot wait at traffic lights in silence.

Known as "the punishing signal", Mumbai police installed a rigged traffic light system to tackle the problem of "reckless honkers", which resets the red traffic signal every time the sound of car horns goes above 85 decibels.

For particularly honk-happy drivers, it could mean a very long wait at the lights.

The idea, which was trialed in November and December, has already gained momentum and there is talk of rolling it out in other cities in India.


Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

>Embracing authenticity at work

A new study finds keeping one's behavior at the office authentic will result in greater productivity and a better relationship with co-workers.

In other words, act how you feel, and don't fake it.

Over 2,500 working adults, from a variety of industries such as finance or engineering, took part in this research via surveys.

It's extremely common for the average workspace to preach an attitude of unrelenting positivity.

While this may be beneficial from the CEO's perspective, it just isn't realistic when applied to real people with real problems and daily tribulations.

That's why, the research team have concluded, employees will actually feel better, work harder, and connect more with their peers if they don't hide their feelings with a fake smile.



>Push for online recruitment

The Ministry of Education will promote online employment services and suspend campus job fairs for college graduates to avoid large gatherings of people during the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic, a ministry official said on Wednesday.

The ministry's employment platforms will share job information with those of provinces, universities and recruitment services and jointly offer online employment services, said Wang Hui, director of the ministry's Department of College Students Affairs.

About 8.74 million college students will graduate from ordinary colleges and universities around China this year, 400,000 more than last year.

Springtime recruitment is one of the most important opportunities for graduates seeking jobs.

The ministry will strictly review employer and recruitment information posted online to ensure it is true, and promote online interviews, signing of contracts and employment procedures at universities across the country, Wang said.


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