被摘牌的公司 delisted company 蹦极 bungee, bungee jumping 被动吸烟 […]

被摘牌的公司 delisted company
蹦极 bungee, bungee jumping
被动吸烟 passive smoking; second-hand smoking
北约 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
保持共产党员先进性 keep CPC members progressive, innovative and forward-thinking ​​​​

保证金 margins, collateral
保保证重点支出 ensure funding for priority areas
保值储蓄 inflation-proof bank savings
保障合同和交易安全 guarantee contracts and safe dealings
保障民众和社会免受安全威胁 protect the citizens and societies against security threats ​​​​

边防证 frontier pass
边际效益 marginal benefit
避税 tax avoidance
毕业设计 graduation design
毕业生分配制度 assignment system for graduates
避嫌 avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion ​​​​

本土电影 homegrown film
本土化 localilzation
本土疫苗 homegrown vaccine
奔三 push toward 30s
备用轮胎 spare tire
本票 cashier's cheque
笨鸟先飞 A slow sparrow should make an early start. ​​​​

被指控接受贿赂 be accused of accepting bribes
本垒打 circuit clout, four-master, round trip
北京航天指控中心 Beijing Aerospace Control Centre
北欧投资银行 Nordic Investment Bank
证决策的科学化和民主化 ensure the decision-making more scientific and democratic

霸王条款 inequality / imparity clause
背黑锅 become a scapegoat
备件 spare parts
被叫方付费电话 reverse charge call/ collect telephone call
北京奥申委 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bidding Committee (BOBICO)
北京四环路 the fourth ring road in Beijing ​​​​

包装精美 delicately packed
包装业 package industry
保安员 security staff
保证物流畅通 ensure unimpeded flow of goods and materials
保值利率 index-linked interest rate; inflation-proof interest rate
保质期,保修期 shelf (storage) life; guarantee period

爆料 tip-off
保理业务 factoring business
保税港区 bonded port area
保险费 insurance premium
暴利 excessive profit; windfall profit
保留为自然耕地 reserve as natural farmland
保险赔付金额 compensation pay-outs
保险索赔 insurance claim

报关员 declarant
保健品 health supplements
保健食品 health-care food
保持国有股 keep the State-held shares
保持资本金充足 secure capital funds
包二奶 have a concubine (originally a Cantonese expression) ​​​​

包干到户 work contracted to households
包工包料 contract for labor and materials
包工头 baogongtou, labor contractor
包产到户 contract production quotas to individual households
包干制 overall rationing system; scheme of payment partly in kind and partly in cash ​​​​

保息股票 guaranteed stock
报销 apply for reimbursement
保障措施 supporting measures
保障性住房 indemnificatory housing
报喜不报忧 report only the good but not the bad
包修、包换、包赔制度 system of thee guarantees for repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products ​​​​

暴力电影 splatter film
保龄球 bowling
保龄球馆 bowling alley
保释 on bail
保税仓库 bonded warehouse
包容性增长 inclusive growth
保税区 the low-tax, tariff-free zone; bonded area; tax-protected zone ​​​​

伴宴人员 escort
搬运工人 transport worker
办公室里闲聊 chat around the water cooler; water cooler chat
傍大款 (of a girl) find a sugar daddy; be a mistress for a rich man; lean on a moneybag
半脱产 partly released from productive labor ​​​​

保健品 health care products
保健食品 health-care food
报界 the press
暴力拆迁 forced relocation
暴力分拣 rough handling
保监会 China Insurance Regulatory Commission
爆冷门 produce an unexpected winner; a dark horse bobbing up

保护主义 protectionism
包机 charter a plane; a chartered plane
报价单 quotation of prices
保健按摩 therapeutic massage
保健操 health exercises
保护生态环境 preserve the ecological environment
保护消费者合法权益 protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

包干到户 work contracted to household
包购包销 exclusive right to purchase and sell
曝光 make public; expose
保护关税 protective duty/tariff
保护价格 protective price
保护伞 protective umbrella
包干制 overall rationing system; scheme of payment partly in kind and partly in cash ​​​​

办丧事 conduct a funeral
版税收入 royalty income
包车 to charter a vehicle
保兑银行 confirming bank
暴发户 new rich; upstart
报复性关税 retaliatory duty
保持国民经济发展的良好势头 maintain a good momentum of growth in the national economy ​​​​

办年货 do New Year's shopping
搬迁户 a relocated unit or household
版权法 copyright law
版权贸易 copyright business
版权所有 copyright reserved; copyrighted
伴生矿 associated minerals
版税率 royalty rate
半托 day care (for kids) ​​​​

半官方贸易 semi-official trade
颁奖大会 award presentation ceremony
半决赛 semifinal
半决赛四强 four semifinalists
半拉子工程 uncompleted project
板楼,板式楼 slab-type apartment building
斑马线 zebra crossing
班门弄斧 teach one's grandma to suck eggs ​​​​

霸权主义 hegemonism
把握大局 grasp the overall situation
八卦 Eight Diagrams; bagua
八卦(娱乐) gossip
拔河(游戏) tug-of-war
八字没一撇 Not even the first stroke of the character is in sight; Nothing tangible is yet in sight. ​​​​

安居工程 Comfortable Housing Project
AA制 Dutch treatment; go Dutch
红包大战 red-envelope war/fight
百闻不如一见 Seeing is believing.
《巴黎航空公约》The Paris Aviation Covenant
暗恋 unrequited love/ fall in love with someone secretly ​​​​

白炽灯 incandescent bulb
摆架子 put on airs
白马王子 Prince Charming
拜年 pay a New Year's visit
摆平 straighten sth out; sort out
白人至上主义者 white supremacist
摆谱儿 put on airs; show off; keep up appearances ​​​​

按劳分配 distribution according to one's performance
按距离计费 vary the charge according to how far away the destination is
按时足额发放基本养老金 pay the pensions of retirees on time and in full ​​​​
正当防卫 justifiable defence
防卫过当 excessive self-defense



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