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A scene from Frozen 2. [Photo/Mtime]

>Frozen 2: Elsa, Anna return

"Frozen 2" will see the return of Disney's beloved characters Elsa and Anna along with the rest of the gang, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven the reindeer.

This time around, the Queen of Arendelle and her sister will be on a mission to save the kingdom as the tone looks set to get darker.

One big change since the first movie is the outfits the leading women are wearing.

"Frozen 2" trailers and teasers show Elsa and Anna breaking down barriers by wearing leggings, not just gowns.

Director Jennifer Lee has explained the decision to have Elsa and Anna branching out, saying the move toward practical clothing represented contemporary attitudes.

"Everyone sort of represents when the film was made and what the film's trying to show," she said. "These two women I'm proud of, they are carrying the weight of the kingdom on their shoulders, so they're going to wear what's right for that. And I love that you can wear anything," she added.


Environmentalists march during Brisbane Rebellion Week in Brisbane, Australia, on Monday. [Photo/Agencies]

>Climate strike, word of 2019

"Climate strike" was picked by Collins Dictionary after being used on average 100 times more this year than in 2018.
柯林斯词典将"climate strike(气候罢工)"选为2019年度词汇,今年该词的平均使用率是2018年的100倍。

The term was first recorded four years ago when pupils skipped school to protest over global warming - but the movement has grown over the last year.

The 2019 word of the year - which will get its own entry in the next edition of the dictionary - is defined by Collins as "a form of protest in which people absent themselves from education or work in order to join demonstrations demanding action to counter climate change".

It is the second year in a row that an environmental term has been picked as word of the year, after "single-use" in 2018.


China started the commercialization of 5G services on Oct 31 and 10 days later, the capital has accumulated more than 40,000 5G subscribers. [Photo/VCG]

>870K 5G mobile subscribers

China has already secured 870,000 5G mobile subscribers in just 20 days after the country kicked off commercialization of the superfast mobile technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said on Thursday.

Miao Wei, the minister, said more than 113,000 5G base stations have entered into service and the development momentum is good.

According to him, by the end of this year, more than 130,000 5G base stations in total will enter into service to support the network, marking one of the world's largest 5G deployments.

In October, China shipped 2.49 million 5G smartphones, marking a 400% surge compared with the previous month, according to a report by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.


File photo of a Long March rocket. [Photo/CCTV]

>New carrier rocket to debut

China's new medium-lift launch vehicle Long March 8 will make its maiden flight next year, and it has entered the final stage of assembly and testing, according to the Fifth China International Commercial Aerospace Forum held on Tuesday.

Long March 8 has been designed for commercial use to compete in the world market for carrying a maximum payload of 4.5 tons to the Sun synchronous orbit, according to the forum.

It will meet clients' requirements on low cost and good performance, said Tang Yihua, deputy head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

It is estimated that after being put on the market, its annual output will meet the demand of at least 10 launches in the early stage, and more than 20 in the later stage, Tang said.


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