(一) 1. Romney Appears to Win Ohio Primary primary ele […]



1. Romney Appears to Win Ohio Primary
primary election 初选
general election 大选
2. Native son Newt Gingrich collected a much-needed win in Georgia on Tuesday.
3. In the months before leadership change, the battle over economic reform is heating up.
4. Jobs passed away after years of battling cancer.
5. 昂山素季 Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 缅甸
6. csmonitor.com ( Christian Science Monitor 基督教科学箴言报)
7. leave sb./sth in the dust / Apple leaves its rivals in the dust.
8. Associated Press 美联社(一分钟新闻)
9. China is targeting its lowest growth rate since 2005. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
10. put an end to sth
11. I hope that your marriage will come to a positive end.
12. Racism is one of the most common contributors to black kid’s underperformance in school.
13. understaffed =Our company is short of hands.
14. pay lip service(to)嘴上说的好听,只说不做
15. outperform / outweigh / outpace / outrace
16. give … an impetus
give … stimulus = stimulate
give … a boost = boost
give … a lift = lift
17. soaring / surging / rocketing / thriving / booming / robust / slowing / sluggish / failing + economy
18. 翻译使人精确
19. 。。have pinned Britain’s recovery hopes on an expanded private sector investing and exporting more.
20. 智障儿童 intelligence challenged children
= mentally retarded children
= mentally disabled children
21. GDP = Gross Domestic Product
22. on the brink of = on the edge / verge / border of
23. economic recession = economic slump = economic downturn
24. the Great Recession 大衰退
the Great Depression 大萧条
25. acute pain 剧痛,急性疼痛
26. acute illness / chronic illness
27. The continued crisis in the euro zone underlines just how important it is for the UK to diversify its export efforts to high –growth countries.
28. In a report released for its annual conference, the CBI said government talk of increasing trade must be matched by action, such as tax breaks for exporters, better access to export finance and improved transport links.
29. Your talk of improving English must be matched by action.
30. China Agricultural Bank 。。。this financial institution
university。。。 this academic institution
31. Too often businesses are finding that the government’s public rhetoric does not match the reality.
32. immigration caps 移民限制
emission caps 排放限制

33. China’s departure from the market-oriented and export-oriented economy, I believe, would undermine the country’s decades-long push to bring its poverty to an end.
34. Amazon shares hit a record high as it releases the Kindle 2.
35. The CBI blamed the decline on Britain’s focus on the advanced economies and its inability to break into emerging markets.
36. break into = expand into = penetrate into
37. Our course will help you gain an edge over your rivals in the tough job market.
38. Britain’s goods trade deficit widened in September to its highest since the series began in 1998 after a record rise in imports, official data showed this month.
39. be symptomatic of = be indicative of
= be suggestive of = be predictive of
= be demonstrative of = be supportive of
40. What you do in college is highly predictive of your future performance in society.
41. literal translation 直译
free translation 意译

42. Without strong social connections, you may miss a host of opportunities in this society —— literally.
43. The past decades saw a sharp increase in the number of rural kids with access to schooling.
44. Even to the lucky few who managed to land jobs in an impenetrable ( or perhaps nonexistent ) job market, the real world would drew back to deal them a cold cruel slap of reality.
45. In Japan, the home market evolved into a impenetrable combination (blend)of government officials and tycoons.
46. deal with 处理;涉及
47. deal … a blow 给 … 以打击


1. Although the stereotype of the starving college student is nothing new, the problem of food insecurity has now extended beyond the campus and is plaguing recipients of undergraduate as well as professional degrees.
2. The improper (inappropriate) behaviors of these tourists have reinforced the stereotype of Chinese as lacking politeness in westerners’ eyes.
3. China’s economic strength / presence / power / muscle has extended beyond the Asia into Europe.
4. professional degree 专业学位
academic degree 学术学位
5. pursue a degree 攻读一个学位
6. Greece is locked in a deepening debt crisis.
China is locked in a spiral of moral decline.
7. land a sizeable contract 签了一个大合同
8. It is difficult to the point of impossibility to do 困难到不可能的程度,非常困难
9. It is difficult to the point of impossibility to land a job with a multinational company without a strong English muscle in megacities like Shanghai.
10. 。。。, the possibility of affording to college education seems like an even more forlorn impossibility.
11. Multi-year wars have plunged this country into a thirty-plus-year economic slump.
12. Opera Winfrey blew into Chicago from Baltimore in December 1983 when a dangerous Cold Wave plunged the Wind City temperatures to twenty three degrees below zero.
F = 1.8C + 32
13. by degrees 慢慢地,逐渐地
a degree in Economics / Engineering
14. go all in on sth 全力以赴 = go all out to do sth / for sth
15. unveil / introduce / release / launch 发布
16. dramatically = radically
17. It’s a touch interface designed to run on tablets as well as regular PCs.
18. I am a regular reader of your prestigious paper.
a highly prestigious university 赫赫有名的大学
19. And it has a massive departure from this.
have a massive departure from 天壤之别,判若云泥
20. Apple is way ahead of its rivals in building an eco-system.
21. My aging parents stay with the stereotype that landing a job with a state-owned enterprise brings financial security.
22. And for years, Microsoft stayed with the desktop metaphor, and in 1995 had a massive hit with this – this brings back memories – Windows 95.
23. This brings back memories of good old day when we were financially secure.
24. In 2007, Vista launched with mixed reviews and consumers decided to stay with its predecessor, the aging Window XP.
25. He has embraced the novel conception that it does not necessarily pay to attend college.
26. … is losing money = is at loss
27. bitter rivals = a bitter rival
28. get listed = go public
29. geographically fragmented 地理位置上分散的
fragmented time 零碎时间
30. 。。。battles over alleged copyright infringement and unfair competitive practices.
31. net bubble 网络泡沫
32. So even though this is a step in the right direction in terms of consolidation, there is still a way to go.
33. There is still a long way to go before we hold a significant share of the market.
34. From an industry perspective, Youku an Tudou’s deal is conducive for the healthy development of the sector.
35. be conducive for sth / to doing sth 导致。。;有益于。;有助于。。
36. The cost of purchasing copyrights in the market will be effectively controlled with fewer online video companies.
37. ADS = American Depository Share 美国存托股票
38. Goldman Sachs 高盛集团
Morgan Stanly 摩根士丹利
39. IPO = Initial Public Offering 首次公开募股
40. Both probably realized how hard the road would be if they went the independent route.


1. BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation ( British Born Chinese )
2. KPMG = 毕马威
3. the City 伦敦金融城
4. the rise of emerging economies 新兴经济体的崛起
5. FDI = foreign direct investment 境外直接投资
6. While stereotypes suggest that the economic power of a country is an indicator of its rise, an argument current across the world holds that cultural soft power counts most.
7. 预示着 = be predictive of = be a predictor of
显示、表明 = be indicative of = be a indicator of
8. reach an agreement = reach agreement达成共识、协商一致
reach an consensus = reach consensus 达成共识、协商一致
9. Mandarin’s Great Leap Forward is indicative of China’s surge in economic muscle over the past decades.
( Great Leap Forward 大跃进)
10. rise strongly = have a strong rise = have a robust growth
11. Hyundai Motor’s robust growth in the Middle Kingdom’s automotive market over the past decade is an indicator of its stunning investment in the world’s second largest economy.
12. have a big leap 有一个大的飞跃
13. overtake = surpass 超过
14. When will China overtake America as world’s biggest country of brain gain? Not in the foreseeable future.
15. a sovereign debt crisis 主权债务危机
16. It comes as no surprise that Korea has surpassed China in the hi-tech industry.
17. China, an ancient land in the course of industrialization, is growing at a stunning pace.
18. 发展中国家=less developed countries=underdeveloped countries
19. This is often seen as a symbolic transition of power from industrialized countries to emerging economies.
20. In 2011, China officially overtook Japan as the world’s second- biggest economy.
21. From my perspective, Sougou stands a slim chance of overtaking Baidu as the search engine with the biggest traffic in China.
22. In winter, this online store saw a surge in its traffic.
23. And Moscow has received a 60% jump in investment in the past two years, landing itself in the eighth place.
receive = see =witness
24. He did all his power to learn physics, landing himself in the league of top students.
25. Russia rank high in the world’s drinking league.
26. The rapid growth of China’s economy over the past three decades has been greeted with largely unquestioned assumptions that increasing affluence would lead to a happier, wealthier and more equitable society.
27. Investment in education will lift these rural families out of poverty.
28. With its ballooning population, India stands a big chance of surpassing China in labor-intensive industries.
29. affluence = richness = abundance = prosperity 富裕,丰富,充裕
30. Of course, such assumption came with an implicit acceptance that some would get rich faster, but also that these benefits would eventually trickle down.
31. The site’s privacy terms explicitly state that the users’ personal information belongs to the site as well.
privacy terms = privacy policies 隐私条款
32. As China’s economy grows by leaps and bounds, there is a growing acceptance of the rising power’s cultural assumptions in the world over.
33. With China’s deepening reforms over the past three decades, there is a growing acceptance of pre-martial sex among the general population.
34. The emergence of a middle class, combined with high levels of personal savings and low levels of personal debt, offers tantalizing evidence of China’s new-found wealth.
35. Impressive academic performance, combined with outstanding English skills, will help you stand out from the crowd in the intense competitions.
36. Local initiatives, combined with Federal relief, will help these farmers out of poverty in the foreseeable future.
37. Yet, behind these headlines, there is compelling evidence that although economic growth has created vast wealth for some, it has amplified the disparities between rich and poor.
compelling evidence = convincing evidence 令人信服的证据
38. There is mounting evidence that U.S. is secretly exercising its immense political, economic and cultural influence to accelerate this country’s transition.
39. Mounting evidence suggests that China’s economy may achieve a hard landing if Peking does not take initiatives to help domestic industries weather the sweeping financial crisis.
domestic = home /// weather = ride out = tide over
40. These disparities indicate an often hidden vulnerability in China’s rapid growth, but one which is neither unique nor new to China’s leadership.
41. Mounting signs indicate that these servers are vulnerable to cyber attacks if security measures are not implemented/tightened/strengthened.
42. The successful development of nuclear weapons by Iran may add to its vulnerability.
43. The wealth data, although a less rigorous measure of inequality, is also reflected in more conventional measures of inequality.
44. Gini-coefficient 基尼系数
45. In 2010, China’s Gini-coefficient – a measure of how wealth is distributed in a society – stood at 0.47 ( a value of 0 suggests total equality, a value of 1 extreme inequality)
46. A Gini – coefficient of 0.4 is generally regarded as the international warning level of dangerous levels of inequality.
47. I figure the price of illegal cooking oil, often known as “gutter oil”, may not rise in the short run.
48. As the chart shows, the gap between urban disposable and net income has persistently widened since 1978.
49. He persistently fails to recognize the importance of English.
50. Japan’s persistently shrinking and aging population may undermine its competitive adge.
51. rural resident 农村人口
urban resident 城市居民
52. per capita 每人,按人均分,人均
per capita disposable income 人均可支配收入

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