苹果发布多款新品,iPhone 11意外降价

Apple’s iPhone 11 Has a New Feature: A Lower Price
苹果发布多款新品,iPhone 11意外降价

CUPERTINO, Calif. ― Apple’s product launches have long been full of surprises, but rarely has a price cut been among them.


On Tuesday, in a sign that Apple is paying attention to consumers who aren’t racing to buy more expensive phones, the company said the iPhone 11, its entry-level phone, would start at $700, compared with $750 for the comparable model last year.

周二,苹果表示新发布的入门级手机iPhone 11起售价为700美元,低于去年同类机型的750美元,表明苹果正在关注那些不会抢着购买更昂贵手机的消费者。

Apple kept the starting prices of its more advanced models, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, at $1,000 and $1,100. The company unveiled the new phones at a 90-minute press event at its Silicon Valley campus.

苹果两款高端机型iPhone 11 Pro和iPhone 11 Pro Max起价维持在1000美元和1100美元。公司在其硅谷园区的一场90分钟的发布会上揭晓了新款手机。

The cost cut on the iPhone 11 was unexpected because Apple had been raising prices each year as a way to keep revenues afloat while iPhone sales fell. But Apple might have hit the ceiling this past year. Sales of the two models that began at $1,000 or more lagged expectations, causing the company to cut revenue estimates and eventually slash prices in China to increase demand.

IPhone 11降价出乎人们意料,因为在iPhone销量下滑之际,苹果每年都在以提价的方式维持收入。但去年苹果可能触到了天花板。起价在1000美元或更高的两款机型销量低于预期,导致公司削减营收预期,最终降低了中国的售价以增加需求。

At the same time, Apple’s entry-level phone last year ― the iPhone XR, at $750 ― became the company’s bestselling device.

与此同时,苹果去年的入门级手机――售价在750美元的iPhone XR――成为苹果最畅销的机型。

Analysts say that one issue with the rising prices has been that new iPhone features haven’t kept up. As a result, many people are holding onto their phones longer. The falling price suggests Apple sees that trend and is trying to entice more people to upgrade.


Apple said it would also still sell older models for even less. The iPhone 8 now costs $450 and the iPhone XR now costs $600.

苹果表示旧机型售价还将更低。IPhone 8现售价450美元,iPhone XR现为600美元。

Apple rebrands its priciest iPhones as “Pro” models


Apple has rebranded its iPhone line to make the iPhone 11 its entry-level option, while adding a “Pro” label to its more expensive models.

苹果重新命名了iPhone产品线,将iPhone 11作为入门级选择,同时给相应的更昂贵机型打上“Pro”的标签。

The move is a departure from Apple’s previous marketing strategy, which gave the cheapest phone a different label that branded it as the discounted model. (It still started at $750.) The iPhone XR became Apple’s bestselling iPhone, while its more expensive models struggled in some markets. Those lagging sales caused Apple to cut revenue estimates earlier this year.

此举告别了苹果先前的营销策略,即给最便宜的手机打上不同标签,作为优惠机型来推销。(起价仍为750美元。)IPhone XR固然成为苹果最畅销的iPhone,但同一市场上它的昂贵机型则遇到阻力。这些机型滞销导致苹果在今年早些时候调降了营收预期。

The iPhone XR also likely outperformed its costlier cousins in part because tech reviewers considered it to be about as good as the flagship iPhone ― for 25% less. Apple has long been in a bind on pricing and developing its line of iPhones, aiming to make the least expensive devices still worth paying hundreds of dollars for without undercutting the pricier models.

IPhone XR的表现可能也胜过了更昂贵的机型,部分是因为科技评论人士认为,它几乎和旗舰iPhone一样好――售价还低25%。长期以来,苹果在iPhone系列产品的定价和开发上一直处于困境,其目标是在不影响昂贵机型销售的情况下,让最便宜的设备仍然能卖出几百美元。

The rebranding suggests Apple is embracing the lowest-priced iPhone as the device most people will use, while marketing the “Pro” devices for the higher end of the market. The company has done the same with its iPads, also labeling its most advanced tablets the iPad Pro.

这种品牌重塑表明,苹果将最便宜的iPhone作为大多数人将使用的设备,同时向高端市场推广Pro设备。苹果对iPad也采取了同样做法,将其最高端的平板电脑命名为iPad Pro。

Apple introduces a trio of new iPhones


The company introduced three new phones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The main difference? Each of the three iPhones gained a new camera lens.

苹果推出了三款新iPhone:iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro和iPhone 11 Pro Max。主要区别?三款iPhone每款都多了一个镜头。

The new high-end Pro models include a triple-lens main camera, up from two lenses in last year’s models, and the entry-level iPhone now has a dual-lens camera, up from a single lens in last year’s iPhone XR. All the iPhones include a so-called ultrawide angle lens.

新款高端Pro机型设有3个主镜头,多于去年机型的2个镜头,入门级iPhone现在有了双镜头,多于去年iPhone XR的的单镜头。所有iPhone都有所谓的超广角镜头。

Here’s what that means: The new ultrawide lens take photos with a wider field of view than traditional phone cameras, which makes it handy for shooting landscapes or large group gatherings. Samsung’s Galaxy S10, which was released this year, also includes an ultrawide angle lens.

下面说说这意味着什么:较之传统手机相机,这款新的超广角镜头拍摄视野更广,便于拍摄风景或大型聚会。今年发布的三星Galaxy S10也设有一个超广角镜头。

The second lens on the entry-level iPhone will also make the camera more capable of shooting photos in portrait mode, which puts the picture’s main subject in sharp focus while softly blurring the background.


Last year’s iPhone XR had a single lens and was capable of shooting portrait photos of only human subjects. The second lens in the new entry-level iPhone will let you take portrait shots of nonhuman subjects like food, animals and plants.

去年的iPhone XR只有一个镜头,只能拍摄人像照片。新款入门级iPhone的第二个镜头可拍摄食物、动物和植物等非人像照片。

On the high-end iPhones, the triple-lens system lets users zoom in closer on their subjects. Apple also said it had added a night mode for shooting photos in low light. By default, when users shoot photos in the dark, the camera will automatically make photos look better lit.


With its focus on camera tech, Apple is playing catch-up with Google. Google’s Pixel smartphones focus on camera innovations including Night Sight, a popular feature for shooting photos in low light, which led critics to conclude that the search giant had used its prowess in artificial intelligence to surpass Apple in camera tech.


Here’s a new version of the Apple Watch


Apple detailed the Apple Watch Series 5. The watch’s most noteworthy new feature is its so-called always-on display. In previous models, the screen would turn on when you tilted your wrist to check the time.

苹果介绍了Apple Watch Series 5的细节。这款手表最引人注目的新功能是所谓的永久显示。在之前的机型中,只有倾斜手腕查看时间时,屏幕才会打开。

The new watch uses a display technology (previously seen in Samsung phones) to keep some pixels activated just to show the time, consuming little power. The screen becomes fully illuminated when you tilt your wrist. Other updates to the watch, including a built-in compass, were minor. The watch starts at $400, the same price as the last model. It will be available on Sept. 20.


Apple introduces a new iPad


The company introduced a new version of its entry-level iPad, which costs $330. The new model includes a 10.2-inch screen, up from 9.7 inches. Unlike the previous model, the new tablet is compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. (Previous iPads worked only with third-party keyboards.)


The updated iPad is unremarkable compared with Apple’s high-end iPad Pros, which include sharper screens and infrared face recognition and work with a more advanced Apple stylus. However, the entry-level iPad is Apple’s bestselling tablet, and its investment in the entry-level model shows the company’s commitment to the category even though its sales have slowed down.

与苹果的高端iPad Pro相比,新款iPad并不出众。IPad Pro拥有更清晰的屏幕和红外人脸识别功能,并配有更先进的苹果触控笔。然而,入门级iPad是苹果最畅销的平板电脑,它对入门级机型的投入表明,尽管销量有所放缓,但苹果仍致力于这一领域。

The streaming service starts Nov. 1


At last, Apple’s original television shows have a premiere date and price point. The company’s chief executive, Tim Cook, announced that Apple would begin rolling out original shows and movies on Nov. 1 for $5 per month.

最后公布的是苹果原创电视节目的首播日期和价格。公司首席执行官蒂姆・库克(Tim Cook)宣布,苹果将从11月1日开始推出原创节目和电影,每月收费5美元。

Apple TV Plus, which will be the home of all of Apple’s original content, will be free for a year to users who buy a company product like a new iPhone or a laptop.

Apple TV Plus将是苹果所有原创内容的大本营,它将向购买苹果新款iPhone或笔记本电脑等产品的用户免费开放一年。

Apple announced that on Nov. 1, it would feature a lineup of adult dramas, comedies, children’s programs and documentaries. Those series include four shows the company has released trailers for, including “The Morning Show,” starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell; “Dickinson,” a comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld and Jane Krakowski; “See,” an epic drama starring Jason Momoa; and “For All Mankind,” a space drama. The launch will also feature other programs, including Oprah Winfrey’s new book club, a Peanuts series called “Snoopy in Space” and a documentary that Apple bought the rights to last year called “The Elephant Queen.”

苹果公司宣布,将于11月1日推出一系列面向成人观众的电影、喜剧、儿童节目和纪录片。公司已经发布了四个节目的预告片,包括詹妮弗・安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston)、瑞茜・威瑟斯彭(Reese Witherspoon)和史蒂夫・卡瑞尔(Steve Carrell)主演的《早间新闻》(The Morning Show);由海莉・斯坦菲尔德(Hailee Steinfeld)和简・克拉科夫斯基(Jane Krakowski)主演的喜剧《狄金森》(Dickinson);杰森・马莫阿(Jason Momoa)主演的史诗剧《看见》(See);还有太空剧《为了全人类》(For All Mankind)。苹果还将推出其他节目,包括奥普拉・温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)的新读书俱乐部、花生(Peanuts)系列节目《太空史努比》(Snoopy in Space),以及苹果去年购买版权的纪录片《大象女王》(The Elephant Queen)。

By year’s end, Apple will have six subscription services, from news to TV to music. Customers who wanted all of them would pay up to $55 a month.


The launch date puts Apple in the thick of the so-called streaming wars, which have consumed Hollywood. Disney is rolling out its new streaming service, Disney Plus, on Nov. 12. AT&T’s Warner Media, the home of HBO, Warner Bros. and the DC comic universe, will introduce its own streaming service next year, and will announce new details for it on Oct. 29.

这一发布日期将苹果置于一场所谓的流媒体战争中,这场战争已经吞噬了好莱坞。迪士尼将于11月12日推出其新的流媒体服务Disney Plus。AT&T旗下的华纳传媒(Warner Media),也就是HBO、华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)和DC漫画宇宙的母公司,将于明年推出自己的流媒体服务,并将于10月29日公布新的细节。


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