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A joint declaration on cultural heritage released by Chinese and French governments on Wednesday in Beijing will launch the cooperative renovation of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the roof of which was destroyed in a fire in April.[Photo provided to China daily]

>Notre Dame 'still fragile'

The rector of Notre Dame Cathedral says the Paris landmark is still so fragile that there's a "50% chance" the structure might not be saved, because scaffolding installed before the April fire is threatening the vaults of the Gothic monument.

Monsignor Patrick Chauvet said restoration work isn't likely to begin until 2021.

"Today it is not out of danger," he said. "It will be out of danger when we take out the remaining scaffolding."

Chauvet estimated it would take another three years after that to make it safe enough for people to re-enter the cathedral, but that the full restoration will take longer.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants it rebuilt by 2024, when Paris hosts the Olympics, but experts have questioned whether that time frame is realistic.


British Queen Elizabeth II, in her traditional Christmas Day message broadcast on Wednesday, described 2019 as "quite bumpy", but stressed small steps can make a world of difference.

>Queen describes 2019 as 'bumpy'

British Queen Elizabeth II, in her traditional Christmas Day message broadcast on Wednesday, described 2019 as "quite bumpy", but stressed small steps can make a world of difference.

Royal commentators said her comments were believed to be her first public reference to the turmoil faced by the Royal family this year, as well as the divisions in the country caused by Brexit.

The Queen said the challenges of today are different than those faced by previous generations.

But she had been struck by the sense of purpose younger generations have shown in tackling issues like climate change and the planet.

With the theme of reconciliation continuing through her message, the Queen said the Christmas message of peace and goodwill still has relevance today.



>Hukou restrictions relaxed

The General Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council issued a document on Wednesday that calls for the cancellation of all limits on hukou, household registration status, in all mainland cities with fewer than 3 million permanent residents.

Hukou restrictions will be relaxed in cities with 3-5 million permanent residents, according to the document.

Megacities with more than 5 million permanent residents should improve points-based household registration policy and streamline points-collecting categories, ensuring that the social insurance contribution and years of residence be the decisive factors in the points system, according to the document.


Located in Northwest Beijing, Yuanmingyuan, built from 1709 onwards, had once been a resort for the imperial families of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).[Photo/VCG]

>22 new 5A tourist sites

A total of 22 tourist attractions, including Beijing's Old Summer Palace, are expected to be added to the 5A category, the highest level in the rating system, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) on Wednesday.

The selected tourist attractions were recommended by local tourism administrations and evaluated in accordance with standards and regulations by the MCT.

Apart from the Old Summer Palace, or "Yuanmingyuan" in Chinese, tourist attractions in north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, east China's Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces were also included in the list.

As of 2018, there are 248 tourist attractions listed as 5A.

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