翻译笔记 | 散文佳作108篇短语

1 feel sorry for 为……感到遗憾 2 except the time  只有当……的时候 3 […]

1 feel sorry for 为……感到遗憾

2 except the time  只有当……的时候

3 spread over 布满

4 be troubled to 苦于

5 with no edges nor corner 没有棱角

6 take a fancy to 看得上

7 as….put it     ….说

8 in silence 静静地

9 enjoy no shading from 没有……的庇护

10 stretch all over上下

11 the only thing that had interested us 唯一感到欣慰的是

12 when it comes to 谈到了…./日子到了……的时候

13 look up at the sky 翘望天边

14 give sb a scolding 骂某人 afraid lest…担心会怎么样

15 sure enough 果然

16 as (ugly)as it could be 能有多丑就有多长丑

17 pretty soon  过了不久

18 give out its heart and light 发光发热

19 I never expect it 真没想到

20 its beauty from ugliness 以丑为美

21 when sth becomes the ugliness ,it turn out the most beautiful indeed

22 no wonder 难怪

be ridiculed by people with petty common views 被世俗嘲笑

23 the street was lined with 两旁有….

24 illuminated windows beaming quietly towards the dark blue sky


Beam toward 微笑

25 gust of 一阵风 wind  howling around 刮风

26 cling to the branches 留在枝头  from time to time 不时

27 the whole family sit around it 围坐

28 struck up 堵住

29 be intrigued by /factuated/fascinated

30 rumble up/the car came rumbling up 汽车隆隆作响

31 relate to sb 向…倾诉 /get to know each other /沟通心灵

32 stay overnight 过夜 drop in  拜访

give a gentle pinch 捏  bramble gate 柴门

33 there’s no hint of any thing like ..丝毫没有。。的意思

34 leave a deep impress on my memory circle 留在记忆中

35 be a member of the literary 是文化界的

Without attracting any public attention 红不起来

36 manage through various personal connections 找关系 动用关系

elaborate dinner 盛宴

37 cut in  不等。。。说完/打断

38 pocket silently all it had experienced 默默忍受这一切

39 be struck by 深深感到 。。/被。。。怔住

40 there is a time of  有。。。的时候

41 die back /wither away  枯

42 slid away 溜走

43 soundless traceless 无声音 无踪

44 in between 在这中间(非实物)

45 make its presence 出现

46 tread on lightly and furtively  挪移

47 be caught blankly 茫然

48 flow away /wear off / pass away 流逝

Stride over/glide pass /in one’s agile way/flash past/


49 bury my face in my hands and heave a sigh 掩面叹息

50 in this bustling world 在人来人往/人声鼎沸中

51 as smoke by a light wind 如轻烟般吹散

be evaporated as a mist 如初阳般被蒸融

52 stark naked 赤裸裸 in a blink 转眼间

53 …..for nothing 白白地怎么样。。

54 the street was deserted 寂寞的马路(马路作主语)/空无一人

55 a tree with entanglement of bare branches 疏枝交横

56 a few paces off –不远处

57 squat against 蹲着

58 turn out to be 却是/变成

59 severe criticism against me 义正言辞的文章骂我

60 extremes meet 相反相成

mutual help and benefit 相得益彰

61 can not be called ……说不上

small breakers 小浪 march in parade  -step as if following the shouted command


62 flicker across 轻轻掠过

restive 不安分/急躁 skim the waves 扑着波浪

63 increasingly  越来越。。。。一点点的变、、

64 spring up 海浪跳跃 /leap     cast out 闪射

65 burst forth 喊出  stretch to the golden  line of the horizon  连到天边 成为绀金色的一抹

be deepening to 浓益成。。

66 fiery half circle of the setting sun 半轮火红的太阳

67 press heavily down upon 重压

68 my time to ….has come 我的。。。时间到了

69 hoist up bravely 威武的升起

70 the sea roils    surge high  跳起来

71 no –one knows –where 不知道什么地方  Not。、along 不单有

72 night’s black curtain will be heavily lowered 夜幕降临

73 the greatest red-letter day of all the year 一年的大盼头

74 days spent in expectation come and go really fast 在盼中,日子过得飞快

75 very  soon  转眼间、、、、、(用在开头)

76 ever greater desire for more varied things

盼的欲望更加强烈 ,盼的内容更加丰富

77 a busy bread-winner with a family on my hands


78 、、、、、before I was aware of it     不知不觉(用在句末)

79 show various  facets 变得复杂起来

80 gratifying result 满意的结果

81 expectation serve as a prop to a person’s faith in life


82 brighten one’s life and keep it out of shadows


83 cherish hope 有盼头

84 a fantasy or an illusion 望梅止渴,画饼充饥

85 urge you on in pursuit of that little sparkle without letup

激励你不停手中的浆 去追逐哪怕微笑的光亮

86 be deprived of 失去

87 human beings cannot do without something to look forward to

人是决不能没有盼头的。(cannot do without ….不能没有什么)

88 snaking the overlaying snowflakes down on to the

扬起无数雪沫 洒在、、

grumble to oneself 小声嘀咕 catch sight of  看见

89 nothing is perfect ,not even in fairyland


90 be stained with 占有污点

91 subtle implications 微妙内涵

92  be sent back to 复原职位

93 wormwood grew abundantly among scattered reefs

蒿草丛生  芦荻疏落

94 an autumn stream ruffled by the west wind ,and the lines  of wild geese set against the back ground of distant mountains embracing the sinking sun ,harmoniously merged to enhance the joy of the hunters 西风,秋水,雁阵,衔着落日的远山,交融在一起,更增添打猎者的无限兴致。

95 out fluttered in to the air …窜出。。在空中扑腾乱飞、《句首 倒装》

96 do deserve to 真不愧为

97  a  wisp of smoke dispersed to reveal a duck falling from the sky like a stringless kite 一缕青烟消散,一只鸭子像断了线的风筝从半空中坠下


98 cut in probingly 试探性的问

99 a tiny opening will let in a gust of wind


a misty lake where the water join the sky

100 with an air of mystery  故作神秘

101 knit one’s brows 拧着眉毛 took a swift glance

102 be taken back     徒然一惊 draw  his breath sharply 倒抽一口气

103  glare coldly at sb死死盯住

104  with d feigned look of dejection 故作。。状

105  answer with great readiness 欣然应答 、应对捷便

106 trimmer its plumage 抖羽毛

107 chatter away with  sb 喋喋不休 in another moment 倾之

108 out of sight /nowhere to be found  看不见找不着

109 household necessity for dressing 整容的家具

110 prevail among the populace 在民间流行

111 commonly seen  常见

112 eternal love长相思 wealth forever 常富贵 everlasting happiness 乐未央

113 deal with common well-wishings 关于通俗的吉祥语   ( deal with 关于)

114 give way to 代替(不要用instead !!)

115 bear pattern 印有花纹

116 keep away evil spirits 辟邪 subdue demons 降妖

so it was said (据说  用在句末)

117 always expect to find    往往会发现

118 dark green grass through which stretched a straight white stone path

芳草中铺着洁白的笔直的石路 (through which)

  • what I believe to be 分明是

as they should have been 原该是

  • trimmed with 镶着边 on my way back 往回走 on its way southward 朝。。。地方

a short way off 不远处  viewed together from the distance 从远处看

with a touch of artistry 很艺术 ,艺术感

out of a yearning 出于抒发、、、之情

  • by a flight of imagination bring to their presence 怀想到,想象留恋
  • spurt out water drops glistening in the sunlight 在阳光的照射下,喷射着亮晶晶的水珠儿

incomparable 超越一切  whatever means they tried 用尽一切办法

shoot grow 成长 wind its way up irresistibly 曲曲折折的 顽强不屈的透到地面上来  root drilling downward 根往下钻

sprout shooting upward 芽往地面挺

  • lie in its way 阻挡  overturn 掀翻 force of life 生命力

grow over a period of time  长期战斗 tenacious force 坚韧毅力

elastic force that can shrink and expand 能屈能伸

be tempered by resistance 经过阻力摩擦

fight way up  斗争

since its birth 生命开始的一瞬间

  • bursting with 心头大恨

immensely amazed 一脸愕然

  • what was most memorable 最让我纪念的 /印象深刻的

set off在映衬下

seek ease and comfort 懂得享用 man of few words 不多说话

deep prejudices成见

bring themselves out in the open 打开天窗说亮话

withstand any hardship 什么苦都吃

  • he wouldn’t show anything like gentleness

devote  his life to them without reservation

an embodiment of the Confucian spirit 体现儒家精神

the way he carried himself and conducted matters

be by nature  an honest man 性情本有些狷介(by nature 性情)

  • tear himself away 离开try to make his name known to the public 出名

under the pretext of  打着幌子

deserve to be referred 怎么能称得上

roar with indignation  吼起来

  • no doubt 还用说(句首) quite a darling 表现的好

be spoilt from childhood 从小就惯怪

with an exclamation of 叫了一声

at one glance 一眼就看出来  just then 刚巧

in desperation 急中生智

budge an inch 改变意见  by the time when (当 不用when )

more dead than alive 和死着没什么两样

saviour would come along to its rescue

leave itself all to the precarious hope

tilt from side to side 击碰倾侧 look blankly at the floor 呆呆注视

tilt its head left and right 左右歪 rest reassured 放心

  • lodge a false accusation
  • be labeled 被划进oon 行列

fear or not fear ,the lot  fell on me enough 越怕越有鬼

spot sb 观察/追踪/看到

stand there dumbfounded 惊呆发愣

  • look me up and down 打量 In no time 不一会儿
  • with all my heart I wish 真心祝愿 bear …. in  mind 记在心里
  • a wave of warmth surge over me and my nose twitched


134  take the opportunity when   趁。。。的时候

135  its lush green forests,filled with fragrant flowers ,bubbling streams,and songbirds,are rich in historical interest as well as natural beauty


  • legend has it that ..相传在古代。。。
  • the rarest rarity 最珍贵的特产
  • scarcely noticeable to the human eye 谁也不去注意他,谁也不会注意他一眼
  • can’t help ending up in capture 逃脱不了被捕捉的命运(can not help )
  • not only because but more because of 不仅因为,更因为
  • it is misled to believe ,,,,,,on the contrary ,,,,(以为。。。。。殊不知)

be extremely  skilled in 特技

  • slip by under one’s  nose 瞒得过

make a  specimen of 做标本 dying out 绝种

what happens as a result is that   结果是  on the verge of extinction 灭绝的边缘,,,eth

  • walk back and forth 走来走去 come in and out进进出出

come from GOD knows where 没人知道

in the real sense of the world 可就是。。。。    事实上

go with wine 下酒菜

144  amid the hustle and bustle of everyday 在喧嚣中

reinforced concrete 钢筋混凝土

stand there by itself 独自   (不用 stand alone )

145  fight tooth and nail 血肉横飞

shudder even at the thought of it 回想起来 寒毛颤颤

bear no grudge against her 起坏心/怨恨

  • scowl at 怒容。/皱眉

the faint creaking of 隐约传来 faint

  • throw a glance of gratitude 投过感激的一瞥

beam with joy 喜笑颜开

be parched with thirst 唇焦口燥

tears brimming with /welled up in the eyes

  • tongue-tied 语无伦次

be lost for words 慌难择词

day in and out 日日开门相见

be exuding tenderness and love 含情脉脉

149  have the slightest respect for     看不起

something totally unrelated to the film 毫无关系

if I could stretch my imagination 如果我能够想象

imperial kinsfolk 皇亲国戚

avaricious desire 意欲 be worshiped 捧来捧去

  • swagger arrogantly 昂头阔步 耀武扬威

was nothing but 只不过是

develop a strong disgust for 深恶痛绝

there is still much room for improvement 有待于改进

have not a single subject 没有一个臣民(single 强调)

  • make up a high-sounding story 唱赞歌

red-faced 红脸  golden-haired金发

chat with sb   on amusing topics 聊到可笑之处

of the most unamusing nature最不可笑的事

roaring while rocking in his chair笑得翻江倒海  仰面朝天

dance up and down 乱跳 Out of mind 神经出了问题 不正常

either complimentary or critical 褒贬皆可

finish at one go 一挥而就  not a single world was true 胡编乱造

was not unaware of 明知(强调)

eyes flashing with a glint of humour眼睛一亮

brows shooting uward 眉毛一挑

work up a very funny expression 做鬼脸

do u think anyone else could’ve made it more humorous  还要多幽默

  • be cottoning on 产生好感/明白懂得

reading punctuated by fits of laughter 一边笑一边读 (打断)

  • rocking the classroom with laughter 爆笑起来

follow this logic 根据这种思维

articles that are just as well-worded ,quick-witted, artfully-conceived

and set you  rolling with laughter


  • go about 打算 by the first word 一开口

I’m not much of a celebrity though 算不上名人

be lined up with  与。。。。同比

  • be kind of irritated 不免反感 /不免激怒

sit idle at home  坐家  在家闲着

make it  more specific 说些具体/使具体

make it understandable to all 通俗 人人看懂  I haven’t got too  much to offer  无可奉告

  • the masses appreciation 群众喜闻乐见

keep aloof from the masses and indulging in self-admiration

孤家寡人 自我欣赏

  • hope about 跳来跳去

one moment it ….the next it  一会儿,一会儿

with its tails waving up and down 尾巴一翘一翘、

proud and self-satiated manner 得意的神态

which  added to the magnificence of  还。。。好看极了 /。。。。更好看了

  • as birdhouse go …(as …..go ….就拿,,什么什么来说

begin the dialogue 主动打招呼

cast a glance at sb (望了望我,瞥了一瞥)

it was no more than 只不过是 。。。。give off the refreshing smell of 散发幽香

what was on  my mind 我的想法/心思 at a leisurely pace 从容的

  • NJ has witnessed the continuous emergence of many distinguished talents and noble hearts as well as monumental achievements that shone through the ages


  • attracted by her special appeal ,a great number of powerful figures and people actuated by high ideals have stayed in or frequented this metropolis to contend for the lead or to give play  to their genius and virtues .


  • all these renowned historical figures used to settle on this blessed land to have their splendid dreams fulfilled.


  • the towering purple mountains and the billowing Yangtze river nurtured them and provided them with arenas in which to realize their aspirations .


by virtue of their genius, vision,and sagacity ,these best and brightest sons and daughters of the nation made spectacular contributions to the resplendent Chinese civilization .

  • balmy spring winds returned to bring new life to this historic city ,


nj will have a future that knows no bounds 南京将来之发达未可限量也

  • nj,an old city with a rich and celebrated past,yet vigouous in her new youth –how lovely she is


as I got to know them better


someone of the remote past 古人那么悠远

  • as for us over her ,there is not much we can do but


  • lines of wild geese flying back 雁阵北归

watching the rustling fall of autumn leaves through the window


her sad eyes in her haggard face silently implored me


broke off abruptly 突然不说话

departure to eternity 永远的诀别  gasp one’s last 艰难的呼吸


dancing in the autumn breeze

rush up to sb 扑向某人

  • however hard she t tried ,she couldn’t turn the tide


eager for a bit of fun 想玩   in no time 即刻

grapple year in year out with the current 常年与流水斗争

shake off weariness and loneliness 解除寂寞与孤独

poke their noses into everything 管闲事

time have changed 此一时彼一时

ecstatically rosy 令人心驰神往的玫瑰色

make a match 配得上  妙趣横生 of wit and humor  steal into 溜进

bother to reason with sb  和某人一般见识

  • a prime minister’s heart is big enough for a boat to sail


let out a snort 哼了一下

better still顶好是。。。。

make a fuss 大惊小怪 、、

in a broader perspective 往远里说 从更深一层来讲

make a resolution 下决心  nourishment 精华

be stimulated by 受。。带动

held 。。。in contempt 看不起  well-mannered 有教养的

  • add to the clamor 凑热闹

take nourishment from 从。。中吸取营养

talk nonsense 无聊

  • chances to compete for championship are few and far between


common occurrences司空见惯

scenes of tragic heroism  bring the tears to the eyes of the outgoing heroes as well as the audience 英雄的悲剧场景不仅使失败的英雄热泪盈眶,而且使观众为之落泪

tough training 艰苦训练

fierce competitions 激烈拼搏

fight for ever better records蒸蒸日上

bring  a satisfactory end to their brilliant career为自己的光辉运动生涯划上一个完美的句号

  • get as much as he gives 付出许多得到许多

it find expression in  表现于

ever better 胜而又胜,优而更优

a ideal luring a sportsman forward 理想鼓励着运动员奋力前进

be surpassed by someone still stronger 被更强者淘汰

step down 退下 give place to the younger winner 让位给年轻   的优胜者

thousands of losers to  set off one victor成千上万个失败则涌现出一个胜利者

be undaunted by 不被。。沮丧

  • aware contentedly of the fact that….对。。。感到心满意足

do one’s bit 尽份力

live one’s youth in vain 虚度青春

  • be renowned for its many fascinating natural wonders which have attracted millions of travelers over the centuries


don’t forget the well-diggers when you drink from the well


In spite of his advanced age of 高龄

entrust sb with 赋予。。。委派

  • full –length mirror 穿衣镜

be seized with uneasiness 感到不自在

back out at the crucial moment  在关键时刻打退堂鼓

at the root of it 问题的根源是

at the mildest flattery 一点点表扬

find myself inexorable 无法自拔

dream after gold 发财梦

catch sight of skeletons in their cupboards 看见难言之隐

be frightened from 退避三舍 out of despair 失望之余

retreat in seclusion 孤独自处

diffidence weigh heavily on me 被不自信的情绪笼罩着

climb the academic ladder力求学历再高一些

  • keep aflame 保持高昂斗志

inhumanly   avaricious  为了贪婪而失掉人性

bring himself to do sth 使某人怎么样

pull downstream 顺流而下

before he realized what happened 倏然之间

who would have thought没想到

prop oneself up 撑起、be broad daylight 天大亮

spirit seemed to come back 忽然长了精神

pour one’s heart silently 默默的祈祷、

history never followed a straight forward course 世界在曲折中发展

keep this fabulous scenery as it is 留住它

be tucked away 深藏

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