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Picture shows the Michelin logo during the presentation of the new edition of the Michelin 2018 restaurant and hotel guide for Belgium and Luxembourg in Gent Monday 20 November 2017. [Photo/SIPA]

Chef sues Michelin Guide

Some chefs dream their whole lives of winning a Michelin star. But not Eo Yun-gwon.
有些大厨一辈子都梦想能赢得米其林的一颗星。但Eo Yun-gwon不是这样的大厨。

The South Korean chef is reportedly suing Michelin for including his restaurant Ristorante Eo in their 2019 guide to Seoul, saying that he asked them not to.
据报道,这位韩国大厨状告米其林无视他的拒绝,将他的餐厅Ristorante Eo列入《2019米其林首尔指南》。

He is taking action under a South Korean law against public insult.

On November 15, Eo announced on his Facebook page that he had lodged a public insult criminal complaint against Michelin Travel Partner in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office the same day.

"I have filed a criminal complaint against Michelin Guide's behavior of forcibly listing [restaurants] against their will and without a clear criteria," he wrote.

"Including my restaurant Eo in the corrupt book is a defamation against members of Eo and the fans. Like a ghost, they did not have a contact number and I was only able to get in touch through email. Although I clearly refused listing of my restaurant, they included it at their will this year as well."


Athens Philharmonic to make Beijing debut on New Year's Eve. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Music boosts productivity

An experiment on British workers found that listening to classical music at work can improve productivity by 15 percent.

British classical music station Scala Radio and psychologist Dr Becky Spelman set out to determine if background music hurts or hinders workplace efficiency.
英国古典音乐电台Scala Radio和心理学家贝基·斯佩尔曼博士着手研究背景音乐是否会损害或妨碍工作效率。

Four office workers were asked to transcribe two 600-word sets of song lyrics. The first set was transcribed with no music playing, while the other was completed with classical music playing in the background.

The first task, completed in silence, was completed in an average time of 20 minutes and 59 seconds.

However, the second transcription exercise that involved music was completed in an average time of 17 minutes and 42 seconds; a difference of three minutes and 17 seconds, or 15 percent.

Dr Spelman says, "Many people find that listening to certain types of instrumental music can help them with their productivity levels. The music can function as a sort of 'white noise', cancelling out potentially distracting ambient noise."


A visitor holds a freshly poured brew at the 2019 8x8 Brewing Project’s Craft Beer Festival at the Langyuan Vintage creative art zone in Beijing, Oct 19, 2019. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Probiotic prevents hangover

We humans have been looking for an effective way to prevent or at least treat hangovers for a long time, but one Silicon Valley startup claims to have finally found a way to ease the uncomfortable side effects of drinking.

Zbiotics is the world's first genetically modified probiotic.

Zbiotics founder, Zack Abbott, a microbiologist, chose Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria traditionally used in the fermentation process of soybeans in Japan, and genetically altered it to produce an enzyme designed to break down acetaldehyde.

This enzyme is similar to the one produced by our livers for the same purpose, only Zbiotics delivers it straight to the drinker's intestines, where it works its magic to prevent the nasty side effects of drinking.

Zbiotics must be ingested before alcohol intake or at least while drinking. One bottle costs between $9 and $12.


Salads [Photo/IC]

Going vegan is not more green

Scientists warned it is not more environmentally-friendly to go vegan.

Speaking at a panel in central London, they argued that meat was critical for the physical and mental health of children, and said that moving away from livestock farming would not improve land use.

Professor Geoff Simm, Director of Global Academy Agriculture and Food Security at the University of Edinburgh, said: "Often the argument is made that going vegan would minimize land use, and the modeling studies that have been done demonstrate that that's not the case."

Simm also said that meat was an important source of dietary protein, energy, highly bioavailable micronutrients, and was very important for the development of children.

Professor Mike Coffey, from Scotland's Rural College, added: "It's completely unnecessary to go vegan. If everybody went vegan it would be devastating for the UK environment. Animals bred for food help boost biodiversity."

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