英汉互译词条(9月10日) 参与意识 sense of participation 参政议政 particip […]


参与意识 sense of participation
参政议政 participate in the management of State affairs
惨淡经营 work hard and carefully to keep one's business going
参政党 parties participating in the management of state affairs; parties participating in the government decision-making process

餐饮业 catering industry
餐桌转盘 Lazy Susan
残奥会 Paralympic Games
草根工业 grass root industry
藏书票 book labels identifying a collector (or collection)
参照国际通行做法 follow standard international practices

草药 herbal medicine
操纵比赛 game-rigging
操作系统 operating system
侧记 sidelights
茶道 sado
操纵股票市场 manipulate the stock market
层层转包和违法分包 multi-level contracting and illegal sub-contracting

餐巾纸 napkin
参股 equity participation
参股者 equity participant
参拜靖国神社 visit to the Yasukuni war shrine
残疾人特奥会 The Special Olympic Games for the disabled
掺水文凭 diploma obtained by using unfair or unlawful means

彩排 dress rehearsal
彩票;刮刮卡 scratchcard
彩屏 color screen
财团 consortium
彩信 multimedia message
采煤沉陷区 sinkholes in coal mining areas
财政支持 financial support
参股公司 joint -stock company

才子佳人 gifted scholars and beautiful ladies
财产性收入 property income
踩高跷 Stilt walk
(手机)彩铃 polyphonic ringtone
财政、信贷双紧方针 policy of tightening control over expenditure and credit
采取高姿态 show high-profile; exercise forbearance; be tolerant

财务焦虑 financial worries
财政包干 fiscal responsibility system
财政赤字 financial deficit
财政纪律 financial and economic discipline
财政年度 fiscal year
财政收入 fiscal revenue
财政税收 revenue tax; fiscal levy; fiscal taxation; financial taxation

财务报表 financial statement
财务代理人 fiscal agent
财务公开 keep the public informed of the financial affairs
菜篮子工程 vegetable basket program; non-staple food project
才疏学浅 be wanting in ability and shallow in knowledge

裁军 disarmament
菜鸟/新手 green hand
采暖 heating
彩票 lottery ticket
采取措施后 ex post
采取措施前 ex ante
裁减冗员 cut down on overstaffing ; lay off redundant staff

擦边球 "edge ball, touch ball"
擦网球 net ball
财产税 property tax; estate (or capital) duty
不倒翁 tumbler; never-fall doll
补钙 calcium supplement
不扩散核武器条约 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons; NPT
不锈钢 stainless steel

部长级会议 ministerial meeting
不正当竞争 unfair competition
不正当竞选 illicit competition
不正之风 bad practice; unhealthy tendency
不遗余力 spare no effort; go all out; do one's best
不以物喜,不以己悲 not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses

不速之客 gate-crasher
补习班 tutoring center
不信任投票 vote of non-confidence
步行街 pedestrian street
步行天桥 pedestrian overpass
不夜城 "sleepless city, ever-bright city"
不惜一切代价 spare no effort; go all out; do one's best

布雷顿森林体系 Bretton Woods System
不良贷款 non-performing loan
不买账 not take it; not go for it
不眠之夜 white night
不明飞行物 unidentified flying object (UFO)
补缺选举 by-election
不惹是非 Stay out of trouble.; Let sleeping dogs lie.

不分上下的 neck-and-neck
不感冒 have no interest
不怀恶意的谎言 white lie
不记名投票 secret ballot
不结盟运动 non-aligned movement
不可抗力 force majeure
不可推卸的责任 compelling obligation
不可再生资源 non-renewable resources

布达拉宫 the Potala Palace
补偿贸易 compensatory trade
不打不成交 "No discord, no concord. "
不承诺放弃使用武器 not undertake to renounce the use of force
不承诺放弃使用武力 will not commit ourselves to rule out the use of force

边际报酬 marginal return
边际薪酬 marginal salaries
便利店 convenience store
便携式电脑 portable computer
表面文章 lip service; surface formality
标准普通话 standard mandarin
标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root cause

标书 bidding documents
表演赛 demonstration match
冰雕 ice sculpture
病毒性感染 viral infection
兵工企业 munitions factory; arsenal
比上不足,比下有余 "worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst"

播客 podcast
博客圈 blogosphere
博士生 Ph.D candidate
B to B (B2B) business to business
B to C (B2C) business to consumer
不安全性行为 unprotected sex
薄利多销 small profit, small profits but quick returns; small profits and good sales

博鳌亚洲经济论坛 Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
博导 Ph.D. supervisor; doctoral advisor
剥离不良资产 strip bad assets off
薄利多销 small profit, large sale volume
博士后 post-doctoral
博彩业 lottery industry
剥夺冠军 strip the gold medal of somebody

并网发电 combined to the grid
病毒性感冒 viral influenza
秉公办案 handle cases impartially
秉公执法 enforce laws impartially
鼻烟壶 snuff bottle
兵马俑 terra-cotta figures
别跟自己过不去 Don't be too hard on yourself.

边远地区 remote and border areas
边缘知识人 Marginal intellectuals
变废为宝 make waste profitable
贬值 devalue, devaluate, depreciate (of a currency)
边缘科学 borderline (boundary) science; fringe (border) discipline
边远贫困地区 outlying poverty-stricken areas

比基尼 bikini
便当 brown bag
必胜 be bound to win
闭卷 closed-book exam
闭路电视 close-circuit television
闭门羹 given a cold shoulder
边境检查 border inspection
逼上梁山 be driven to do something

变相涨价 disguised inflation
变形金刚 Transformers
变性人 transgender
便衣警察 police in plain clothes
便民服务 service for the convenience of the customers
便携式电脑 portable computer; laptop; notebook computer

奔小康 strive for a relatively comfortable life
本本主义 bookishness; book worship
《本草纲目》 Compendium of Materia Medica
蹦迪 disco dancing
闭关政策 closed-door policy
本命年 one's year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches


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