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第二产业 secondary industry
地方保护主义 regional protectionism
地沟油 swill-cooked dirty oil
低谷 all-time low; at a low ebb
低空飞行 low-altitude flying
点名册 roll book
地市级城市 prefecture-level city
第四产业 the fourth industry
迪斯尼乐园 Disney Land
地下核试验 underground nuclear test
地下钱庄 illegal private bank
第一生产力 primary productive force
第三产业 tertiary industry; service sector

地球村 global village
地球末日 geocide
地球日 Earth Day (April 22)
地区霸权主义 regional hegemonism
地区差异 regional disparity
地热 ground-source heat
地热资源 geothermal resources
滴入式经济 trickle-down economy
点球 penalty kick
电视迷 couch potato
电视网 television network
电视真人秀 television reality show
电视直销 TV home shopping
电信运营商 telecom operators
电信诈骗 e-crime
电影版权费 movie royalties

贷款额度 lending quota
代理服务 agency service
代销 market on commission
代销店 commission agent
带薪产假 paid maternity leave
代培 train on contract; train special personnel for other work units in return for payment guaranteed by a contract
打假 crack down on fake products
打卡机 punch machine
打开天窗说亮话 put all cards on the table; speak frankly; let's not mince matters
大开眼界 open one's eyes; broaden one's horizons; be an eye-opener
打击非法投机活动 strike out at speculation; crack down on speculation
打私 combat smuggling
大腕 top notch, big shot
打小报告的人 squealer
大学扩招 enrollment expansion
大学生创业 university students' innovative undertaking
打小报告 secretly report on a colleague; rat on a fellow worker

大麻 marijuana
大满贯 grand slam
大款 tycoon
大排档 large stall; sidewalk snack booth
大龄青年 single youngsters who have exceeded the lawful marriage age
大环境 the social, political and economic environment; the overall situation
待机模式 standby mode
代金券 credit voucher, voucher
待机时间 standby time
贷款利率 lending rate
贷款限额 credit ceilings
上/下班打卡 punch in (out)
蛋白质工程 protein engineering
单边主义 unilateralism

党风 Party style
党代会 congress of party representatives
党风建设 construction of the Party conduct
淡水恶化 freshwater degradation
单挑;单干 do something by oneself; work on one's own
单一经济 one sided economy; single product economy
大专生 junior college student
大专文凭 associate degree
大要案 major and serious criminal cases
大藏经 Tripitaka
大昭寺 Jokhang Temple.
大众传媒 mass media (of communications)
大众脸 Miss/Mr Average

带薪假期 paid holiday
带薪年假 paid annual leave
代孕 surrogate births
呆帐 dead account
贷学金(助学贷款) student loan
待业 job-waiting
待业人员 job-waiting people
代职 function in an acting capacity
大轰动 blockbuster
打黑 crack down on evil forces
打出王牌 play one's trump card
打翻身战 fight to change for the better
大规模杀伤性武器 weapons of mass destruction
大锅饭 egalitarian practice of everyone taking food from the same big pot

打包儿 use doggy bags to take food home
大包干 all-round responsibility system
大部制 Super-Ministry System
大包大揽 belly-worship
大酬宾 give a large discount to customers or guests
大病统筹 comprehensive arrangement for serious disease
出口创汇型产业 export-oriented industry
出口卖方信贷 seller's credit on exports
出口退税机制 export tax rebate system
出口加工区 export processing zone; area for processing export products
出口创汇能力 capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports
出口退税率 export rebate rate
处理存货 sell-off
处理价格 bargain price; reduced price
处理品 items for disposal
出笼 release a bad publication, plan, etc.
出口退税制度 the system of refunding taxes on exported goods; export (tax) rebate

臭老九 stinking ninth category
抽样调查 sample survey
筹资渠道 fundraising channels
储备基金 reserve funds
冲账 strike a balance; counter-balance accounts; reverse an entry
冲剂 dissolved medicines; instant herbal medicines
次级抵押贷款 subprime mortgage
次级债券 subordinated bond
次区域合作 sub-regional cooperation
次生地质灾害 secondary geological disaster
次新股 sub-new stock
辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new; ring out the old year and ring in the new
抽检 spot check
抽奖 lucky draw
充电电池 rechargeable batteries

重复建设 redundant project; duplication of similar projects
吃老本 live on one's own fat; bask in one's past glory; eat on one's own principals, live off one's past gains or achievements
宠物医院 pet clinic
冲销账目 write off accounts
充值卡 prepaid phone card
筹备委员会 preparatory committee
抽调 transfer a portion
筹划指导委员会 steering committee
崇洋媚外 worship things foreign and fawn on foreign countries
半官方贸易 semi-official trade
颁奖大会 award presentation ceremony

半决赛 semifinal
半决赛四强 four semifinalists
半拉子工程 uncompleted project
板楼,板式楼 slab-type apartment building
斑马线 zebra crossing
班门弄斧 teach one's grandma to suck eggs
出境签证 exit visa
除草剂 weed killer
出场费 appearance fee
出风头 show off; in the limelight
出国热 craze for going abroad
出家 pravrajana; cloister

初步候选人preliminary candidate
出境游 outbound tourism; outbound travel
触摸屏 touchscreen
处女作 maiden work
出气筒 punching bag
出勤率 attendance rate
出入平安 Safe trip wherever you go
出口押汇 bill purchased (B/P); outward documentary bill
光棍儿节 Singles’ Day.
光污染 light pollution
广域网 wide area network (WAN)
钢管舞 Pole dancing
冠名 title sponsorship
冠名赞助商 title sponsor

刮痧 Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy (Guasha)
岗位津贴 post allowance
岗位培训 on-the-job training
高保真音乐 hi-fi music
高材生 top student
高层次、全方位的对话 high-level and all-directional dialogue
港人治港 Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong
高峰 peak time
高峰论坛 summit forum
高干 high-ranking official; senior cadre
高分低能 high scores and low abilities
高等教育“211工程” the “211” Project for higher education
高等教育自学考试 self-study higher education examination
防护林带 shelter belts
防火隔离带 firebreak
防火墙 firewall
放疗 radiation treatment

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