If you ever feel a little bit under the weather, the Internet will surely jump in to help with an infinite amount of adorable cat videos and all kinds of other fluffs you could possibly want to brighten up your day.


Of course, cute little kitties might not be everyone's cup of tea but not to worry, since there are so many other kinds of fluffs (and not only them) to cheer anyone up.


And sometimes all you need is just a little something behind that cute photo or video, therefore this time we are here to warm up your hearts with the cutest uplifting facts the animal kingdom has to offer!



Cats don't think of us as humans. Instead, they see us as equals, just like other cats.


By nudging you with their heads (bunting) they're actually greeting you as they would another member of their cat family. This means that to them we're probably the ugliest, biggest, and clumsiest cats they've ever seen but they accept you into their family and love you anyway.



When a baby elephant is born, other mothers in the social group will trumpet to celebrate or announce the baby's arrival.


Elephants tend to stay in close "family" groups for their whole lives, which are generally made up of female elephants (the males often leave the group to go mate, but sometimes group up with other solitary males). So other female elephants are often present for new births.



Cows have "best friends" and are happier when they're with them.

牛有自己 “最好的朋友”,并且和好朋友在一起时会更开心。

A study from Northampton University found that when cows were paired with another cow that shared a social bond with them, their heart rate was lower and they were more relaxed while they were penned.



There's an abandoned minefield that has accidentally created a penguin sanctuary. The mines keep poachers out, but the penguins are too small to set them off.


The mines were set on the Falkland Islands when Argentinian commandos occupied the territory in a 1982 conflict with British forces.


Since then, Magellanic penguins have thrived in the area. And because the areas are well-marked and fenced off, no civilian has been injured by the mines, either.



Your dog actually loves you, not just because you give them food and walks.


Studies that measured oxytocin levels, heart rates, and other biometrics showed that levels of bonding hormones rose and heart rates fell in both humans and their dogs after interacting with each other.


In other words, when you pet your dog, both of you produce more of the same hormone in your brain that makes you fall in love with people, and both of you relax more.



Dolphin mothers sing to their babies while they're in the womb.


According to a study at the University of Southern Mississippi, dolphin mothers will make a "signature whistle" for the benefit of their calf while it's in the womb. This whistle is thought to act as a sort of "name" for the mother, allowing the calf and mother to locate each other easily once it's born.


After the calf is born, other nearby adult dolphins will whistle less, likely to help the calf learn and use the right whistle.



Hundreds of trees become seedlings every year because of squirrels forgetting where they buried their food.


According to Rob Swihart, a professor of wildlife science at Purdue University, gray squirrels bury their food (nuts, acorns, etc.) all over the place but often forget to dig them back up. Those buried seeds have a good chance of becoming full-grown trees.

美国普度大学野生生物专家Rob Swihart称,灰松鼠到处埋藏坚果和橡子等,却经常忘记挖出来吃掉,不过这些种子也获得了长成大树的机会。


Some fish can recognize their owner's face.


Fish can learn to recognize their owner. People have a misconception that fish can't see out of the glass of their aquariums, but the reality is that they have surprisingly good eyesight. They also tend to have different personalities. For example, some fish like to be petted.



Seahorses get "married".


Seahorses tend to be monogamous and will intertwine their tails to stick together while floating through the ocean. Is it because they're cute and loving, or is it just an evolutionary aspect of their species?


The truth is, seahorses are pretty bad swimmers and spend a lot of time hiding from predators. Finding a mate for life boosts their chances of successful reproduction.



Source: Boredpanda

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