(七) 1. 德意志高于一切 Modell Deutschland uber alles 2. Germany […]


1. 德意志高于一切 Modell Deutschland uber alles
2. Germany 德国/ Deutschland 德意志
Japan 日本/Nippon / Nihon
3. Despite being at the heart of sclerotic Europe, its GDP per head has risen by more than any other G7 countries over the past decade.
4. G7 = Group of Seven
5. At the heart of our debate is the role of student union.
6. Women, despite the dangers of childbearing, have been outliving men for centuries and continue to outlive them in the coming years.
7. Internet, despite all its merits, has many faults and will continue to feed negatively into our society in some ways.
8. Chinese students, despite being major contenders in varieties of international contests, are innovation-deficit.
9. internalize 内化
10. at the heart of …
// Once you have defined your core and know what is responsible for making it a reality through your web application, you need to keep it at the center of everything you do.
11. Unemployment in the troubled euro zone is at its highest since the single currency’s birth; in Germany it is a record low.
12. single currency 单一货币//convertible currency 可兑换货币//
virtue currency 虚拟货币//hard currency 硬通货
13. peak at 达到顶峰
14. iPad birthed a new era of touch computing
15. In most rich countries manufacturing exports have been hammered by foreign competition; in Germany they remain powerful drivers of growth.
// wistfully 渴望地,希望地,不满足地
// become more like = imitate 学习、模仿
16. // what lessons are to learned from this event?
// what implications do these lessons have for China?
// Do you draw any lessons from that?
17. 过去的10年,韩国政府在帮助国内企业方面大量投资。那么,数据表明,在全球市场上,韩国品牌的知名度激增就不足为奇了。
Over the past decade, Seoul pumped huge funds into homegrown companies, from Samsung to Hyundai. No wonder statistics show a surge in the visibility of Korean brand in the global market.
18. Germany’s recent success has both new and old roots.
19. basket-case 完全没有希望的人,不能自理而靠别人照顾,完全不起作用。
20. It has since bounced back to show that a high-wage country can succeed in top-end manufacturing, not least by holding down unit labor costs. // bounce back 重整旗鼓,恢复元气,;邮件被退回。//not least = especially = notably 尤其,想当重要的
21. ever since = all the time since 自从,从此
long since 很久以前,早已… // have long since done
22. Public spending as a share of GDP is well below the European average and German bond yields are at record lows.// is at a record low
23. …, one reason for today’s enviably low unemployment.
24. reform [ started / begun / launched / initiated ] by Mr. Deng
25. Google, despite having cutting-edge search technology, suffered major setbacks in the Chinese market. / /cutting-edge technology 新锐,优势,尖端
26. Yet Germany’s cutting edge has an ancient blade = Yet Germany’s advantage is closely linked with his history.
27. 1970年12月7日,联邦德国前总理勃兰特双膝跪在波兰华沙犹太人死难者纪念碑前。次年12月20日,勃兰特获诺贝尔和平奖
28. small and medium-sized enterprises = SME 中小型企业
small and medium business = SMB
29. have a niche in the temple of fame 流芳千古
30. Impressively resilient and versatile, they have benefited from rocketing demand for high-quality capital and consumer goods in emerging markets. / resilient 适应性强的,有弹性的
// versatile 多功能的,多用途的
// consumer goods = consumption goods 生活消费品,消费资料,
31. Rocketing car ownership has imposed intolerable strains on urban China’s traffic system.
32. corporatist 社团主义者,组合主义者
corporatism 社团主义 = corporativism
33. Mitbestimmung 共同决定,共决权 = worker participation
34. apprenticeship 学徒制,见习期,训练
35. vocational = professional = occupational 职业的,行业的
// vocational school 职业学校,专科学校
// vocational training 职业培训
36. 行业 craft / vocation / trade / profession / industry / business
37. So what should Europe’s weaker countries be trying to copy?
38. There is also much to be said for emphasizing vocational training instead of producing more and more graduates with often useless university degrees. // There is much to be said for doing
39. churn out 制作,粗制滥造,大量炮制
40. emphasis / stress / lay stress on / underline / highlight A over / rather than / instead of / not B
41. America has long been stressing absorbing foreign talents rather than locking its doors to immigrants, a reason for its supremacy.
// supremacy 最高权力,霸权,优势,最高地位
42. But many of the things that work well in Germany – its corporatism, its business clusters, its manufacturing prowess – are part of a traditional culture that would be hard, if not impossible, to transplant from one country to another.
43. It is hard, if not impossible, for sb. to do sth.
It is hard, if not possible, for Nokia to compete with Apple in the expanding mobile computing.
44. Nor should Germany’s neighbors try to import the model wholesale.
45. China needs to assimilate a good deal of foreign progressive culture, but she must not swallow anything and everything uncritically. // uncritically = indiscriminately 不加选择的,不加批判的,全盘接收的 // incorporate things of diverse nature = take in everything 兼收并蓄
46. industrial relations = relationship between capital and labor
47. native intelligence = nature intelligence 自然智能,天生智能
48. hair-shirt = hairshirt 自我克制(的),自我反省(的),公开承认过错(的)
49. And it has been catastrophic for the rest of the euro zone as Germany has acted, in effect, as a drag on demand.
50. in effect //实际上、事实上 = in fact = in reality // 在实际中、实施中、生效 = in practice // 在结果方面 = in result
51. Germany’s reliance on exports has led to huge current-account surpluses that have been matched by deficits elsewhere, a big contributor to the euro crisis.
52. be matched by 与之相应的,相匹配的
53. Over a period of several hundred years, increasing incomes were matched by increasing pollution.
54. The quantitative losses were matched by a qualitative decay in manufacturing structure.
55. Such shifts have not been matched by comparable changes on the farm.
56. austerity 穷困,艰苦, (经济的)紧缩,苦行,贫穷
57. The rest of Europe would do well to copy the best features of the German model. But Germany too should learn from its partners about the importance of raising and sustaining domestic demand. Then everybody would be better off.


1. At the dawn of 2012, computer security looks a lot like it did five years ago – everything protected by a user ID and password.
2. Among them is the belief that facial definitions, eye scans, voice files and even DNA will safeguard personal identity and information, and replace the current memorization-based approach.
3. under duress 被迫
She learned the trade by necessity and under duress.
4. Actually, a new study finds that closing your in-box can boost concentration and ease stress.
5. But the heart rates of those forgoing e-mail fluctuated naturally, a maker for being under less stress.
6. Could computing has been hailed as the best way to provide any data to any gadget at any time.
7. Apple has been targeted by Greenpeace as one of the worst offenders. But Apple is trying to shake its image as a dirty data-provider.
8. Big data companies like Apple, eBay, Google and Facebook are trying to increase their use of renewable energy out of necessity.
9. The move promised to add an important video chat feature to help handsets running the Windows phone operating system better compete with FaceTime on the iPhone and Android’s Google Talk feature.
10. Of course, as with all software test version, there is no doubt room for improvement.
11. The cell-phone has evolved from luxury product into a daily necessity.


1. Forbes 福布斯
2. Andy Grove 安迪·葛洛夫
Only the Paranoid Survive 只有偏执狂才能生存———我们置身于成功和失败都以10倍进行的时代《10倍速时代》
3. startup 新创立的公司,新兴公司
4. Sina’s online advertising business takes the lead among China’s dotcoms.
5. dotcom generation 网络一代
dotcom age 互联网时代
6. The reason we cannot mince words in describing the transformation of Andy Grove is because he does not.
//mince words 拐弯抹角,闪烁其词,婉转地说,半吞半吐的讲=beat around the bush
7. Grove writes of the misplaced faith in the power of startups to create U.S. jobs. // misplace 把信任、爱等情感错给不值得给的人
// misplaced 把希望、信任、情感等寄托于不该寄托的对象,不合时宜的,错误的
8. 新闻周刊 businessweek.com // businessweekchina.com
Bloomberg Business Week 彭博新闻周刊
bwchinese.com 台湾
9. scale up = increase proportionally 按比例放大,增加}
scale back 按比例缩减,缩小(活动范围,数量的等级等)
10. Before we dismiss the policy suggestions too quickly, let take a look at the core arguments about the breakdown in U.S. job creation.
//dismiss 解散、解雇、开除、不放在心上、拒绝考虑、否定、简单草率的处理、不认真对待、应付、不接受
// take a close look at // at the core
11. 在我们关于网络购物的核心争论有一个关键问题:
At the heart of our debate over online shopping lies one key question:
12. By most counts, America has roughly 10 million fewer jobs than it should if the economy were fully recovered from the 2008-09 recession.

13. With women’s massive entry into the labor force after the World War II, there is a transformation of core values in America.
14. Grove isn’t alone when he questions free market fundamentalism, noting the evidence stares at us from the performance of several Asian countries in the past few decades.
15. Dell is on a diet. Over the past two years, this company has cut in employees by 10% due to the sweeping economic recession. Dell is not alone.
16. third-tier city 三线城市 // third-tier college 三流大学
17. Far too many economically disadvantaged Chinese young adults’ avenues to move up the social ladder increasingly get blocked as social class is ossified in this country boasting the world’s second-largest economy.
18. fundamentalism 原教旨主义,基要主义(基本教义派):指的是某些宗教群体采取的方式,这些宗教提倡对于基本的经文或文献做出文字解释,并相信从这些阐释中获得的教义应该被运用于社会、经济和政治生活的所有方面。
19. Rumors are flying that Greece is likely to withdraw(departure) from the euro zone. Signs are staring at us from recent polls across the nation. (…… 这些迹象可以从……看出)
20. mantra 曼陀罗祷文、代表某人原则的言词、真言
21. All this makes for an impressive chart, but as economist Tyler Cowen notes, it gets the economics totally wrong.
// as sb notes 据某人看来// get… wrong = misunderstand 误解,曲解
22. over time = with the passage of time = with the elapse of time
23. metric 公制的、米制的、度量标准
24. They look at return on investment, period.
// period 就是这样,仅此而已,就这么回事,没有了
25. // at fixed periods 定期
// at no period 从来没有、从未有过
// come to a period 告终,结束
// put a period to sth 终止,取缔某事
26. equaling 相当于、、、
feel equal to do 有能力去做,能胜任
other thing being equal 在其他条件都相同的情况下
be without equal = have no equal 无敌
equal pay 同工同酬
27. irrelevant 不相关、无关紧要
irreplaceable 因太特别或贵重而独一无二的,不可替代的
28. Advances in biotech and energy require big bucks up front with the promise of big payoffs later.
// up front 公开的,显眼的,在最突出或重要的位置,首先,提前,在最前面
// with the promise of 希望,期望

29. That’s productivity: fewer workers generating the same output, and it’s the main reason why American agriculture feeds the world and China is the world’s largest food importer.
30. You are not sure if a generous starting salary at a prestigious band name organization together with the promise of future wealth will feed your soul.
31. mercantilism 重商主义
32. Basic growth theory says that poor economies can experience outsize growth rates as they converge to the global productivity frontier.
33. This serves as a reminder of Japan’s dominance in this industry back in the 1980s.
34. It takes a culture of innovative entrepreneurship to grow at the frontier. America surrenders that culture at its peril.
35. converge 使汇聚,聚集,靠拢,收敛
36. in peril 在危险中 in great/grave/serious peril
do sth at one’s peril 做。。。要自负后果,自担风险
at the peril of 冒。。。的风险
37. Politicians ignore this issue at their peril.
38. at/on the frontier 在边界上,边境

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