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房奴 mortgage slave
房权证 property right certificate
仿人机器人 humanoid robot
防滑刹车系统 anti-skid brake system (ABS)
改革开放 reform and opening-up; reform and opening to the outside world
改革试点 pilot reform; reform experimentation
改革开放的总设计师 chief architect of the reform and opening up policy
改革开放和社会主义现代化建设 reform and opening and in the modernization drive
高考状元 top scorer
高考 college (or university) entrance examination
高官会 Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)

搞花架子 do something superficial
高架公路 elevated highway; overhead road
高架轻轨 elevated railway
高精尖技术 high-grade, high-precision, advanced technology
高知 high-level intellectual
高指标 high target
高净值 high net worth
高职院校 higher vocational school
高原反应/高山反应 altitude stress; altitude sickness
高新技术产业化 industrial application of new and high technologies
佛经 Buddhist scriptures

扶持政策 supportive policy
复读机 repeater
富二代 affluent 2nd generation
丰胸手术 breast augmentation surgery
复读生 return students--students reattending classes after failing the college entrance examination
概念车 concept car
概念商品 concept goods
干细胞 stem cell
感到不妙 I smell a rat.
甘居下游 be resigned to backwardness
感情投资 investment in human relationships
赶时髦 follow the fashion; want to be in the swim of things

个人演唱会 solo concert
个人信用制度 individual credit rating system
个人质押贷款 personal pledged loan
个体经济 private economy
个体户/个体经营 privately or individually-owned business
各人自扫门前雪 莫管他人瓦上霜 hoe one's own potatoes
高清晰度 high definition
高清晰度电视 high definition TV
高效节能 energy-efficient
高校扩招计划 college expansion plan
告小状 secretly report on somebody; rat on somebody
高新技术产业开发区 high-tech industrial development zone

分销 subunderwriting; distribution
分组讨论 panel discussion
分段票制 sectional fare
分摊买单 go Dutch
放鸽子 stand up
肥差 plum job
房地产商 real estate developer
房地产市场 real estate market
房屋空置率 housing vacancy rate
反倾销诉讼 anti-dumping charge
放眼全球 expand one's horizons to include the whole world
废电池 used batteries

非典定点医院 SARS-designated hospital
非法拘留 unlawful detention
非关税贸易壁垒 non-tariff trade barriers
非典疫区 SARS-affected area
非典型性肺炎 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
凤凰男 ugly duckling
风险基金 VC funds
风险投资 venture capital; risk investment
风险意识 risk awareness
风险准备金 loan loss provision, provisions of risk
风险控制机制 the mechanisms for risk management
风险投资机制 the mechanism for venture capital investments

代沟 generation gap
代驾 designated driver
大做文章 make a big fuss about something
达成共识 reach a consensus
代课老师 supply teacher
打游击 work in unfixed places
打拐 cracking down on the abduction of women and children
福利彩票 welfare lottery
福利院 welfare house; charity house
封闭式管理 closed-off management
扶贫 poverty alleviation

扶贫攻坚计划 poverty-relief program
父亲产假 paternity leave
父母之命, 媒妁之言 dictates of parents and words of matchmakers
诽谤 smear
封口费 hush money
分包商 subcontractor
非再生资源 non-renewable resources
废旧资源回收利用 recovery and recycling of used resources
分拆上市 a subsidiary company of a corporation is listed on the stock market
分期付款 installment payment
分歧和矛盾 differences and contradictions
分时计价系统 time-of-use pricing system
分红 distribute dividends

粉领 Pink-collar
防身术 personal defense skill
访谈 interview and discuss
防伪标志 anti-fake label
访问学者 visiting scholar
房屋中介 letting agent
防暑降温补贴 high temperature subsidy
放射性污染 radioactive contamination
防汛抗旱 flood control and drought relief
《浮士德》 Faust
浮屠 stupa; pagoda

服务行业 catering industry
附属中学 attached middle school
服务特色;卖点 selling point
服务外包 service outsourcing
复式住宅 duplex apartment; compound apartment
夫妻相 husband-wife looks
负隅顽抗 put up a last-ditch resistance
复员 be discharged from active military service
负增长 negative growth
辅助生殖 assisted reproduction

服务型政府 service-oriented government
负债经营 managing an enterprise with a loan
反分裂国家法 anti-secession law
防暴枪 baton gun
防抱死系统 ABS (anti-lock braking system)
方便食品 instant food; convenience food
防病毒软件 anti-virus software
法制国家 a state with an adequate legal system
繁体字 complex (traditional Chinese) characters
翻盖式移动电话 flip phone
翻版 reprint; reproduction; mirror image

反弹道导弹体系 anti-ballistic missile system
反腐倡廉 fight corruption and build a clean government
反不正当竞争法 Law of the People's Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means
二手房 second-hand house
二元经济 dual economy
二手烟 secondhand smoke
当成耳旁风 Like water off (on) a duck's back
儿童不宜片 X-rated movie; R-rated film (violence and adult content)
恩格尔系数 Engel's coefficient--the proportion of expense on food to the consumption expense

法治国家 a country under the rule of law
法制化管理 law-based control
发卡行 issuing bank
法律漏洞 legal loophole
发挥自身优势 give full play to one’s advantages
法制观念和公民意识 legal awareness and understanding of the obligations of the citizens
发屋 hairdressing salon
发行价格 issue price
发烧友 fancier; zealot; enthusiastic fan

发行建设国债 issue construction treasury bonds
发展不平衡 disparate development
发展是硬道理 Development is of overriding importance. / Development is the absolute need.
房虫儿 real estate speculator
防弹背心 bulletproof vest
房产证 property ownership certificate
防盗门 burglarproof door; antitheft door
房改 housing system reform
房管 real estate management

反败为胜 "bring about a complete turnabout, pull out of the fire"
独立学院(大学中的) independent college
敦煌石窟 Dunhuang Grottoes
多边贸易谈判 multilateral trade negotiation
多边贸易体制 the multilateral trading system
多边政策 multilateralism
夺标 win the championship
多层次资本市场体系 the multi-layer capital market system
二把手 second in command
二百五 a stupid person

二道贩子 two-way merchants
二房东 "middlemen" landlord
二进宫 "to enter the palace a second time (people with a past criminal record again commits a crime, and is convicted and put into a correctional institution)"
翻两番 quadruple
翻拍 re-shoot
翻老帐 bring up old scores again
翻建 renovate; rebuild on an old foundation
反聘 rehire after retirement
返工忧郁症 back-to-work blues

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