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"Facepalm" is said to be based on Hong Kong top star Stephen Chow's classic role in the movie. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

>'Facepalm' top emoji

The top five most popular emojis used by WeChat users in 2019 were facepalm, grin, chuckle, thumb-up and rose, according to a report released by Tencent's WeChat, China's most popular messaging app.

WeChat had 1.15 billion active users every month, and the peak time for using the super app was before lunch and after work, according to the report.

Young people focused on cartoons and animations, while older people preferred content on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Men shared work and games on WeChat Moments, and women, food and emotions.

Each WeChat user walked an average of 6,932 steps a day, and on weekends, some 12 million users walked fewer than 100 steps.


People look at the Oscar statuettes displayed at an exhibition held at Grand Central Station in New York, the United States, Feb 23, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]

>Oscars will be host-free again

The 2020 Oscars ceremony will once again go forward without a host.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke made the announcement in a presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Burke said organizers planned on "repeating what worked for us last year - huge entertainment value, big musical numbers, big comedy."

The 2019 Oscars was the first in 30 years to have no host and saw the audience on broadcaster ABC rise to 29.6 million Americans, breaking a four-year trend of falling viewership for the live ceremony.


Navy warship Nanchang sails in the parade marking the Navy's 70th anniversary in Qingdao, April 23, 2019. [Photo by Xu Jingxing/China Daily]

>Destroyer Nanchang rolled out

The Nanchang, China's first Type 055 guided-missile destroyer, was commissioned in the People's Liberation Army Navy on Sunday morning in the port city of Qingdao, Shandong province.

The 10,000 ton-class destroyer officially debuted at the multinational naval parade in celebration of the Chinese Navy's 70th founding anniversary on April 23, 2019. Launched on June 28, 2017, the destroyer was equipped with new air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons, said a statement from the Navy. The commission of Nanchang marks the Navy's leap from the third generation to the fourth generation of destroyers, according to the statement.


An attendee places flowers at a candle light vigil for the victims of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS-752 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada January 9, 2020. [Photo/Agencies]

>Plane shot down by mistake

Iran has announced on Saturday morning that its military "unintentionally" shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing all 176 aboard.

A military statement carried by state media said the plane was mistaken for a "hostile target" after it turned toward a "sensitive military center" of the Revolutionary Guard.

The military was at its "highest level of readiness", it said, amid heightened tensions with the US.

"In such a condition, because of human error and in an unintentional way, the flight was hit," the military said.

It apologized and said it would upgrade its systems to prevent future tragedies.

Those responsible for the strike on the plane would be prosecuted, the statement added.


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