Douluo Dalu – 028 – Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent

Chapter 28 Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent Par […]

Chapter 28

Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent

Part 1

Whether it was him or Shrek Academy’s dean Flender, both were proud and aloof contemporaries. In this respect, Dai Mubai’s temper was most similar to theirs.


Ye Zhi-Qiu was indignant, and no longer arguing, with big strides walking in Zhao Wuji’s direction. Seeing his overbearing manner, he clearly was not prepared to leave the matter at that.

Zhao Wuji turned around, facing the seven juveniles already gathered at his side, saying:

“You really are rubbish, not even taking care of one old turtle head[1], once we’re back at the Academy I’ll sort you out again.”

Fatty good intentioned remarked:

“Teacher Zhao, that old turtle head has come.”

Zhao Wuji snorted coldly,

“You all trundle back to go to sleep.”

Leaving these words behind, at this he just turned around, facing Ye Zhi-Qiu just now coming close with the dense cold air.

“Everyone uses strength to speak.”

Zhao Wuji had an arrogant expression, and without using Spirit Body Enhancement, raised his right hand, striking towards Ye Zhi-Qiu.

Ye Zhi-Qiu by now had already been thoroughly infuriated, releasing Black Water Freezing’s full power, intense cold swept towards Zhao Wuji, at the same time turning his back, using the tortoise shell to resist Zhao Wuji’s palm. Thinking in his heart, ‘you are too arrogant, even if your spirit power was above mine, not even using spirit, I will have you eat a big loss.’

Unfortunately, it was not at all Zhao Wuji getting the worst of it.

The Black Water Freezing that before gave Tang San’s group not a little trouble reached Zhao Wuji’s body, and basically did not have any effect at all, and in the next second, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body already flew like mounting the clouds and riding the mist by Zhao Wuji’s slap. On the tortoise shell appeared a wide crack, flying more than ten metres before heavily landing on the ground.

Zhao Wuji turned a disdainful look in Ye Zhi-Qiu’s direction. Then just turned to bring the Shrek students into the hotel. While walking he whispered,

“The feeling of thrashing people without using spirit as expected isn’t bad, no wonder……”

Earlier when Dai Mubai and the others provoked Blue Sunshine Academy, Zhao Wuji saw it from upstairs. He originally didn’t intend to take part, letting these children have some exercise in battle coordination. But later when he saw Tang San and Dai Mubai’s group attack Ye Zhi-Qiu from all directions, for some reason, he immediately recalled the scene not long ago of him being beaten, for a moment his hand itched, and he walked out without stopping. Only he didn’t expect to be so unable to refrain from hitting that old tortoise, sending him flying with a slap.

Of course, Zhao Wuji was not unaware of the true cause, the defense ability the other party used was the first spirit ring, the last two thousand year spirit rings’ abilities both still had not been used. Only, sending Ye Zhi-Qiu flying with a slap. He did not have the mood to tangle with this kind of opponent whose strength was so much below his own. Right now, he felt like that person who stood before him that day.

Ye Zhi-Qiu with the support of several Blue Sunshine Academy students managed to crawl from the ground, opening his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, just like his back was weighed down by a big mountain, somewhat unable to breathe, in his heart also couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by shock.

Regarding his own defensive power he was only too clear, but the other side without even using his spirit, one off-handed slap could unexpectedly injure him. Even if the opponent was a strength type Spirit Master, this strength gap still could by no means be lower than fifteen ranks, or even higher.

As soon as he thought of the opponents Spirit Master level, Ye Zhi-Qiu couldn’t help but shiver, looking perniciously in the direction of the departing Shrek Academy group, then just bringing a cadre of crestfallen students to leave. Among them that female student before leaving, still specially looked towards Dai Mubai.

Oscar’s face was bearded and Tang San’s appearance could not be regarded as outstanding, so Dai Mubai’s evil eyes clearly possessed the most attractive force. As for Fatty, that was always a character directly overlooked by girls.

Of course, Dai Mubai did not pay her any attention, it could not be said that this White Tiger was particularly pure, indeed due to his arrogance, many beautiful women appeared, and his taste could by far not be compared to Fatty’s.

While walking back, Zhao Wuji cheerfully said:

“All of you. You truly make me lose face. Remember from this time, after we’ve returned I will give you special instruction.”

Tang San’s group looked at each other. But nobody retorted, on their faces instead hung somewhat smiling expressions, this Motionless Bright King clearly was protective, afraid they would have an accident, but was not willing to say so clearly.

Twenty or thirty ranked Spirit Masters fighting with a more than fiftieth ranked Spirit Master, and still not having to concede, already was quite good. How could that still count as losing face, to say nothing of the oldest among them being just fifteen years old.

Zhao Wuji’s gaze suddenly shifted to Ning Rongrong,

“Just now why did you not use your spirit to assist everyone?”

Ning Rongrong’s big eyes blinked, saying:

“That was not the right time. Without people knowing I was a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School disciple, if I unleashed my spirit at a key moment, the effect could be even better. Even more of an unexpected nature.”

The others all turned to Ning Rongrong with unconvinced gazes, but Tang San nodded, saying:

“Acting when least expected, attacking when least prepared, will have even better results. If when Mubai used White Tiger Vajra Transformation his physical strength and speed increased by thirty percent, perhaps that Black Tortoise Spirit King would come to grief.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Zhao Wuji nodded relieved, in a low voice saying:

“You must remember, ever since you seven entered Shrek Academy, you are one entity. You are all the Academy’s little monsters, when later going out, you can also be called Shrek Seven Devils[2]. You must mutually assist each other. With your gifts, if you also have good coordination, defeating Spirit Masters more powerful than you still won’t be any difficult matter.”

“Yes, teacher Zhao.”

Among the numerous ordinary peoples’ admiring expressions, the Shrek student party returned to the hotel.

The night was uneventful. Early morning the second day, with the sky just showing a glimmer of dawn, Zhao Wuji used his that resonant voice to call them all up.

Tang San was actually indifferent, he rose early every day, having long ago already acquired a good work and rest habit. But for the others, especially a sleep addict like Oscar, it was somewhat painful. To the extent that when eating breakfast, the majority were still in a hazy state.

The sun slowly rose from the East, gradually bringing that marble white color of the dawn, the sky gradually brightening.

Although Tang San would see this scene every day, regardless of how many times it was repeated, the feeling brought out by that kind of light still would make his heart shake. The sun’s light breaking up the darkness, heralding a new day approaching.

Leaving the little town, everyone accelerated forwards, the distance from here to Star Dou Great Forest was already very close, and everyone hurried on at full strength. Most excited naturally was Oscar on the verge of obtaining his third spirit ring, he dearly wanted to know, what strengthening effect his third spirit ring could produce in the end.

He knew, without need to remind him, Zhao Wuji certainly would bring everyone to at least hunt an ordinary thousand year spirit beast for him.

Star Dou Great Forest was situated on the south edge of Heaven Dou Empire, the forest spanning the two great empires. Since the spirit beasts here were numerous, this was also the region where the border between the two nations was least clear. From looking at a map, the larger part of Star Dou Great Forest’s area was within Star Luo Empire, but of course, Heaven Dou Empire had never recognized this point.

As one of the three big wild spirit beast habitats, this naturally was the place Spirit Masters most wished to be able to hunt, because every time coming here, meant they would advance.

Nobody could say clearly for just how many years Star Dou Great Forest had existed on Douluo Continent, but after entering the forest, that hiding the sky and covering the earth lushness was sufficient to tell people it was an ancient existence.

Distantly, Tang San vaguely sensed bursts of clear air caressing from ahead, that brought the scent of plants penetrating deeply in the heart, unspeakably comforting. With deep breaths of fresh and clean air, the whole body’s thirty six thousand pores seemed to completely stretch open, that kind of feeling was so relaxing it was hard to put into words.

Using Purple Demon Eye to focus in the far distance, what Tang San Saw, was a green ocean, vibrant green as far as the eye could see ahead, that kind of comforting clear air came from there.

Eventually, they came before Star Dou Great Forest, tall trees exceeding at least twenty metres, and this was still only the outermost parts. The dense forest was basically without paths, shadowed heavily by trees, unable to see the true scene within.

Arriving before the forest, the air became even more relaxing, seemingly like the temperature dropped a bit. The fresh and cool feeling continuously bringing a moist earth fragrance to stimulate everyone’s sense of smell.

“Everyone stop.”

Zhao Wuji spoke up.

Everyone halted their steps, the hundred li journey had already heated up their bodies, especially Oscar and Ning Rongrong, as Auxiliary Spirit Masters, while their bodies’ conditions still were pretty good, in the end they could not compare to Tang San and the others.

Oscar recited that vulgar incantation of his in a low voice, handing over a sausage to each person. After the breaking in over these few days, everyone already no longer felt disgusted by his sausage, at most only pretending not to hear when he recited his incantation, that’s all.

With the sausage in belly, releasing a warm flow, restoring everyone’s physical strength, everyone became in very high spirits.

Zhao Wuji looked solemnly at the seven students before him,

“You listen to me closely, Star Dou Great Forest can’t be the kind of place like national captive devil beast forests. The devil beasts here are all extremely dangerous, you may at any time be confronted by a thousand year, or even ten thousand year level devil beast attack. As a result, after entering the forest, none of you must leave more than twenty metres away from me. Ning Rongrong, Oscar, you two must follow me even closer. Without my order, none of you are allowed to rashly attack spirit beasts, do you understand?”


Oscar quickly recited spirit incantations, in a moment’s work, in his hand he held several fresh and dried sausages.

Part 2

He gave everyone a fresh sausage and a dried sausage, saying:

“My sausage is able to maintain its freshness for twelve double hours in the air, in other words, it will have effect if eaten within twelve double hours. The fresh sausage recovers and treats in addition to allaying hunger, the dried sausage’s main effect is detoxification.”

Everyone accepted it one by one, carefully putting it away. They understood that Oscar was afraid that in a crisis there wouldn’t be time to give them sausage, and so just gave them some in advance.

Continually releasing spirit power made Oscar’s expression somewhat pale, fortunately with the full beard to cover it up it could not be considered obvious. The effect of his transformed sausage was very good on other people, but to himself it could only have one third of the effect, basically balancing his spirit power consumption. Consequently, after consuming spirit power he could only recover by meditation. Of course, the fresh sausage was still useful to allay his hunger.

Zhao Wuji looked at everyone, seeing the seven youngsters before him already were ready, then just waved his hand once,

“Set off.”

This time, Zhao Wuji let Dai Mubai and Tang San walk in front, he personally took the rear, as they took the first step into Star Dou Great Forest.

After entering Star Dou Great Forest, the most excited one was Xiao Wu, she did not seem to think this was any kind of dangerous place, bouncing and vivacious, unspeakably happy. Seeing it made Zhao Wuji scowl, but since Xiao Wu still did not overstep the restrictive range, he did not say anything.

The terrain within Star Dou Great Forest was extremely complex, there basically were no roads within the forest, so the work of making a path naturally fell on Dai Mubai.

Using Spirit Body Enhancement, the sharp blades on Dai Mubai’s tiger paws shot out, both paws swinging, cutting apart the brambles in front, without affecting everyone’s movement rate a bit.

Tang San followed just behind Dai Mubai, his vision and hearing both heightened to their keenest state, cautiously and solemnly observing the surroundings.

Grandmaster once talked to him about wild spirit beast lore. Wild spirit beasts were extremely aggressive, and because of people hunting to upgrade their strength they hated humans. Most dreadful was, among wild spirit beasts, there were some that flocked together. In other words, it was very possible to meet a group of tyrannically strong wild spirit beasts. Under these kinds of circumstances, unless the Spirit Masters themselves were astonishingly strong, it would be very difficult to resist them.

Therefore, Grandmaster repeatedly urged that when entering wild spirit beasts’ territory, he must be extremely careful. He could not make any mistakes, otherwise, he very possibly would face disaster.

The reason why Grandmaster had Tang San come to study at Shrek Academy actually wasn’t at all to let him study various things; what Shrek could teach, how would Grandmaster be unable to teach it. But Grandmaster’s own strength nevertheless was a complication, although teaching Tang San was without any issues, Tang San would later in the end reach thirtieth rank. He would not be able to again assist Tang San in obtaining a spirit ring.

Thirtieth rank was capable of supporting a spirit ring of the thousand year level. Thousand year spirit beasts in national captive reserves were exceptionally rare, ones with good attributes were even rarer; only in wild spirit beast habitats was it possible to find something suitable. Consequently, the most important reason Grandmaster had Tang San go to Shrek Academy, was exactly to rely on the strength of Shrek Academy’s teachers to assist Tang San in finding a suitable spirit ring.

Very quickly, they came across spirit beasts, and it was also a pack of spirit beasts.

At Zhao Wuji’s painstakingly lowered voice, everyone halted. This group of spirit beasts was first discovered by Tang San, a group of Rodent Weasels[3]. This kind of spirit beast wasn’t large, and its attack power also wasn’t considered very powerful, but their teeth were extremely difficult to deal with, capable of piercing gold and iron.

Tang San’s one hand pulled on the shoulder of Dai Mubai hacking through the thorns in front, one hand waving behind him at everyone, indicating no danger. Relying on the experience Grandmaster imparted on him, he saw with one glance that this group of twenty or thirty Rodent Weasels were only ten year spirit beasts, nothing more.

Rodent Weasels had a very sharp sense of smell, and at this kind of distance clearly had already discovered them, but did not show any reaction at all, clearly they had no interest towards them.

Tang San pointed to the side, and Dai Mubai understood tacitly, continuing cutting brambles and thorns towards the side, helping everyone move ahead.

While walking forward, Dai Mubai said in a low voice to Tang San,

“Why must we make a detour, just now those Rodent Weasels weren’t powerful, we could just kill them.”

Tang San with a slight smile said:

“They were no threat to us so there is no need to kill them. If all Spirit Masters were like this, after many years, could there still be spirit beasts in this forest? Let alone, my Teacher said, within wild spirit beast forest, even if meeting inferior spirit beasts one still can’t lower one’s guard, because if a battle occurs with them the scent of blood and noise very possibly will attract powerful spirit beasts. It’s good if we still are a bit careful.”

Dai Mubai cheerfully said:

“Your teacher certainly is an unusually formidable senior. This all is valuable experience.”

Tang San helplessly recalled Grandmaster, on his face could not help but display a bitter smile, ‘formidable’? Grandmaster did not seem to fit this word. This also was the biggest regret in all Grandmaster’s life.

Star Dou Great Forest really was too dense, describing it with the words ‘hiding the sky and covering the earth’ was not a bit an exaggeration, thinking to see sunshine within the forest was not likely.

Everyone moved forward for probably one double hour or so. By now it was already noon. In this time, they had also encountered not a few spirit beasts, but for the most part it was ten year and hundred years, and the most part they had avoided the spirit beasts they came across without any direct conflict. hen occasionally somewhat blindly courting death, Dai Mubai’s tiger paws directly settled the issue. Of course, he complied with Tang San’s suggestions and did not kill these spirit beasts, only driving them away or letting them off with bruises.

“Well, everyone rest a moment.”

Zhao Wuji’s voice made everyone’s continuously taut spirits relax, Dai Mubai cleared away the surrounding brambles with one swing, creating a nearly one hundred square metres open space. Everyone sat down leaning against trees, temporarily recovering.

Oscar naturally also contributed his sausage, this time everyone also were not in the mood to feel any taste or lack of taste, eating Oscar’s sausage, drinking water they had brought along, for the time being recovering.

Zhao Wuji passed down orders to rest for one double hour. This was still the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest and not many high level spirit beasts would be seen, so it was still relatively safe. Their goal was to help Oscar hunt a suitable thousand year spirit beast, so they had to continue deeper inside. The further they went inside the more dangerous it would be, and resting time also would become even rarer. Consequently, adjusting to peak condition in the relatively safe area was absolutely necessary.

Xiao Wu leaned against Tang San’s shoulder. For some reason, she who was happy and excited when just entering the forest, after encountering the first spirit beasts, seemed listless, as if having some worry. Tang San also looked for an opportunity to ask her, but Xiao Wu always said nothing was the matter with her.

When everyone had rested roughly half a double hour, suddenly, Tang San and Zhao Wuji’s gazes simultaneously turned in one direction.

Zhao Wuji shouted in a loud voice:

“Get up, there is something approaching.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai with an unusual understanding took the lead in covering in front of Oscar and Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Fatty followed to guard the sides, in the first moments, they all released their spirits, including Zhao Wuji.

The rustling sounds went from small to large, even if it was the Auxiliary Spirit Masters Oscar and Ning Rongrong both could clearly sense that creature approaching at a very high speed.

“Zhu Zhuqing, take a look at what it is.”

Zhao Wuji ordered in a low voice.

Zhu Zhuqing still did not utter a word, quietly leaping up, cats claws extending on her hands, climbing a large tree as if walking on level ground to look in the direction of whence the sound came.

Cat’s vision was extremely outstanding, even at night was no exception, let alone now when the sun was still at its zenith.

Very quickly, Zhu Zhuqing’s clear and cold voice came from the tree,

“It looks like a flying serpent, only it doesn’t fly very high, it can only fly about three metres off the ground. On its head is a crest, it would appear still larger than its head, bright red like blood. Its tail is comparatively unusual, fan shaped.”

Zhao Wuji’s eyes shone,

“It’s a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent[4], this kind of spirit beast is rare, the crest on top of its head has many fantastic effects, Oscar, you’ve been blessed. Unfortunately we don’t know how old this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is. Zhu Zhuqing, watch closely the direction it moves, as soon as it changes direction report to me.”

“Yes. It’s heading straight in our direction very quickly, only, its body does not seem to have very good balance.”

Tang San suddenly asked:

“How long is this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, what colors are its wings?”

Zhu Zhuqing said:

“The wings are pale red, its length is roughly between six and eight metres.”

Tang San at once made the calculations in his heart, speaking in a sure tone:

“This is a thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent: pale red wings are the symbol of its thousand year evolution, going by its height, six to eight metres, it should have cultivated between one thousand three hundred years to one thousand eight hundred years. Oscar, just suitable for you.”

“The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is in itself not venomous, it’s a rare formidable non-venomous snake. Attacking by winding around a person’s body making them choke, its attack method is very singular, but its surprisingly fast, and also stores every kind of nutrient in its crest, when in danger, it can grant a momentary speed boost effect. If you obtain this spirit ring, then, your next spirit ability should be related to speed. Whether it is an auxiliary speed boost, or gives you additional speed, both are pretty good options. Because Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s attack power is not at all very powerful and also singular, as a result thousand year or higher is very rare, this time your luck is pretty good.”

Part 3

Oscar’s pair of peach blossom eyes immediately shone up,

“Tang San, you are a spirit realm encyclopedia, ah, tremendous, truly tremendous.”

Not only he, apart from Xiao Wu, even including Zhao Wuji, everyone looked at him with gazes that had somewhat changed. One must know, spirit beasts just like spirits came in fantastic oddities of every description, and their age and level was even harder to determine. Tang San had barely heard Zhu Zhuqing’s words and could still accurately determine the age and strength of the spirit beast they faced, as well as recount all the specific circumstances of this kind of spirit beast, it was clear how well he understood spirits. This was still impossible for Zhao Wuji.

Tang San smiled shyly, saying:

“This is all to Teacher’s credit.”

Rather than saying Tang San was an encyclopedia, Ii might be said Grandmaster was. Grandmaster had long ago reached the pinnacle of the spirit research field, and as his disciple, Tang San’s apart from his own strength not being weak, knew enough theory to become a teacher at any academy.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but ask:

“Since you are clear on this kind of spirit beast, then, what is the best method of catching this it?”

Tang San replied without the slightest hesitation:

“Any type of snake is afraid of aggressive birds, and especially afraid of long beaked crane type birds. Although there is no Crane Spirit among us, Fatty’s Phoenix is still considered the king of birds. The atmosphere of his spirit should be able to have a certain suppressive effect on this kind of Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is not particularly aggressive, so we need to be careful and must not let it escape.”

“It’s here.”

At that moment, Zhu Zhuqing’s voice came just in time, with a low shout. She unexpectedly dropped from the air, and without the slightest amount of fear of a thousand year spirit beast opponent, sharp claws shining simultaneously with the first spirit ring, activated Hell Rush Stab.

That was a huge snake, its appearance resembled Zhu Zhuqing’s description, appearing six or seven metres long. On the top of its head was a bright red comb, looking somewhat odious. Its rapidly advancing body arriving just right to run into Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Rush Stab directly struck at the crest on its head.

The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent reacted very quickly, even though it was charging forward at high speed, the snake still hurriedly inclined its head, so Zhu Zhuqing’s claw did not strike the crest, but struck on its body, emitting a muffled sound and making the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s speed immediately drop somewhat.

The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent seemed startled. The snake’s head askew, opening its mouth wide towards Zhu Zhuqing and spraying a seven colored thick fog. Simultaneously, the bright red crest on top of its head shone, and the speed that had just a moment ago been delayed increased once more.

Dai Mubai practically without taking the time to think called out loudly:


What is called concern in chaos, simultaneously alarmed and angry, he immediately activated his thousand year spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Body suddenly enlarging, Dai Mubai charged fiercely in the direction of the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

“Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”

Ning Rongrong’s sharp and clear voice echoed at just this moment, Dai Mubai only felt his whole body lighten, speed once again increasing, by just a hair’s breadth blocking the abruptly hateful Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

With a loud peng sound, Dai Mubai with muffled snort fell back nearly ten metres. But the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpents charging figure also screeched to a sudden stop, enormous body twisting in midair, falling to the ground.

“Its seven colored fog is only to scare people, not poisonous.”

Tang San’s voice rose timely, and at the same time, on the ground long ago already prepared Blue Silver Grass abruptly rose, firmly tying the falling to the ground Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s body. Especially twining around her two wings, making it unable to once again take flight.

Fatty’s spirit released pressure at full strength, the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent might finally have felt the Evil Fire Phoenix’ atmosphere, its body shuddering once. But, after all it was a thousand year spirit beast, and would not so easily resign itself to death. Although temporarily unable to fly, that had not completely affected its ability to move.

Tang San only abruptly felt the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s body become slippery, not only were Blue Silver Grass’ sharp thorns unable to pierce its snake skin, instead letting it rapidly twist down and thread its way out of the Blue Silver Grass. Although it did not fly, its movement speed along the ground was still incomparably fast, between eyeblinks it was already ten metres away.

“Thinking to escape? Would that be so easy?”

Zhao Wuji’s deep voice echoed. Following this the third spirit ring over his body shone, the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent suddenly stiffened at once, speed substantially dropping. Exactly Zhao Wuji’s third spirit ring ability, Gravity Increase[5].

Immediately following, on Zhao Wuji’s body the fourth and fifth two spirit rings simultaneously shone, his body abruptly leaping up. When he once again fell down, with the fourth spirit ring ability Position Trace’s[6] effect he had arrived before the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, simultaneously activating Gravity Crush.

No matter how slippery the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was, before Zhao Wuji’s tyrannical spirit power, it could no longer fully display it.

Dealing with the one thousand year spirit beast, to the Motionless Bright King it was like stretching out a hand and grabbing it. Appearing he not do anything, but in a moment erupting in strength secretly made all the students shiver in their hearts. Tang San also finally understood just how lucky he was that day he and Zhao Wuji fought. If Zhao Wuji on that day had used his spirit abilities in combination, then, he perhaps would not even have had the chance to use hidden weapons.

Zhao Wuji’s bear paw stretched out, already pinching the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s head, lifting it before him, the other hand raising its comb and flicking it once. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent confronting the Vigorous Vajra Bear’s force, directly passed out from the flick. If it was not for Zhao Wuji needing to preserve its life, it would not even be up to enduring this one finger.

“It’s done.”

Everyone simultaneously cheered excitedly. Oscar was still just fourteen years old, that’s all, showing his excitement in his speech, running up to Zhao Wuji.

Xiao Wu standing next to Tang San lowered her head, her big eyes filled with a disturbed expression,

“Must we hunt and kill spirit beasts?”

Tang San sighed gently, saying:

“The weak are prey to the strong, this is the law of survival. If this snake was even stronger than us, do you think it would let food slip out of the side of its mouth?”

Xiao Wu did not say anything else, but she lowered her head all along, her complexion still somewhat pale.

Zhao Wuji pulled out a short blade from his belt and handed it to Oscar,

“Night is long and dreams are many[7], set about it. Thrust in under this point from under its comb to pierce its brain at once, and this spirit ring will be yours.”

Oscar excitedly took the short blade. Right now, this thousand year spirit beast before him was a lamb waiting for slaughter, on the verge of obtaining the third spirit ability, he was so excited even his hands trembled somewhat.

When Oscar was about to thrust in the knife, suddenly, a hoarse strict shout abruptly echoed,


Immediately following, two people leapt out from the direction the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent had come flying, appearing before everyone.

These two people were one old and one young, both women. The elder looked sixty or seventy years old, a full head of white hair combed very neatly, although she was not young, her mind was extremely hale and hearty, although the wrinkles on her face were not few, it was rosy like a baby’s. A pair of eyes bright and shiny. Right hand holding a snake head walking stick three metres long, six spirit rings moving rhythmically up and down her body.

While her body did not show any changes, the spirit rings showed she already used her spirit, without need to ask, the walking stick in her hand should be her spirit.

Following at the old woman’s side, was a beautiful young lady, hair even with her ears, looking like sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing neat brilliant clothing, tightly covering her already very well developed figure, big dark brown eyes staring fixedly at that Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in Zhao Wuji’s hand. She also held a snake head walking stick in her hand, but compared to the old woman’s it was a bit shorter, only two metres long, the spirit rings on her body were also only two hundred year’s.

The old woman and young girl’s appearance startled everyone, but as they saw the six spirit rings over the old woman’s body, at once they all relaxed their breaths. After all, those seven spirit rings over Zhao Wuji’s body could not be inferior, especially those several deep black ten thousand year spirit rings, baring their deterring force.

As Tang San and the others relaxed, the old woman’s expression changed somewhat.

Previously she spoke loudly to prevent what she heard Zhao Wuji say to Oscar say, but coming close, she caught sight of Zhao Wuji’s seven spirit rings.

Spirit Sage, this was just the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest, why would a Spirit Sage appear? The old woman’s heart immediately dropped, knowing today’s demand might not turn out well.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhao Wuji shot the old woman a glance, as his gaze fell on that snake head walking stick in her hand, in his heart he couldn’t help but recall a person, and his voice could not at all be considered too harsh, sounding instead somewhat gentle. This very understandably made Dai Mubai feel rather flabbergasted. The Motionless Bright King indeed never had a good face towards people that did not measure up to his strength, especially under circumstances like these where the other side clearly wanted the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

The old woman coughed, making her facial expression soften,

“Greetings, respected Spirit Sage, can’t you give this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent to this child.”

Zhao Wuji’s one hand pinched the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, making a meaningful expression towards Oscar, hinting he first wait a moment, turning to the old woman saying:


The old woman’s mind by now seemed to already have relaxed somewhat,

“Because we found this snake first, and moreover took the lead in hunting it. Otherwise, why would we still have continuously followed its trail until now?”

[1] Wang ba again, see last chapter’s footnotes.

[2] (史莱克七怪) “Shrek Seven Devils/Monsters/Freaks”; I went with Devils because it reads better.

[3] (啮齿鼬) “Gnaw Tooth Weasel” if you look at individual characters

[4] (凤尾鸡冠蛇)

[5] (重力增强)

[6] (定位追踪)

[7] Rough translation of an idiom (夜长梦多): When waiting long you risk circumstances changing for the worse.

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