(四) 1. 我们需要在创新、教育和建设方面超过世界上其他国家和地区。 We need to out-inno […]


1. 我们需要在创新、教育和建设方面超过世界上其他国家和地区。
We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.
2. Hybrid cars outperform conventional cars in terms of energy efficiency.
3. gasoline 汽油
gas guzzler 油老虎
4. Electric cars are all the rage in China, but they may not be helping to clean up the environment or protect human health from pollution.
5. protect = safeguard = defend = shield 保护(from)
6. Pinterest is all the rage in America, with its traffic having surpassed that of twitter this week.
7. Your plan may work in the long run, but it may not be helping to fix imminent problems.
8. It’s unspoken, but every driver gliding around town behind the wheel of a Prius is thinking the same thing: I am saving the planet. What are you doing, you dirt-fossil-fuel burner?
9. Stability should be put on the front burner.
10. on the front burner 处于重要地位
on the middle burner 处于一般地位
on the back burner 处于次要地位
put … on the front burner … 是第一要务,放在首要位置
11. What’s implied in this cartoon is that …
What’s implied in this cartoon is that cooperation may be helping to boost the successful development of a person.
12. internal combustion engine 内燃机
13. oxygen 氧气 / hydrogen 氢气 / nitrogen 氮气
carbon monoxide 一氧化碳 = carbonic oxide
14. … this pollution has been linked to respiratory and heart problems and cancer.
15. martial status 婚姻状况
16. According to the study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, it turns out that the use of electronic vehicles may not be that clean after all, particularly in the world’s most populated country, China.
17. be sparsely populated // be densely populated
18. The web is populated with a wide variety of viruses.
be populated with = be packed with 充斥者,充满了
19. The nation is packed with a variety of pollution control policies and regulations, but they, it turns out, don’t work at all in combating pollution.
20. The web, it turns out, cut both ways.
The web, it turns out, is a double-edged sword
21. He, it turns out, is behind the wheel of this murder case.
22. This economic policy, it turns out, may not be helping to reverse the trend of decline.
23. There has been an implicit assumption that because electric cars don’t burn fossil fuels, they are cleaner for the environment and safer for people, but that doesn’t take into account how the electricity they use is generated.
24. engineering student 工科学生
science student 理科学生
arts student 文科学生
25. you guessed it 你猜对了
26. Apple, it turns out, has a history of bullying competitors with lawsuits. This comes at a crucial time for Motorola, which is planning to split off its mobile unit into a separate entity, and Android is the only OS used on the manufacturer’s smartphones.
27. … has a history of doing 有。。。的历史,一贯的做法,一直。。。
28. It’s tricky doing sth 做。。。是很棘手的、很难的
29. For Nokia, it is tricky challenging Apple’s dominance in the smartphone sector without __________with Microsoft.
teaming up with = joining forces with = joining hands with = partnering with = collaborating with 与。。。携手
30. That’s not the case with with
That’s is also the case with
31. Samsung is facing lawsuits filed by Apple over patent infringement. This is not the case with Motorola who boasts a wealth of patent in mobile communication.
32. He has planted himself in front of the computer for three days in a row.
33. It is precisely this policy that has fuelled the territorial dispute between China and Vietnam.
34. It is this disconnect that has given electronic vehicles an apparently cleaner bill for health, but Cherry says that once you factor in how many people within the range of electricity generating power plants are affected by emissions, the story gets a little dirtier.
35. In China’s case, pollution from electricity plants is spreading exposure to potentially harmful particulars in the air from urban populations to those in more remote rural regions.
36. Steve Jobs is among the greatest of American innovators.

37. Google is among the few companies who put innovation above all else. / whose top priority is innovation. / who put innovation at the center of their priorities.
38. That’s better than for diesel cars but on par with diesel buses, which can spread their environmental impact across the number of passengers they carry.
39. So the point is that you have to consider the emissions exposure when the exposure source is far apart – the electrical power plants as opposed to the tailpipe of a car.
40. The problem is that the Chinese government, in a well-intentioned effort to promote more eco-friendly power use, has been pushing electric cars, motorcycles and scooters in recent years. The effort has been so successful that …
41. in an effort to = in a bid to
in a well-intentioned effort to
in an ill-intentioned effort to
42. The good news is that while electric cars didn’t fare so well in reducing emissions, electric bikes and scooters did a lot better.
43. … cannot be compared with/to 不能与。。。相提并论,不能相比
44. But results highlight an important lesson not just for China but for anyone eager to scale up alternative energy production as a way to benefit both man and the planet.
45. “ China has a lot more room for improvement in its power sector, and the lowest hanging fruit would be to clean up its power sector first,” says Cherry, rather than focusing on lowering vehicle emissions. Once that happens, he says, “electric cars will have room to gain on conventional cars in the long run.”


1. Teams of scientists working independently have for the first time identified several gene mutations that they agree will sharply increase the chances that a child will develop autism.
2. UFO = Unidentified Flying Object 不明飞行物
other identifiable causes 其他可确定的原因
3. 【翻译】许多将他们的孩子送到国外接受教育的中国家长选择了这条他们认为会极大增加他们的孩子拥有灿烂未来可能性的道路。
A wealth of Chinese parents sending their children abroad for education opt for the path they argue will hugely add to the chances that their children will enjoy a brighter future in the coming days.
4. 限制于、局限于

be confined to
be restricted to
be limited to
5. Among other strategies, they are employing hackers to gain access to customers’ personal information.
6. UAV = unmanned aerial vehicles 无人机
7. environmentalist 环保主义者 = environmental activists
8. When environmental activists start using drones to track down Japanese whaling vessels, as they did in December, it is a sure sign that UAVs are no longer the sole prerogative of the armed forces.
9. It is sure sign that a growing number of wealthy Chinese are rushing to leave this country out of different reasons.
10. Mounting signs suggest that …
11. Ultra-red cameras mounted on a drone scan the border to detect illegal immigrants.
12. Agents sent to Afghanistan by the Department of Homeland Security are employing hi-tech devices to track down Bin Laden, the most famed terrorist who had troubled Americans.
13. small pilotless aircraft 小型无人机
14. crime scene 犯罪现场
15. recruiting site 招聘网站
16. The limiting factor is not technological, but regulatory.
17. price tags 价格标签,标价
18. patrol 巡逻车 petrol 石油
19. enforce the law impartially 秉公执法
20. recreational use 娱乐使用
civilian use 民用
military use 军用
commercial use 商用
21. obey / observe / abide by / comply with / violate / frame / revise / amend / pass / abolish / tighten / strengthen / lay down + the law
22. limiting factor 限制性因素
contributing factor 有益因素,促进因素
23. SRV = small recreational vehicles
MPV = multi-purpose vehicles
SUV = sport utility vehicles
24. A bill passed by the Senate on February 6th and now awaiting presidential approval requires the FAA to draw up new rules so that the skies can be safely open to drone flights from October 2015.
25. 主语+过去分词定语+现在分词定语+谓语+宾语
The speech delivered by President Obama and indicating the Administration’s determination to pass the new health-care bill is highly controversial among American politicians.
26. American financial regulators are devising strategies to ban some giant financial institution from housing speculation.
27. Should it have a parachute arrangement – like an increasing number of private planes – to lower it gently to the ground in an emergency, put itself immediately into a stall?
28. The FAA’s rational is that drones piloted remotely by operators on the ground cannot see other aircraft in the sky in the way airborne pilots can.
29. Its preferred approach is for UAVs to be fitted with equipment to avoid mid-air collisions and near misses.
30. act as = serve as = function as
31. One solution to the sense-and-avoid problem it to use an array of lightweight acoustic probes coupled to a signal processor.
32. GPS Global Positioning System
33. transmit avoidance instructions to 向。。。传送避让指令
transmit week signals amplified by a device
34. Given the small size of many drones, and the environment in which they will be used, requiring them all to have elaborate sense-and –avoid systems may be overkill.
35. It can be assembled in minutes to provided an immediate eye in the sky capable of staying aloft for 40mintues at a time.
36. have one’s eyes on 密切注意到,关切
37. be fancied by 被相中,热衷,痴情
38. similarly sized 类似大小的
We have similarly sized paychecks.
39. The grave threat they pose / present / constitute to our safety (The serious threat posed by them to our safety) should be addressed.
40. This is not to be taken lightly, but is something society has learned to live with.
41. That is not exactly Class A airspace used by commercial air traffic, making life-threatening mid-air collisions unlikely.
42. Safety is not the only concern associated with the greater use of civilian drones, however.
43. As the law stands, citizens do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place.
44. The Supreme Court has been very clear on the matter.
45. That is a legitimate concern, but is not hard to imagine other ways in which UAVs will erode privacy.
46. Given the rapid progress being made in the field, how long before paparazzi photographers are sending insect-like drones to peek through celebrities’ windows, for example?
47. take to the air 飞向空中,腾云驾雾
48. But expect the lawsuits to fly, too.
fly = soar = rocket


1. transform the way 改变。。。的方式
The policy unveiled by the Federal Government recently will transform the way the green cards are issued.
2. globalize / standardize / rationalize / urbanize / privatize / nationalize / normalize / legalize
3. diploma mill 文凭工厂
4. Tasks previously done by hand in hundreds of weavers’ cottage were brought together in a single cotton mill, and the factory was born.
5. Theory previously thought to be unorthodox has been confirmed by a team of scientists
Orthodox 东正教,正统的
6. Now a third revolution is under way.
7. usher in 领引,领进,引进,开辟
8. The rising sun ushered in a new day.
9. With trends like this, the Age of the Internet could usher in an era of unprecedented citizen enlightenment.
10. As this week’s special report argues, this could change not just business, but much else besides.
11. Jobs’ talent ushered in a radically new era, when the way we access information is being transformed.
12. zillion 庞大的数字,无法计算的大数字,无限的
zillion zillion thanks 万万分感谢
13. 这个过去被认为是二流的学校,伴随着越来越多的适应每个学生的特定需要的课程正在大踏步前进。
This school used to be labeled as second-rate, with growing number of courses tailored to each student’ specific needs, is making big strides forward.
14. But the cost of producing much smaller batches of a wider variety, with each product tailored precisely to each customer’s whims, is falling.
15. The digital design can be tweaked with a few mouseclicks.
16. The 3D printer can run unattended, and can make many things too complex for a traditional factory to handle.
17. Gone are the good old days when seniors were highly regarded. Part of the problem is that far too many traditional virtues are something of the past in the process of chasing economic growth.
18. hearing aids 助听器
19. customized 用户化的,定制的,自定义级别
20. mind-boggling 令人难以置信的,十分惊人的
21. An engineer working in the middle of a desert who finds he lacks a certain tool no longer has to have it delivered from the nearest city.
22. The days when projects ground to a halt for want of a piece of kit or when customers complained that they could no longer find spare parts for things they had bought, will one day seem quaint.
// quaint 离奇有趣的,奇怪的,做的很精巧的
// for want of 缺乏,需要
// grind 磨,磨碎
//grind to a halt 完全停止,慢慢停止
//bring to a halt = bring/ call a halt to 使停止,终止
23. Optional parts for this car are costly.
24. It would have been unthinkable, in the days when Toyota was raking in record profits and putting GM and Chrysler under severe pressure.
25. Other changes are nearly as momentous.
26. Challenges faced by our company are as tough. = As tough are the challenges facing our company.
27. New materials are lighter, stronger, and more durable than the old ones.
28. New techniques let engineers shape objects at a tiny scale.
29. Genetically engineered viruses are being developed to make items such as batteries.
30. And with the internet allowing ever more designers to collaborate on the new products, the barriers to entry are falling.
// the barriers to entry / the entry barriers 进入壁垒
31. genetically modified 转基因的// genetic engineering 基因工程
civil engineering 土木工程 / reverse engineering 反向工程
32. This modern equivalent can start with little besides a laptop and a hunger to invent.
33. Some carmakers already produce twice as many vehicles per employee as they did only a decade or so ago.
34. Many dull, repetitive tasks will become obsolete.

35. And some products are so sophisticated that it helps to have the people who design them and the people who make them in the same place.
36. Factories used to move to low-wage countries to curb labor costs.
37. Consumers will have little difficulty adapting to the new age of better products, swiftly delivered.
38. Their instinct is to protect industries and companies that already exist, not the upstarts that would destroy them.
//upstart v.突然跳起,崛起 n.自命不凡的人,爆发户
39. And they cling to a romantic belief that manufacturing is superior to services, let alone finance.
40. The lines between manufacturing and services are blurring.
41. As the revolution rages, the governments should stick to the basics: better schools for a skilled workforce, clear rules and a level playing field for enterprises of all kinds.

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