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>Cassette tapes back again

Forget the vinyl revival. The cassette tape will be back on Christmas lists this year, as high-profile artists ranging from Coldplay to Robbie Williams and Liam Payne release albums on a format that has come back from the dead.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) predicts that music fans, many of them under 25, will buy 100,000 tapes in 2019, double the figure for 2018.

The last time that many cassettes were sold was 2004, when the biggest-selling albums were by Scissor Sisters and Keane.

Around 36,000 tapes had been bought in the UK by June, according to BPI and Official Charts Company data.

One of the biggest sellers was Billie Eilish, who was born in 2001, when the format was already considered close to obsolete.

The cassette of her song "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" was produced in lurid UV green and orange, making it both collectible and "Instagrammable".
她的歌曲《When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?》制成的磁带采用了刺目的亮绿色和亮橙色,使其具有收藏和被社交媒体分享的价值。


A Facebook logo is seen on a smartphone, file Photo. [Photo/IC]

>E-pals not true friends

Having hundreds of friends on Facebook is no substitute for a handful of close friends in real life, a study has found.

Researchers discovered that people with only a few friends were at least as happy as those with far more, if many of theirs were online.

The number of "peripheral others" someone connected with online – former classmates and coworkers, for example – had no bearing on how satisfied they felt.

The number of close friends someone had appeared to be the only thing that influenced how satisfied they were with their social life.

So, if you feel lonely, it may be more helpful to make a positive connection with a friend than to try and seek out new people to meet.


Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash

>Granny beats down home intruder

Rochester, New York, resident Willie Murphy is not your average 82-year-old.

When a man broke into her home Thursday night, the award-winning bodybuilder used her strength to stop the intruder.

Murphy told local media that she began to fight back with a table, grabbed a bottle of baby shampoo and squirted it in his face. After that, she started whacking him with a broom.

When she finally had a chance to get close enough to try to move him, the police began arriving.

Murphy's strength in the situation was no surprise, as she has previously earned first place awards in her division at the World Natural Powerlifting Federation's championships and was named the 2014 Lifter of the Year.


In 2018, China received a total of 141 million inbound tourists.[Photo/Xinhua]

>Inbound tourism on rise

Inbound tourism to the Chinese mainland continues to grow, the China Tourism Academy said in a report released on Wednesday. It said the inbound tourism market had bounced back from the three years of decline it experienced from 2011 to 2014.

In 2018, the number of inbound trips made by visitors from foreign countries - and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan - to the Chinese mainland reached 141 million, up 1.2% year-on-year. Revenue generated by the sector has also been rising, hitting $127 billion last year and projected to top $130 billion this year.

"Asia remains the main supplier of travelers to the mainland," said Liu Xiangyan, a researcher at the academy.

"Regions including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are fundamental to the mainland's inbound tourism, as about 78% of inbound travelers are from these areas. As for foreign visitors, people from Asian countries account for 60% of foreigners visiting the mainland," Liu said.

The report said the top 10 sources of inbound travelers in 2018 were Hong Kong, Macao, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the US, Russia and Mongolia.


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